Advanced Search MBOX Files Effortlessly – A Instant Solution!

Admin | March 8th, 2019 | Thunderbird

“I am working as a Sales Executive in a reputed multinational company. Throughout the day, I receive thousands of emails exclusively from the client’s side. Thus, my Thunderbird application is loaded with these bulk email messages. However, I need to find a couple of important emails from the bulk, which is consuming my valuable time to a greater extent. Hence, I am looking for some professional tool that can advanced search the data seamlessly from the bulk emails. Could someone help me out in finding the right tool? Please suggest!”

This is one such scenario, which is taken from a famous tech forum. There are numerous such users who are looking out in finding the best tool, which can perform advanced-level searching in the easiest way. Taking this increasing concern of the users into consideration, this blog let users in knowing one of the best and trustworthy tool, which enables to perform the searching in an advanced manner.

So folks, let’s make the search process easy… with FreeViewer tool!

A Top-Notch Solution to Advanced Search Specific Emails Instantly

A user has to face troublesome time in finding a particular email from the large set of MBOX emails. Well, this mind-scratching searching process can be made easy with MBOX Viewer tool. It is standalone software, which can smoothly undergo the searching process without the need of configuring any MBOX supporting email applications. It renders the option to perform advanced searching to obtain the relevant or desired emails by consuming the least time. Because of this, one can easily fetch the emails without facing a cumbersome time.

Finally, it’s time to diminish all searching related issues with FreeViewer tool!

How Does the Tool Perform Advanced Searching?

In order to search only the required emails from the large set of MBOX emails. All you need to do is simply provide some relevant details in the fields, which is available in the software interface. The different criteria’s includes Subject, To, From, Body, etc. Apart from that, one can also add the criteria so as to fetch the most relevant or probably the resultant email message in a customized way. In addition to all these, it also lets users apply different operators like AND, OR, etc so as to acquire the most precise results. Furthermore, the tool is designed taking the mind the different requirements of the user. Hence, it can be easily operated on the latest Windows 10 OS and all the previous versions.

Advanced Search MBOX Files

Time to Conclude

Often times, users who are using MBOX supporting email applications have to face different challenges, particularly while searching a specific email. Moreover, searching an email message out of the multiple email messages is no more a complicated task now. Under such circumstance, without any hesitation, a user can completely depend on FreeViewer tool. This tool bestows the best set of features to advanced search the data instantly in all respect that will definitely blow our mind.