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Pro & Pro+ Features

PRO: Software for Abobe PDF Conversion

Advance Email Search - The advance search option help you to narrow down your search preference and able to retrieve the specific email in shortest possible time.

File Conversion - PRO applications allows files to be converted into PDF formats. You can easily present the emails to your boss or client in nice and standard format.

PRO+: Recovery and Conversion Software

The pro+ versions of the software enable you to repair the corrupt files as well as provide functionality to convert them into other file format. Recovery from different errors that resulted in the email file corruption is also possible using the listed software.

Corrupt Email Recovery - Easily recover your corrupt email using the specific software.

Deleted Email Recovery - Even if you have accidently deleted your crucial emails and if it still reside in the corresponding data file, the software will recover it promptly.

Specific File Recovery - If you want to recover only specific data from the file e.g. journal, notes, contact or calendar information you can easily do that using the pro software.