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Google Workspace Migration Tool – The Best Possible Solution

Raj | Modified: November 25th, 2022 | 7 Minutes Reading

Users might face numerous difficulties while transferring data from one Google Workspace account to another. Here, we will introduce a Google Workspace migration tool to minimize these difficulties. This tool offers best-in-class functionalities for G Suite account data migration.

The tool has provisions for migrating emails in the account as well as other mailbox data such as Contacts, Calendars, and Documents. This tool provides users with advanced safety features to ensure safe and unhindered migration of data. 

Google Workspace Data Migration Tool – Innovative Attributes

  • Performs selective data migration with the help of Date-Range filters for every category of data items.
  • Migrates attachments along with emails and other data items.
  • Multiple options for source and destination user account mapping.
  • Supports migration of Emails, Contacts, Calendar data as well as Documents.
  • This Google Workspace migration tool lets users prioritize which user accounts to migrate first.
  • Requires admin credentials for both source and destination accounts for safety purposes.
  • Provides live migration progress updates with the count of user accounts and data items migrated.

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Features Offered by The Tool

This Google workspace migration tool features that are unmatched in this space. These features help the user to migrate emails from one G Suite account to another account. This long list of features further enhances the working of the software. Now, let’s discuss some exclusive functionalities of the tool.

Thorough Migration of Data

This Google Workspace migration tool has the provision of migrating multiple types of data items from one Google Workspace account or domain to another. The only requirement of the tool is the admin credentials of the source and destination Google Workspace accounts. It supports the migration of data items like Emails, Calendar data, Contacts, and Documents. This is a specialty tool for G Workspace migration.

Generate Report of Export Process

The software offers users to generate different report types, Users can choose from the options as required by them.

  • Summary Report: The software provides the users with the option to download a report with the details of all the user accounts migrated during the process.
  • Detailed Report: This type of report provides the users with information on the data items migrated. It lists the data items according to the category selected by the user

Date and Category Filter

The software permits the user to choose between several categories of data items before starting the migration. The categories include Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents. A Date-Range filter is provided to migrate only the desired data. This software satisfies a common user requirement for the Google Workspace data migration tool. This allows the user to migrate the data from a particular date range. Moreover, this filter is applicable to other data items as well including Contacts, Documents, and Calendar data

Detailed Progress Report

After the migration process begins, the software displays the progress of each user account separately. The user accounts are divided into four sections according to their migration progress i.e., All, Pending, Processing, and Completed. This screen will display information like Source and Destination user account mapping and other details. 

Advanced Security Features

Keeping in mind the safety and anonymity of the user data, the software only allows the migration of data between Google workspace accounts/domains when the user inputs admin credentials into the software. The Admin ID and Password of both the source and destination domains are required to use this Google Workspace data migration tool. This feature offers an additional layer of security while working with the tool.

Re-Run Migration

The software offers a few advanced options to start the migration again if some data items failed to migrate on the first attempt.

  • Re-Run Full Migration: This option is useful when certain items were skipped while performing the migration. This option repeats the migration process without creating any duplicate items.
  • Retry Failed Items: If some items failed to migrate in the first migration attempt. The tool will display those items and the user can choose this option to start the migration process for those particular items.
  • Delta Migration: When the number of user accounts is large, the migration process can take a lot of time. The data that arrives during the process of migration is not selected for migration. To solve this issue, the software has the Delta Migration option. It allows the user to migrate the recently arrived data.

Prioritize Migration Data

The Google Workspace data migration tool includes an option to set priority to the user accounts to prioritize the user accounts. Data in some user accounts is much more important than others. To migrate the important user accounts, the tool lets the user set priority to that account. Using this function, the person in-charge of migration can set an order in which the user accounts will be migrated.

Stop Migration Process

In case, the user needs to stop the process while the migration is in progress, they can use the Stop Migration button. This will stop the process regardless of the data or users migrated. The tool also has in-built error handling functionalities that kick in when there is a loss in connection or the process is obstructed in any way. These functionalities let the user restart the process again from where it was left off.

Step-By-Step Guide to Use Google Workspace Migration Tool

This utility comes with easily understandable and intuitive steps. Moreover, the simple and unambiguous user interface of this software allows anyone to use it. The user can easily understand the working of the software even if the user is not technologically inclined. You can also opt for the demo version for a better understanding of the functions provided by the tool. The demo version of the tool supports the migration of two user accounts without any limitations.

The steps used in migration are:

1. Install and activate the Google Workspace Migration Tool.

2. Set both Source and Destination as G Suite.

3. Select the workload and set the date filters as required. There is a separate date filter for every category of data items.

4. Provide the required Admin credentials for both source and destination domains. After this, click the Validate option to grant the necessary permissions.

5. In the next step, create user mapping for the source and destination domains. Use the Fetch Users or Import Users options to load the user accounts into the software. 

The Download Template option provides a sample CSV file to create user account mapping manually.

6. After validating the user permissions, click Start Migration.

7. Choose the desired report option to review the migration details.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this software support the migration of data items other than emails?

Answer: Yes, this software supports the migration of multiple categories of data items including Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents.

2. I have a requirement to migrate around 600 users between two Google Workspace domains. Which license will be suitable for me?

Answer: To accommodate different user needs, there are three licenses offered which satisfy different requirements. The Basic license includes all of the functionalities of the tool. With the Advanced license, there are managed migration services over the features offered by the Basic license. And with the Premium license, all of the functionalities of the Advanced license are provided, and also the high-tech infrastructure for performing migration tasks is provided.

3. Can I migrate data from the Google Workspace account based on the arrival date?

Answer: Yes, this software provides a Date-range filter for controlled migration of data. This filter is available for all categories of data items.

4. Does this tool support migration of attachments with the respective emails?

Answer: Yes, the tool has support for migrating attachments with emails.

Author’s Review

This Google Workspace migration tool is loaded with features that are exclusive and unique. These features place this tool at the front of the line when it comes to migrating Google Workspace data. Users are suggested to use this tried and tested software when it comes to migrating any data between Google Workspace accounts or domains.