Migrate Email From One G Suite Account to Another Account

Google provides many services to G Suite users for storing emails, contacts, calendars, and documents, etc. However, when Google Apps users, have to migrate email from one G Suite account to another account or domain, they encounter the problem. Though there is quite less number of solutions available to change the G Suite account or domain, we will elaborate on them in a simplified way.

Let’s start with the first one, which can be accomplished by using data migration services available for G Suite users. Second is, use an automated tool that is easy to implement. So, you can try any of the services for transferring data between two G Suite accounts. In this blog, we will guide you using a step-wise approach to complete this task. You may go through the users’ queries so that you would be able to relate with others, who are sailing on the same boat.

“Hello, I am looking for an easy method to migrate email from One G Suite account to another account. My organization is merging with our partner firm, and now, we have to use a single G Suite domain for all of the employees in the company. We have already made an account with the same name on the new domain. I have searched the internet for finding the solution to transfer Google Apps data to another domain but didn’t find any. If anybody knows any quick approach to solve this issue, then please let me know. Thanks!!”.

The simple methods to Migrate G Suite Emails are:

Note: Admin credentials are necessary for transferring G Suite account data of multiple users in both the methods.

Automated Approach to Move Emails from One Google Account to Another

To deal with the problem of manual approach, we have found an automated tool to migrate emails from One G Suite account to another. You can perform the task using G Suite Migration Tool. It is one of the most trusted tools to transfer G Suite email to another account or domain. This software allows the user to move emails easily while overcoming the limitation of the manual approach. You can try the demo version which provides two complete user licenses for free, without any limitations. 

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Features of G Suite Migrator are as follows:

  • You can transfer emails, contacts, calendars, documents all at once.
  • Option to allow priority to the user account.
  • Delta migration option to migrate new data in the next attempt
  • It will generate the list of the user account associated with Admin accounts
  • Also migrates G Suite documents, calendar permissions between users.
  • Re-Run migration option to migrate failed and skipped items of last attempt.
  • This tool migrate data with speed up to 40 GB per hour
  • Multiple options for source and destination formatting.
  • Automatically resume migration functionality.
Pre-requisites: Before beginning, the migration fulfill the basic pre-requisites of the tool. Click here.

Steps to Migrate Emails From One G Suite Account to Another

1. Download and Launch G Suite Migration Tool & Activate the product

2. Select the Source and Destination platforms as G Suite.

3. Select the workload category and apply date-range filters for each category

4. Enter the Source G Suite Admin Id, Application Id & validate both.

5. Enter the Destination G Suite Admin Id, Application Id & validate both.

6. Select the User mapping option from “fetch user” and “import csv”.

7. After finishing mapping, the tool will list all the source and destination accounts in “User” tab.

8. Validate the user mapping and click on Start button to begin G Suite migration.

9. After completion of migration, click on the Download Report button to download the migration report.

10. If you need to migrate updated data, then click on Re-Run migration and then choose Delta migration.

Manual Method to Migrate Email from One G Suite Account to Another

The method provided by the G Suite community to migrate emails from G Suite to G Suite account is by using Data Migration Service. This service provides to Google Apps users to transfer only emails between two G Suite account for multiple users. But for migrating contacts and calendar they provide a difficult approach that requires the setting-up of the Exchange server, which is not available to all the users. In the below steps, we will guide you with steps to move emails from one Google account to another domain.

1. Open your Admin G Suite Account and from Admin console select Data Migration Service.

2. In the Migration window, click on the Emails checkbox and click on the Continue button.

3. From the Drop-down select source as G Suite / Gmail.

4. In the Connection protocol drop-down choose “Auto-select(recommended)” option. Now enter Admin credentials in role account. Then click on the Connect button to migrate G Suite email from one account to another account or domain.

5. Use the filter option to select the Start date of migration, this will transfer the emails from the selected date to till date. You can also migrate delete emails, junk emails. Now click on the select user Button at the bottom.

6. Click on User Button to select single / multiple user options to move emails from one Google account to another.

7. If you select the Single user option then steps will be as follows:

  • Enter source account credentials in Migrate from box
  • From the drop-down menu in Migrate to, select the destination account.
  • Click on the Start button to begin the migration process.

8. If you want to Migrate multiple user accounts then steps are as follow:

  • Create a CSV file containing destination id, source id and source password without any header.
  • Now click on the ‘Attach File’ option to upload the CSV file.
  • Then click the ‘Upload and Start Migration’ option to migrate G Suite email from one account to another account or domain.

9. After the uploading is finished, migration services will start transferring and the progress can be seen in the Admin console.

The disadvantage of the Manual Method

  • It doesn’t allow you to transfer contacts, calendar, and documents.
  • The migration process using this method is very slow.
  • Steps for manual migration process is a little bit tricky.
  • No option to resume migration in case of loss of connection or power off.
  • It doesn’t provide incremental migration or delta migration.
  • Manual adding of every user account to migrate.

Concluding Words

The manual approach to migrate email from One G Suite account to another is a bit lackluster method. Although, it is a free method, there are also some disadvantages of using this method like, take more time to transfer multiple user accounts, no error handling functionality, and also the risk of losing data while migration. The results of using a manual method to Migrate Emails From One G Suite Account to Another are not satisfactory. On the other hand, an automated solution like G Suite Migration Tool is risk-free and overcomes every limitation of a manual method. We have carefully tested this tool for transferring G Suite data from one account to another account or domain. You can use this tool without worrying about anything.