FreeViewer Software – Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us! In the following statement, we will explain the privacy of your personal data that are processed by FreeViewer, In what way we process them, and our purposes. This statement applies to the interactions between the User, FreeViewer, and its product.

FreeViewer offers its users a plethora of products that are used to manage their organization worldwide. We FreeViewer team hereby request every user to read our Privacy Policy properly before visiting our website: Our team is aware of the value of users’ privacy as well as their time. That is why we have made these privacy policies short and easy to understand.

So give yourself a few minutes to gather all the information regarding user protection and decide whether you want to get connected with us or not. Please read all the specific details available about the products and other relevant information.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Freeviewer is a trusted company that tasks users' privacy seriously. We do not make any sale or redistribution of any of our user’s personal data or information in any case.

In case you need any clarification or query after reading our privacy policy, you can directly contact our support team at [email protected].

Personal Information that we Collect

FreeViewer does not collect any of your information without your permission to collect. You are also allowed to visit our website without providing any of your information. Following are the categories of information that we collect from users:

Collected data by website depends on the user’s purpose of collaborating with us including the products or features you use and what choices you make. All of this information is securely stored through network firewalls, access control procedures, and protection from unauthorized access.

Our Purpose to Collect Your Information

We collect and use your information for the following purposes:


We collect your personal data when your place an order to receive your order and send an order confirmation through your email. The email you provide can be also used to contact you to help to solve your issues regarding the order or any other related matter.


Whenever you face any technical issue and contact us to solve the problem. Out Technical support team uses your contact details to connect with you, to respond to your queries, and resolve your concern immediately.


FreeViewer always keeps security on top. Our first priority is to safeguard your personal data. That is why we have implemented authoritative, highly technological, and physical security that ventures to protect sensitive details from theft, corruption, and any unwanted access. Apart from these measures, no data can be entirely secured and transmitted over the Internet. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your personal credentials secured. We do not guarantee or warrant to secure information transferred through websites or applications.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We at FreeViewer keep making necessary changes in our privacy policies with time and users' requirements. We ensure that our policies and routinely refreshed to meet the significant requirement and manage user’s data. These meaningful amendments and also crucial for business requirements to stay in line with progressing privacy laws.