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MBOX to PDF Converter is a versatile and feature-rich software which makes easy for the user to convert, save and print MBOX files into PDF file format. The tool is designed with an easy-to-use interface and powerful security algorithms which makes easy for the user to work with the utility.

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  • Permits to Print MBOX Files into PDF File Format in a Batch
  • Preview MBOX Emails Along with Attachments and Properties
  • Convert Selective MBOX Emails into PDF via Filtering Options
  • Advanced Search Option to Search For a Specific MBOX File Easily
  • No MBOX File Size Limitation to Export MBOX File to PDF Format
  • Maintains the Original Folder Structure while MBOX to PDF Conversion
  • Different Naming Convention Patterns to Save the Resultant PDF File
  • Provides Different Preview Option Such as Hex, MIME, RTF, HTML, etc.
  • MBOX to PDF Converter Software Support MBOX File of 20+ Email Client
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Operating System and All The Below Versions

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FreeViewer MBOX to PDF Converter

Step-By-Step Process to Convert MBOX to PDF

Explore Top-Notch Features of FreeViewer MBOX to PDF Export Tool

A Quick Overview About the MBOX File to PDF Converter Utility

Easily Convert MBOX Files into PDF

Basically, MBOX stores an individual mailbox folder and it is associated with various email applications such as Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Eudora etc. Sometimes, the user needs to view and convert MBOX files into PDF file format. To make this task easy, the user can opt for FreeViewer MBOX to PDF Converter Tool. With this utility, the user can easily view, convert and save MBOX files as PDF file format. The software is designed with the user-friendly interface and numerous features are integrated into the tool. Moreover, the user can also print MBOX files as PDF via the tool. The utility maintains the originality of the MBOX files and content even after the MBOX file to PDF conversion.

Need to Convert MBOX Files into PDF

PDF is one of the most reliable file formats when it comes to data integrity and security. It is platform-independent file format which shows the same data and layout irrespective of the software, operating system or device a person is using. Moreover, the evidence related to the forensic investigation is submitted in PDF file format in courtrooms. One can also set various protection level of the PDF file to keep data secure. Thus, most of the users, forensic examiners search for an instant yet reliable way to convert MBOX files into PDF file format. With MBOX to PDF conversion tool, one can easily view and convert MBOX files into PDF file format without any hassle. Moreover, the software also permits the user to print MBOX files as PDF directly from the software’s interface.

View MBOX File via Multiple Preview Modes

The software provides different preview modes to make it easy for users, forensic investigators etc. to view and examine MBOX file data in details. The preview modes integrated into the software are MIME View, Attachments View, Message Header View, RTF View, HTML View etc. With every preview mode, the user is capable to view even minute details associated with the MBOX file. With Normal view one can view date, subject etc. and Attachment View permits to view attachments. The Properties View shows timestamps, message class, size etc. of the email. The RTF and HTML view display MBOX message in plain text and HTML format respectively. Whereas, Message Header View shows details related to message routing.

Search For A MBOX File in a Seamless Manner

When a user needs to convert only a single MBOX file into PDF file format then it becomes difficult for the user to search for a particular MBOX file among multiple MBOX files. Thus, to make the search hassle-free for the users the software is integrated with the Advanced Search option. This option permits the user to search for a specific MBOX file easily among numerous MBOX files. To get more accurate search results the user can also apply search filter using AND/OR operators. The user can work with the software without the installation of any software or email program. The software supports MBOX files of various email clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora etc.

Astonishing Features of MBOX to PDF Converter

Software Key Features to Export MBOX File to PDF

Export MBOX to PDF

Convert MBOX to PDF in Batch

The tool is a prominent approach to print MBOX files in .pdf format. It is possible to convert multiple MBOX files into PDF all at once. Software preserves the on-disk folder structure even after conversion.

Supports Adobe Acrobat

Supports All Adobe Acrobat Versions

When MBOX File to PDF converter tool finishes up with file migration procedure, users can open and view the output portable documents in any version of the Acrobat reader, including its latest one.

Analyze MBOX Files

Analyze MBOX Files

With the help of MBOX to PDF Converter tool, you can easily analyze the data in MBOX files from any application. There is no size limitation on the file. You can view data in various modes like Hex, RTF, HTML, Attachments, etc for forensic purpose.

Advance Email Search

Advance Data Search

The tool supports Advance option to search suspected data with the help of variety of filters. It is easy to open, view and save data by using this application. It maintains investigation privacy and convert MBOX file to PDF format.

Support MBOX Files

Support MBOX File of All Email Client

The software is an independent solution to print .mbox file in PDF format. It does not require installation of any email program for its working and supports MBOX file of all email clients like Entourage, Mutt Mail, Gmail (Google Takeout) etc.

Export with Attachments

Converts Email With its Attachments

MBOX to PDF Converter is capable of converting emails along with attachments, in same extension as they were at the time of mail creation. One can also open and view them in resultant PDF files through attachment icon of Adobe.

Selective File Conversion

Perform Selective File Conversion

MBOX to PDF converter provides an advance feature of implementing selective conversion with help of it. Instead of printing all emails in PDF file, one can select & convert only those emails, which they want in PDF.

File Naming Option

Customized File Naming Convention

At the time of exporting MBOX file to PDF, the product offers variety of PDF file naming convention options. One is free to choose any of the provided option and make it convenient for their further usage.

Software Specifications

Download MBOX to PDF Converter Tool

Software Download

Size 7.8 MB

Version 2.0

Trial Limitations

Free Version only preview MBOX file's Emails with Attachments, Purchase to MBOX Pro Version for Advance Search Option & Export MBOX File to PDF.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended)

1GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Application Pre-Requisites

If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".


Electronic Delivery

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Get an Overview of The Viewer Features - Free vs Pro vs Pro+

Features Free Version Pro Version
No Email Client Required
Simple GUI in MS Outlook Style
Scanning of MBOX File
Preview Attachments of Email
View Emails with Attachments
Screen View Mode
Advance Search Options
Forensic Analysis of Emails
Convert Corrupt MBOX File
Export MBOX to PDF with Attachments
Selective MBOX File Conversion
Convert MBOX with Multiple Naming Options
Cost FREE $69
Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

I am having a MBOX file, which was generated from Google Takeout software while downloading data from the Google Mail account. Is this type of MBOX file supported by your software?
Yes, no matter from where the MBOX file is originated. The MBOX to PDF Converter software will support all types of MBOX files without any error.
No, our software is totally a Windows-based application, which is compatible with all available Windows OS, including 10.
Yes, the tool allows the user to convert MBOX files into PDF file format along with attachments without any issues.
Yes, you will definitely be able to view attachments with help of following simple steps:
  • Double-click on the resultant PDF file to open it
  • Click on Attachment icon, which is located at the left-hand corner of the screen

Now, you will be able to track list of attachments included in the email message and then, accomplish your further task.

Yes, the software provides multiple preview modes such as MIME View, Hex View, Message Header View etc. So, you can easily view the message header of MBOX files using Message Header View.
No, there is no alteration in the MBOX file content as the utility preserves the originality of the MBOX files even after the conversion process.
Yes, the software is having a user-friendly interface which makes easy for both tyro and technical user to work with it. So, you can also work with the tool is a hassle-free way.
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