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How to Merge Outlook Folders with Same Name? – Accurate Solution

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Published On July 5th, 2024
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In Summary: Do you have multiple folders in Outlook? Want to combine Outlook folders with the same name into a single folder? If your answer is yes, then this post has everything to do with your problem. In this blog, we will show the complete guide on how users can merge Outlook folders with the same name. So read on and get the fruitful solution to merge two or multiple inboxes, archive, sent items, and contacts folders into a single inbox, single archive, single sent items, and contacts folder.

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User Query: How to Merge Inbox Folders in Outlook

“Over the years, I have archived my email based on who it came from and so on. As a result, I have many subfolders in my inbox. Since the Outlook search has improved, it now makes sense to use only one archive folder.

Is there an easy way to merge all subfolders into one folder, or do I have to copy and paste all emails in each folder individually into the new main folder?”

Combine Outlook Folders – Possible Reasons

Merging Outlook folders with the same name may be essential or helpful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Consolidating folders with the same name can improve overall organization and expedite Outlook navigation. It aids in the reduction of clutter and makes it easier to locate specific goods.
  • When numerous folders have the same name, they may contain similar or identical material. Merging these folders helps you to identify and delete duplicate objects, clearing up space and eliminating repetition.
  • In some circumstances, merging folders aids in data synchronization across several devices or accounts. It ensures that all linked content is centralized, allowing for easier synchronization and access.
  • Having many folders with the same name might confuse and make it difficult to manage emails or other material. By combining them, administration chores are simplified by condensing related content into a single, easily accessible location.
  • Users can work more efficiently with consolidated folders because all related data is in one location. It cuts down on the time spent browsing through various files for relevant information.

After reading the above query, today’s topic is now clear. Most users are looking for a reliable solution to merge two inbox folders into one. So let’s start with the step-by-step process to merge Outlook contacts with the same name.

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Automated Method to Combine Outlook Folders with Same Name

PST Merge Tool is known as the best tool to merge Outlook folders into one. This software helps you to merge two or multiple folders into a single one without losing a single piece of data. It is specially programmed to combine PST files or folders to manage Outlook data professionally and avoid data loss issues.

4 Steps to Merge Outlook Folders with Same Name

  1. Click on Add FilesAdd Folder, or Search Files options to load .pst files.
  2. Choose the Merge option and then click Next to Outlook to merge contacts with the same name.
  3. Select the folders as per your needs.
  4. Select Merge in Existing PST and click Next to merge Outlook folders with the same name.
  5. Select the items you want to combine like mailcontactscalendartasksnotes, and journals.
  6. Select the Next button to Outlook merge contacts with the same name.

Done! This is the complete work of this tool to merge Outlook folders with the same name into a single one. Now, you can easily review the folder in Outlook.

Avail the Beneficial Features of this Application

As you can see, this software can easily combine Outlook folders. In addition, it offers many useful functions for ease of use. Some of them are:

  • Combine folders in Outlook with the same name in an accurate manner
  • Maintains folder structure after combining folders
  • Able to merge Outlook contacts folders, inbox folders, and sent items folders
  • Facility to merge Outlook PST files and remove duplicate items
  • Option to join only selected folder without wasting much time and effort
  • Supports Outlook 2019 (32-bit & 64-bit) and Windows 10 versions
  • No issue of data loss, duplication, and 2 GB file size limitations
  • Merge archive PST files as well as password-protected PST files

Merge Folders from Microsoft Outlook with Manual Solution

We will use the Outlook feature “Import/export” in the free method. Because this is the only solution through which the task of Outlook merge folders can be completed. So let’s look at the incremental steps below to MS Outlook to combine contacts with the same name.

Step 1:- Export Outlook PST Data

  1. Initially open Outlook on the PC.
  2. Then, hitting on the file, now hit on open export.
  3. After this, choose Import/Export and click on Export file to merge MS Outlook folders with the same name.
  4. Now, choose the MS Outlook data file and press the next button.
  5. After that, choose the mailbox data item.
  6. Lastly, choose the location and click on the finish button.

Step 2:- Import PST Data

  1. After exporting the data, go to the import/export section again.
  2. Now, choose import from another program or file to combine Outlook folders with the same name.
  3. Choose the Outlook data file PST and Press the next button.
  4. Navigate the data file & hit the finish button.

Last Verdict

Multiple folders in Outlook create a critical situation for users, which is why they need to merge two Outlook folders into one. For this reason, we have explained the instant method that the user can use to combine folders in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and other versions. Now, it is no more difficult to merge Outlook folders with the same name using the method discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I merge Outlook folders without duplicates?

The task to merge two or multiple Outlook folders become easy with the above explained software. It allows the facility to combine Outlook folders like inbox, contacts, archive, and sent items into a single inbox, contacts folder.

How to view multiple inboxes in Outlook at once?

To view inboxes at once in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010, you need to merge them into one. For this, you can take the help of the above-mentioned tool that enables you to merge several inboxes together in an accurate manner.

Can I merge PST Files without Outlook?

In order to combine PST data files without Outlook, use the mentioned software. This will allow you to consolidate unlimited data files without Microsoft Outlook.



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