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What are the Options to Save Email From Office 365 Webmail to Desktop?

Raj | Modified: July 19th, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

“I am using Outlook 365 for managing my emails. I have to send the reporting of email data with attachments to the client, and there are tons of emails in my Outlook 365 account. Is there any quick way on how to save email from Office 365 webmail to desktop, so that I can report them quickly? It would be ideal if you help me out.”

Well! from the question you get a thought of today’s subject i.e. how to save Office 365 emails to desktop. I have seen a lot of clients confronting inconvenience in saving email from Office 365 Webmail and today we will talk about the same. We will discuss different options we have for saving emails from Office 365.

Let’s discuss the step-by-step solution for the user query

Quick & Reliable Way to Save Email from Office 365 Webmail

  • Step 1. Download & Install the Tool 
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  • Step 2. Login using the Admin / User Credentials
  • Step 3. Choose the Desired Mailbox Items
  • Step 4. Opt for the required File Format & Apply
  • Step 5. Define Destination Location & Click Start

How to Save Email from Office 365 Webmail to Desktop?

We have a number of choices in which we can save Outlook 365 data. It could be saved on any drive path on the client’s machine. You can save your Office 365 emails as PST, HTML, PDF, OneDrive, etc.
Let us discuss this in brief.

Save Office 365 Emails to PST Format

Exporting emails to Personal storage files i.e PST is one of the standouts approaches clients used to save their Outlook 365 data. As you all know that Outlook automatically creates a PST file for the mailbox. Let us discuss the process to save office 365 emails to PST:

Note – Installation of Outlook is necessary.

  1. Configure your O365 account on MS Outlook
  2. Click File –> Import & Export
  3. Click on Export to a File under Import & Export Wizard
  4. Select Outlook data file to transfer the content of the mailbox onto PST File
  5. Tick the box which is next to Include SubFolders
  6. Hit Finish.

What If You Want to Save Bulk Emails or Save Selected?

Make a savvy Move!
Well, there is no such proficient approach to save bulk Outlook emails from Office 365. As when you save multiple PST files, the folder hierarchy is not maintained. Also, there is a PST file size limitation in an earlier version of Outlook. For that case, you can go for a quick and reliable solution i.e Office 365 Export Tool to save single as well as multiple emails of O365 to desktop.
Some highlighting features of the software are:

  • Save emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. along with the attachments associated with them.
  • Mailbox for multiple user accounts can be saved with this utility
  • Save Outlook 365 emails as PST, EML & MSG file format
  • Maintain proper folder hierarchy with no modification to the original data
  • Provides the Date-Filter option so that you can specify the date range & export selected emails from O365.

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Save Office 365 Email as HTML Format

Another alternative you have to save Office 365 emails is to save them in HTML Format. For this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Mailbox folder that contains emails
  2. Click File and then Save as
  3. A window will show up, click on the destination path where emails need to be get saved
  4. Give the name to the file and click on Save as Type
  5. Select option HTML and hit Save.

Note: If you have a number of emails, the process is quite time-consuming. As you have to save all the emails one by one in HTML by performing the above steps.

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Save Office 365 Emails as PDF Format

Saving Outlook emails in PDF file format is quite tricky. Why? Well, this is because there is no such direct method to save the emails as PDFs. You have to save Office 365 email as HTML first and then convert it to word. Afterward, Save those files in PDF Format.
Here are the steps:

  1. Follow the above steps to save Office 365 email as HTML
  2. Open MS-Word. File –> Open
  3. Load the HTML file format file and Click on Save as
  4. Choose the file types like PDF and Click Save
  5. Your file gets successfully saved in PDF Format.

Save Office 365 Email to OneDrive

Sometimes users search for the query to save Office 365 email to OneDrive for business client purposes. So, if you are looking to save Office 365 emails to One drive, you can do it by performing just 2 simple steps:

  1. Drag the email from the Outlook to the Desktop. The mail saved on the desktop is in .msg file format
  2. Now Open the One Drive on your system and drag that .msg file into it.

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The blog is for all those users who are looking for a solution on how to save email from office 365 webmail to desktop. We have discussed different formats in which you can save Office 365 emails. Users looking to save O365 emails to PST, PDF, HTML, or One Drive will get the solution here. The problem comes when you want to save ‘n’ a number of emails in PST file format, for that, an expert solution has been discussed for instant saving.