How To Export Gmail To PST Without Outlook

Author | October 9th, 2019 | Backup, Gmail, Google

Are you looking for a method to backup Gmail account to PST format? And Doesn’t have Outlook installed in your system? Most of the people says it is not possible to export Gmail to PST without Outlook. But, they are wrong, It is very much possible to export mail from Gmail to PST without installation of Outlook on your system. You just require a write method and tool to perform the conversion. We have seen may user asking about query “how to export email from Gmail to PST without using Outlook”. So, we searched solution for those user queries and finally found free automated tool for it. Before we begin with the solution, read the below query for more clarity.

“Hello everybody! I am facing a problem while backing up my Gmail account to PST format. I have searched everywhere and the solution I found asked for Outlook installation in necessary for backup process. I don’t have outlook installed on my system so I want to backup Gmail account to PST file format. Is there any way to perform the backup process? Please tell me the best possible solution. Thanks”

“Hello, I have been working from home for past few months. My manager asked me to provide backup of my Gmail data in PST format. As we use only Outlook as our email client at work, so he want the backup in PST format. But the problem is that I don’t have Outlook on my home computer and don’t know any method to export Gmail to PST without Outlook. If anybody have solution then tell me ASAP. Thanks in Advance!! ”

What are the Need of Backup Gmail Account to PST?

Most of the people nowadays are multi-tasking, they like access their personal Gmail account at work too. But Gmail is not allowed to access in every organization. So they looks to save their Gmail email is other formats. One of the popular format is PST, which is used by most of organization. That’s why it becomes necessary for such Gmail user to backup Gmail account to PST format. But in case, if they don’t have Outlook installed at home computer, they need a way to export mail from Gmail to PST format without Outlook Installation.

Method to Export Gmail to PST Without Outlook Installation?

Currently there is only one company which provides the solution of this problem is Freeviewer. You can try the best Gmail Backup Tool to store Gmail emails to PST without outlook. Using this software you can backup email, contacts, calendars & drive data easily. This tool will make you life easy, because apart from PST format it can also backup Gmail account in MBOX, MSG & EML format. This tool is currently available in 5 different language. Whether you have Outlook installed in your computer or not, using this backup tool you can easily backup complete Gmail account data in PST file format.

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Advantages of Using Backup Tool for Export Process

  • Backup Gmail account email in PST, EML, MSG, MBOX
  • Doesn’t require Outlook to backup Gmail in PST
  • Category filter option to backup selective data item
  • Advance filter option to save selective Gmail mailbox
  • Maintains folder hierarchy after the backup complete
  • Generates export report of the backup process
  • Provide option to export mail from Gmail to PST at desired location
  • Complete backup of Google drive data in a separate folder

Steps To Export Gmail Email to PST Without Outlook

  1. Download and Launch Gmail Account backup tool
  2. Enter the Gmail account credentials to Login
    log into backup tool
  3. Select the Category & backup format as PST
  4. Apply Incremental Backup & Apply Filter for Gmail Emails
  5. Select destination location & click export button to backup Gmail Account
    export Gmail to PST without Outlook

Note: The tool doesn’t save Gmail credentials or account data in any database. It is been verified by Google that this software is safe to use.


There is no other way to export Gmail to PST without Outlook. We have tried to explain the one and only solution currently available for backup. It is very simple, user-friendly tool to export Gmail emails. You just need to follow few steps and the Gmail backup with be created. At the same time, apart from PST format this tool also provides option to export Gmail in other format also. You can try the Free demo version of the tool to save Gmail email to PST, it allows you to backup 100 emails and 25 items of each category.