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Two Easy Way to Merge Two Google Email Accounts? – Free Solution

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2019-09-30T18:50:33+05:30 | 6 Minutes Reading

“I am the owner of two organizations and it is becoming difficult for me to manage the Google business (G Suite) accounts associated with the both the organizations. So, I decided to merge two Google email accounts. Now, the major challenge for me is that I do not want to lose my data. So, I need an automated yet reliable way to combine or merge G Suite accounts. Please suggest me an instant yet smart tool to implement this task without any data loss or security breach issue.”

Are you also facing a similar problem? Need to merge Google business (G Suite) accounts? Do not worry, here is the solution. Luckily, you are landed on the right page. In this write-up, we are going to discuss an efficient yet simple approach to merge or combine two separate Google email users accounts/ domains in a hassle-free way.

Numerous organizations need to deal with multiple G Suite accounts, which makes it difficult for them to manage the accounts properly. Thus, the best way to handle and organize two separate Google Apps accounts or domains is to join them. To make it effortless for all the users, we are going to introduce a step-by-step process of merge Google accounts.

Top 2 Tricks To Combine And Merge Two GSuite Accounts

We are going to explain two different methods to combine and merge Google Apps accounts.

  1. Manual Method to Merge Two Google Accounts.
  2. Automated Way to combine Google Accounts.

Trick 1: Merge G Suite Domains / Accounts Manually

Following are the steps to merge Google accounts:

  • First of all, cancel all your G Suite or Cloud Identity subscription of one of the account.
  • Now, in the account that you are keeping, add the domains for all the accounts you deleted. You need to add the domain as a separate domain if the domain is having its own set of users.
  • If you have added a domain as a separate domain then add the users to the account. After doing that, you will be prompted to associate them with the domain they should belong to.
  • If the user has saved the data from the old account then import the data back into the new account.

Sometimes, due to improper knowledge, users are not able to implement the steps correctly. As a result of which they have to face data loss issues while merging two separate G Suite accounts. Thus, to eliminate data loss issues, it is recommended to switch to Trick 2.

Trick 2: Merge Two Google Accounts Via Automated Tool

In this segment, we are going to introduce an efficient and feature-rich tool to combine Google accounts. One can make use of G Suite Merge Tool to combine / join Google Apps account with another account of same or different domain. The software also permits the user to export G Suite emails, Google calendars, Google contacts, Google Drive Documents from the current account to the new Google Apps domain. To combine and merge G Suite accounts/ domain, one has to follow the steps explained below:

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Before start to merge two Google email accounts user should accomplish the software pre-requisites


  • For Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 or Vista run the tool as “Run as Administrator”.
  • At the destination, Users must be already created.
  • Enter Service Account Client ID & P12 key path. Read more.
  • Add & Validate Scopes of both source and destination admin account. Read more.

Step 1: Install and launch G Suite Merge Software on your system.

Run software

Step 2: Select the Source & Destination from drop-down as G Suite.

merge Google accounts

Step 3: Now, Go to Settings >> G Suite >> enter the Service client Id and P12 file path created as explained in pre-requisites.

cloud project

Note: The service client Id and p12 file must be created separately for both source and destination domain (if merging Gsuite accounts of separate domain).

Step 4: From Migration Menu >> Source and then insert the Source Admin Email ID and click on Connect button. Make sure to add scopes at the domain level before connecting to the admin account. Once the source email ID is authenticated successfully, click on the Next option to go to the Destination Setup.

source id

Step 5: Now, you have to authenticate the Destination Email ID to which you want to combine Google email accounts and after the successful authentication, click on the Next button.

destination domain

Step 6: You will see the Categories section on the software’s dashboard. Select Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Documents. You can also apply Date Filter to merge Google accounts data according to a particular date range and click on the Next option.


Step 7: Then select Destination Mailbox Address to carry out the mapping process between source and destination users. Next, click on the OK button. The software is integrated with options given below, you can choose any of the options to join or combine G Suite accounts / domains.

  • Add CSV File: Insert the CVS file which contains all the source and desired destination address.
  • Same as Source Email ID: This option lets the user move data into the same ID into the destination
  • Email + Domain Name: Allows to change both Emails and Domain Name or keep the same domain name
  • Change Only Domain Name: This option allows to change only the Domain Name


Step 8: Select one option as per your requirements. Then click on the OK button. The tool will load all the users associated with the admin account. Next, select the users to merge multiple Google accounts.

Step 9: While merging two G Suite accounts, you can also track the status of the process.


Step 10: After the completion of the process, your two separate Google Apps Accounts will be combined and merged. You can save report at the desired location on your system

Note: The free demo version of G Suite merger allow you to combine Google business account for 2 user. It merges complete data of Google account such as emails, contacts, calendars & documents.

Advantages of Merge Tool

  • Allow to merge multiple Google accounts simultaneously
  • Multiple filter option to combine selective G Suite data
  • Option to combine Google Apps email, calendars, contacts, drive accounts
  • Merging process requires G Suite Admin credentials
  • Multiple options for Source and Destination User mapping
  • Priority option to join selective user account first
  • Generate CSV report after combining / merging Google accounts
  • Unique facility like Delta migration to automatically merge account emails
  • Combine Google accounts according to certain date via Date Filter
  • Merging Google Apps account at Speed of 40 GB*/hr
  • Error Handler & Auto-detect failure functionality
  • Permits to merge Google accounts / domain in a hassle-free way


To make the management of two G Suite accounts a simplified task, the user can merge two Google email accounts. In the section mentioned above, we have explained manual as well as automated approach to merge / combine Google business accounts. The user can opt for any of the approaches but to merge multiple Google accounts (G Suite) without any data loss issue it is recommended to implement an automated solution.