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  • MBOX Viewer is a Feature-rich Software to View MBOX Files Content Easily
  • Independent of any Email Client to Open MBOX File with Email Properties
  • Open & Read MBOX File Emails Along with Attachments of Any Mailbox Size
  • View MBOX File Emails & Attachments within Preview Pane of MBOX Reader Tool
  • The Software is Easy to Use and Absolutely Free to Download to Open MBOX File Mails
  • Supports all Windows Operating Systems Including 10, 8.1, 8
    View MBOX File on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, & other below versions

Key Features of FreeViewer MBOX Viewer

20+ Email Client

20+ Email Clients Support

Mailbox data of all these clients saved in MBOX file can be read in MBOX Viewer Tool without installation of any of the mail applications. Software also supports reading of mail data exported from Google Takeout feature. Upgrade to PRO version to import Google Takeout data into Outlook. The software is capable of reading contents from different variants of MBOX file like MBX, MBOXCL, MBOXO etc.

Analysis & Read MBOX File

MBOX File Analysis

MBOX Viewer is a trusted Windows .mbox format reader & gives the advantage of viewing emails in file without any of the supportive email client installation. In addition to this, the software gives eight distinct views of the emails saved in MBOX file. These are Normal Mail, Hex, Properties, Message Header, MIME, HTML, RTF and Attachments. Analyze and view MBOX file in any Windows OS including 10, 8, 7, etc.

Open MBOX File

View MBOX File of Thunderbird

Emails of Mozilla Thunderbird gets saved in two different files MSF file which is summary file (Example: Inbox.msf, drafts.msf) and records index of mail data. MBOX file where messages are stored. This file is stored without any extension (Example: Inbox, Drafts). If messages saved in MBOX file are to be extracted, the ImportExportTools add-in has to be used in Thunderbird. This add-on will allows saving a folder messages into MBOX file format.

HEX Analysis to View MBOX File

Hex Analysis of MBOX Files

Hex code is a 16 digit alpha-numeric representation of any data stored on a digital system. Instead of binary numbers that are complex to read and understand, hexadecimal code for text, videos, images, and other documents in digital system is created. Hex view of emails helps to test integrity of an email and its properties. While digital Investigation hex view can be a tool to determine email forging while it's traversal to the receiver.

MBOX File Viewer – Overview

Advance & Extended – Features of MBOX Viewer

Advance Features

MBOX Viewer is feature rich software that will help you to view email contents in MBOX file easily. Some of the features of the MBOX file viewer software are:

MBOX Viewer a Great Way to :

  • View MBOX file with attachments within preview pane of MBOX opener tool.
  • The software is easy to use and absolutely free to download to open MBOX files.
  • Supports all Windows Operating System. From Windows 98 to Windows 8.1, 10 OS user can easily download and install the application.
  • Emails view preference can be easily set using the horizontal or vertical view mode.
  • Supported Email Client installation is not required to view MBOX files.

20+ Email Clients Supported – All-in-one Viewer

Software supports MBOX files created with all below email clients

  • Pocomail
  • Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • Berkeley Mail
  • Eudora
  • Netscape
  • Postbox
  • Outlook Express
  • Entourage
  • The BAT
  • Turnpike
  • Chaos Intellect
  • Windows Live
  • Google Takeout
  • Earth Link
  • Mail Copa
  • Mac mail
  • Mutt
  • Claws Mail
  • GNU Mail
  • Sea Monkey

Analysis of the MBOX File

MBOX File Analysis
  • Normal Mail View Basic details of the message like subject, sender, receiver, number of attachments, date/time can be checked here.
  • Hex View: Hexadecimal view of emails can be available here that helps to check integrity of message to the analysis experts.
  • Properties View: Number of MUAs/MTAs that mail has traversed, the send/receive protocols used, timestamps and other message details will be available here.
  • Message Header View: Quickly view mbox email headers containing routing details of message over different mail Servers including other security information.
  • MIME View: This will help to determine type of content in mail, Server routing, IP address and other minor details of message.
  • HTML View: HTML code for a message created at back end when it is composed will be available under this section.
  • RTF View: Plain text of messages composed in RTF format can be checked out through RTF view of mails.
  • Attachments: Images, documents, spreadsheets etc attached with the email can be previewed in this section.

Exporting Messages from MBOX Files

If MBOX messages are to be presented for litigation or they converted to some suitable file format for further investigation, then investment in PRO version of any of the tools can be made:

More Tool


Read More About MBOX Files

MBOX File Magic Numbers or File Signatures -

MBOX file can be distinguished with a starting "From" character followed by a single space (0*20) and what follows next are additional printable character data.

A complete email analysis tool

MBOX Viewer Tool is a complete view and analysis solution that will help you to see every aspect related to your .mbox file. View for free or convert with the pro version this ultimate software is an all in one solution for your MBOX management task.

HEX View

Download Free MBOX File Viewer

Download and Install MBOX Viewer software to open and read the contents of MBOX files. Free MBOX File Viewer is an alternative to MBOX view exe & hassle free MBOX opener solution for reading/opening corrupt or inaccessible files having MBOX extension or type. It recovers all the data like contacts, calendar items, email messages etc without installing any bulky software.

There are four major version of MBOX format

  • Mboxo: This format is used by Eudora for email storage purpose.
  • Mboxrd: This file format is used by the Mozilla family of mail user agents such as Mozilla, Netscape, and Thunderbird.
  • Mboxcl: This file format is typically used in Unix Operating System.
  • Mboxcl2: This format is also used in Unix Operating System.

Learn how a message is read from the MBOX file extension.

  • The email client (any) will look for From_lines.
  • Typically From_lines marks the beginning of an email message.
  • The email client then extracts the sender and delivery data from the From_line.
  • Continues to read till the end of the file or another From_line appears (new email).
MBOX Viewer Tool Screenshots
MBOX file viewer tool
Step 1: MBOX Viewer Tool
Open MBOX File
Step 2: In Depth View
view in vertical mode
Step 3: View Mode
MBOX Viewer Software
Step 4: Export Selected Mail
MBOX Viewer Software Specifications
MBOX Reader Software

Size: 7.8 MB Version: 2.0

Secure MBOX Viewer


Installation Uninstallation

Upgrade to MBOX File Viewer Pro for Advance Search Option & Export MBOX Emails into PDF Format.

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 33 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs

Does this FREE MBOX Viewer Software opens .mbox files without having any file extension?

Yes, MBOX Viewer Tool supports MBOX files without having any file extensions.

Is there any file size limitation to open MBOX files?

No, there is no such file size limitation and user can open files of any size with the MBOX file opener tool.

Can I open multiple .mbox files at a time in MBOX file viewer ?

Yes, user will be able to view Multiple .mbox files simultaneously in free MBOX file reader software.

Is there a way to save email messages from .mbox files using FREE MBOX Viewer Tool?

The conversion is allowed in the pro version of the MBOX file opener software.

Can I recover my corrupt MBOX file with this MBOX reader utility?

Yes, you can repair as well as save the recovered file easily with this MBOX file viewer program. Just provide the location of your corrupt MBOX File and after scanning you can easily store and open the recovered MBOX file anywhere.

Can I convert my GoogleMail mailbox exported from Google Takeout option ?

MBOX Opener Tool
The four conversion option gives you full liberty to change the email messages to the format you desired.

How to recover the password protected MBOX file ?

You can easily recover the content that reside in the password protected MBOX file. The process to recover the password protected MBOX File is easy, just provide the file location and the MBOX file opener software will decode the MBOX file automatically, after scanning all the content will be visible that can later be saved separately without password.


Benefits MBOX Viewer Pro+ MBOX Viewer Pro MBOX Viewer Free
No Email Client Required
Preview Attachments of Email
Scanning of MBOX File
Screen View Mode
View Emails with Attachments
Multiple View (Normal, Hex etc.)
MBOX File Reader
MBOX File Opener
MBOX File Viewer
MBOX Reader
MBOX Opener
MBOX File Viewer Tool
MBOX Viewer Software
Read MBOX File
Open MBOX File
View MBOX File
Free MBOX Viewer
Cost $129 $69 FREE
What Clients Say

"I was recently in a big trouble as I was not able to view my email messages that contained important attachments. I never imagined that viewing the contents of my MBOX files would be so easy. Seriously no other free software are matched upto the level of this MBOX viewer software."

- Michelle Morgan, Chestnut Street Toronto

"Recently was frustrated as I found no solution for my corrupt MBOX file, I downloaded your MBOX File Reader Tool and was able to view all my files easily. For users like me the software works as a charm, just download – locate and view all the files. Sincerely want to thank the entire team of Free MBOX File Viewer."

- Steve Augustin, United States Witmer Road

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