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FreeViewer MBOX File Viewer Tool

Free MBOX Viewer is a sterling utility that allows you to access/view and read Windows and Mac MBOX file in a sophisticated way. Using this MBOX Reader Tool, one can efficiently view and analyze MBOX file created in 20+ email applications. Moreover, it also allows you to view corrupted MBOX files of Windows and Mac based email clients.

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  • Read MBOX Emails with Associated Contacts, Calendar's Information Free
  • Independent of Any Email Client to View MBOX File with Email Properties
  • Free MBOX Viewer Supports MBOX Files from Windows and Mac Based Email Clients
  • Does Not Impose Any Limitations to Read MBOX Files for Forensic Analysis
  • Allows to View MBOX File within the Preview Pane of MBOX Reader Tool
  • Render Auto Scan Option to View and Access Corrupted MBOX File
  • Capable Enough to Perform Advanced Searching to Read the Desired File
  • Straightforward Free Utility to View and Examine MBOX Files and Folders
  • Download & Installing the Tool on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Win Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008
  • Upgrade to Pro Version for Different Preview Mode, Advance Search, Export Facilities
  • Upgrade to Pro Plus Version for Multiple Export Options

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Windows/Mac MBOX Reader

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2023 Best Rated and Effective Software for Reading and Analyzing MBOX Files

FreeViewer MBOX Viewer

View MBOX File of Windows & Mac in Three Steps

Free MBOX File Viewer Tool – A Synopsis

A Quick Overview of the MBOX File Reader Utility

Extended & Advanced Features of MBOX Viewer Tool

FreeViewer MBOX Mail Viewer tool is a standalone application that does not require the installation of any Windows OS or Mac OS X email client applications to view MBOX data items. This makes it easy for a Digital Crime/Forensic Investigator to read email headers of orphan MBOX files without any problems. This software is absolutely free of cost and easily gets downloaded on Windows Operating System 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008.

One can fetch the information bit-by-bit with the help of Hex View, which is one of the preview mode options. Apart from that, one can also adjust the email view preference using the horizontal or vertical view. The software supports different MBOX supporting email applications, such as Windows and Mac Mozilla Thunderbird, Pocomail, Apple Mail or Mac Mail, Berkeley Mail, Eudora, Postbox, Outlook Express, Mac Entourage, The Bat, SeaMonkey, Mutt, and Claws Mail.

Various MBOX File Analysis Options for Investigation

After uploading the desired MBOX file in the MBOX File Viewer software panel, users can view the MBOX file in multiple view modes:

  • Normal Mail View: Displays the general details of the email message such as subject, sender, receiver, and date/time
  • Hexadecimal Email View: Allows users to check the integrity of the message. This view helps forensic experts to perform an in-depth analysis of the MBOX file
  • Properties View: Provides the number of MUAs/MTAs in which the mail has traversed, the send/receive protocols used, timestamps and other email details
  • Message Header View: Allows users to view MBOX email headers, which include the routing details of message over different mail servers
  • MIME View: Helps users to determine the content type in the mail, server routing, IP address, and various other minor details
  • HTML View: Provides the HTML code that has been created at the back end
  • RTF View: Displays the plain text of the email message that is composed in the RTF format
  • Attachments View: Allows users to view the email attachments, which can be images, documents or spreadsheets

Best Tool to Read MBOX Emails for Forensic Purpose

This Freeware MBOX File Reader utility renders a complete solution to view and analyze the MBOX file that helps Digital Forensic Examiners and Investigators conveniently analyze email headers. The Pro version of MBOX Viewer allows users to convert MBOX file to PDF with attachments. It is also capable to access bulk MBOX files together for a quick email headers analysis.

Why to Download Free MBOX File Viewer Tool?

The Free MBOX Reader tool offers many unique features to read and view even the corrupted or inaccessible MBOX files easily. It is capable enough to recover all the corrupted data like email messages with associated contacts, calendar items without the need of installing any bulky software.

This tool supports four prominent versions of the MBOX format:

  • Mboxo: This format is basically used by Eudora for message storing purpose.
  • Mboxrd: It is the file format used by the Mozilla family of mail user agents like Thunderbird and Mozilla Netscape.
  • Mboxcl: This file format is used in the Unix Operating System.
  • Mboxcl2: This file format is also used in the Unix Operating System.

Unique Features of FreeViewer MBOX Viewer Tool

FreeViewer MBOX Reader to View MBOX Files of Windows & Mac Email Clients

Support Various Email Client

Capable to Support 20+ Email Clients

All the mailbox data stored in the MBOX format can be smoothly read through the MBOX Viewer tool without installing any MBOX supported Windows or Mac email programs. It allows reading the mail data that is exported from the Google Takeout feature. So now, upgrade to PRO version to import Google Takeout data into MS Outlook. This MBOX Email Viewer tool is also capable to read contents from different variants of MBOX file like MBX, MBOXCL, MBOXO, etc.

Analyze MBOX File of Mac & Windows

Provides Quick Analysis of MBOX File

This FreeViewer MBOX Viewer is a trusted Windows tool, which efficiently view the MBOX / MBX / MBS file independent of the email client. Apart from that, it offers eight distinct views to read emails. The various mail views, such as Normal Mail, Properties, MIME, HTML, Header, HEX, Attachments, and RTF render a seamless approach to reading and analyzing MBOX files of Windows and Mac operating system email clients.

View MBOX File of Windows / Mac Thunderbird

Allows to View Thunderbird MBOX File

Thunderbird emails are saved in two files—MSF and MBOX. MSF is a summary file that records the index of email data; whereas, the MBOX file saves all the email message. In order to extract messages from an MBOX file, one needs to install an add-in, i.e., ImportExport tool. Moreover, the email messages from Mac or Windows Thunderbird email client can also be read by this MBOX viewer tool. This tool also allows you to open Thunderbird MBOX file with emails and attachments.

MBOX File HEX Analysis

Performs HEX Analysis of MBOX Files

Instead of reading binary numbers, which is quite complex to understand, the FreeViewer MBOX Mail Viewer software generates a separate HEX view for text, images, videos, etc. This HEX view helps users to assess the integrity of an email along with its properties. In case of a digital investigation, the HEX view allows the detection of any kind of email forging while the mail is being traversed to the receiver. The tool supports the MBOX files from Windows and Mac based email clients.

Advance Search Option

Search Emails and Attachments

The Pro version has a Advanced Search option that allows users to perform selective searches. You just need to provide some relevant word or phrase and the software will return the particular emails / attachments in which that phrase is found. So now, by availing this MBOX viewer pro tool, it is no more a complex task to search the data even from a large-sized Mac or Windows MBOX file. Free download the independent MBOX Viewer utility on Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, and 2008 versions.

Update Pro & Pro+

Update to MBOX Pro / Pro+ Version

Designed with the most advanced algorithms and thoroughly tested by an experienced team of developers, MBOX Pro version boasts of a wide range of countless options to view, download and examine MBOX files. To avail all these features and functionalities, you need to upgrade to the Pro and Pro Plus version. These advanced versions allow you to seamlessly view MBOX file of both Windows and Mac based email clients. Moreover, you can also convert the MBOX file and all the associated attachments to Portable Document Format.

MBOX Viewer Tool Specifications

Download Our Free Offline MBOX File Viewer Tool to View Your MBOX File

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

4 GB of RAM

1GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Application Pre-Requisites

If you are using Windows 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".
Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 and above

Supported Versions

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008


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Best Offline MBOX Viewer Pro Utility to Purchase

Experience Best Features OF MBOX Viewer Software Features – Free vs Pro vs Pro+

Features Viewer Pro Version Pro+ Version
Email Client Is Not Required
Preview Attachments of Email
Scanning of MBOX File
Screen View Mode
Access and Read Emails with Attachments
Read MBOX Files from Mac Based Email Clients
Multiple View Modes
Free Installation on Multiple PCs
Advance Search Option
Save Scanned MBOX File
Mail Filter Option
File Naming Convention
Selective Folder Export
Export to Portable Document Format
Multiple Export Settings
Save Data into PST
Split Large Mailbox File
Export Emails into MSG
Convert Emails into EML
Cost $29 $69 $129
Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to View MBOX Files on Windows 11, 10 OS?

View MBOX File with Attachments

Four Simple Steps to Read MBOX Files

  • Step 1: Download & Install MBOX Viewer software
  • Step 2: Press the Add File option to search and find MBOX File
  • Step 3: Get Multiple Preview options to Analyze MBOX Files
  • Step 4: Choose Switch View to view the files in Horizontal or Vertical Mode
Yes, MBOX Viewer Tool supports MBOX files without having any file extensions.
No, there is no such file size limitation and users can add files of any size with the MBOX file reader tool.
Yes, you can view multiple .mbox files simultaneously in this free MBOX File Reader software.
No. The conversion is allowed only in the Pro version of the MBOX File Viewer software.
Yes, you can read a corrupted MBOX file as well as save the recovered file easily with this MBOX File Viewer program. Just provide the location of your corrupt MBOX File and after scanning, you can easily store and view the recovered MBOX file anywhere.
Yes, You can buy our MBOX Viewer Pro Plus version to export your Google Takeout mailbox into multiple formats. The four conversion options give you full liberty to change the email messages to the format you desire.
You can easily view the content from a password protected MBOX file. Just provide the file location and the MBOX file viewer software will decode the MBOX file automatically. After scanning, all the content will be visible that can later be saved separately without password.
You can easily read MBOX files from Mac Thunderbird email client. Just copy MBOX files from Mac OS X and save into Windows OS. Free MBOX Viewer Software can easily view Mac-based email client's MBOX files without any limitations.
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