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Guide: Transfer Office 365 Subscription to Another Account or Computer

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Transfer Office 365 Subscription To Another Account

Attempt to move Office 365 subscription to another account or computer and unable to do so? If yes, then this page will show you how to use or Transfer Office 365 subscription on another computer / account / tenant / user or email account.

Scenario 1. How to Transfer Office 365 Subscription Data to Another Account?

“I redeemed my O365 license. While doing that (apparently), I was logged in on my browser with wrong Microsoft account. Now, the subscription is activated on the wrong Microsoft account. I want to transfer all the data from this account to another account (the one which I use regularly). Is it possible to move Office 365 subscription data from one account and redeem again? I have tried to transfer Office 365 subscription data to another account but, unable to do so. How can I make this transfer happen?”


Sometimes users activate their subscription without realizing that they have been auto-logged with a wrong account or in which they do not need the subscription. In such conditions, one needs to move their data from one account to another. Office 365 Express Migration Software can migrate multiple Office 365 tenant mailboxes to another tenant account/ domain. Using this tool, one can transfer emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks from one Office 365 account to another. It supports various O365 subscription plans to execute the data migration.

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Transfer Office 365 Subscription to Another Account

Step-by-Step Guide to Migrate Office 365 Subscription Account Data

  • First, download and launch Software and select Office 365 as Source and Destination.

  • Now, select data which you want to migrate and enable Migrate Document Permission, Use Group Mapping.

  • Login in source Office 365 with Admin email ID & Application ID. Click on Validate button to validate permission.

  • Login destination Office 365 (where you want to migrate subscription).

  • Now, import csv file to create mapping source & destination users accounts.

  • Click on validate button to validate permissions.

  • Now, click on Start Migration button to migrate data.

  • After this, log in to other Office 365 account in which you have transferred the mailbox data from previous account. Now, you can access all your database from this account.

Scenario 2. How to Transfer Microsoft Office 365 Subscription to Another Computer?

“I just purchased a new computer and on my old one, I had Office 365 Personal subscription. I do not know how to transfer this subscription to my new computer. If I will uninstall it from the first one then, can I just use the setup once again and install it in on another computer? I really do not want to pay $100 to buy it again. How can I do this, any suggestions?”


If you are having an Office 365 on one of your PCs, however, now you need to move the Office 365 to another PC then, you need to transfer the Office 365 license to another PC. In order to transfer the Office 365 subscription to another system first, one needs to deactivate Office 365 installation on the current PC then, download, install, and active Office 365 on new PC where you want to use Office 365.

Note: Deactivating an Office 365 install does not uninstall the Office nor does it removes Office documents.

The Complete Steps to Transfer Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

  • On new PC where you need to transfer Office 365 subscription, open the Office official page. Sign in to your account via the email address that you used while purchasing the Office 365 subscription


  • Next, at the home page, click on the account user picture at the top-right. Click My account


  • Under Install section, click on the Install button


  • In the Install Information subdivision, you can check all PCs and other devices where your O365 is currently installed and activated. Now, to deactivate Office 365 on any of the PC, click Deactivate Install situated next to your PC’s name


  • Hit the Deactivate button after displaying the confirmation dialog box to deactivate Office 365 on the current PC. After this, you can uninstall O365 from your current PC


  • Now, click on Install button that is placed on the same wizard for downloading O365 setup. Then, run the setup file to start downloading the files that are required for installation. Office 365 Setup will be automatically installed on your PC


  • Eventually, after installing Office 365, open Word or any other Office service. Now, you will ask to enter your email address for activating the copy of O365. Here, enter the email address that you previously used to purchase Office 365 subscription. That’s it!


Summing It Up

Office 365 is a product offered by Microsoft that provides Office suite of applications. There are different plans available for Office 365 and one can install Office on computers tablets, and smartphones according to plans. There come different situations where users may need to transfer their Office 365 subscription to another account or computer. However, doing this is not an easy task and a single misstep may lead to permanent data loss. In order to simplify this complex task, we have come up with this technical guide. Here, we have disclosed some and easy and efficient solutions for the same.