How to Convert MBOX to PST Manually – Step by Step

admin | June 23rd, 2017 | File Conversion

MBOX file is one of the flexible file formats and can access in various email applications such as Thunderbird, Pocomail, Apple Mail, Spicebird, etc. On the other hand, PST is the most organized file format, which saves all Outlook mailbox data in it. Everybody knows the various advantages of the Outlook as it provides various services that are beneficial for the business environment. Therefore, most of the users are querying about how to convert MBOX to PST using the manual procedure. As MBOX file stores only emails but PST stores entire mailbox data, so it is always beneficial to use PST file format over MBOX format. Thus, in this post, different solutions to convert MBOX to Outlook PST without any loss of data are discussed.

Convert MBOX to PST Manually

Benefits to Convert MBOX to PST File Format

Before directly jumping to the file conversion process, it is necessary to understand the need to MBOX to PST conversion. Therefore, in this segment, all possible reasons for the same are discussed:

  • In MBOX file format one can only stores email messages and on the other hand in PST of MS Outlook all emails, journals, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc., for each mailbox are stored.
  • The folder hierarchy of the PST file in Outlook is always in a systematic manner like inbox, sent items, contacts, etc., while in MBOX file only emails are stored in a sequential manner
  • PST file is more secure than MBOX file format and provides password protection like encoding email for security purposes.
  • MS Outlook supports 96 languages, which is really high when compared with MBOX supporting applications.
  • In PST file there is no internet connectivity required to access the email or data that is opened earlier

Different Approaches to Convert MBOX to Outlook PST

To export MBOX to PST file format, both professional and manual solutions are available and are discussed below:

Professional Solution to Convert MBOX to PST

The manual procedure discussed above is the quite lengthy and time-consuming process. Moreover, it is not all a direct solution to perform the conversion. Apart from this, It requires so much extra email application installation, which can create trouble for the users. Thus, to overcome all such limitations, one is advised to switch to a third-party solution i.e. MBOX to Outlook Converter. It is a tool that exports all MBOX file data to PST format without any hassle. One can also export selective data items from MBOX file to Outlook PST format. Moreover, can be run on Windows OS and does not impose any file size limitation.

Convert MBOX to PST using Manual Procedure

There is no direct manual solution available to perform MBOX to PST conversion. The whole conversion process is divided into four different parts that need to be performed carefully one after another. It is because a single mistake can also result in permanent data loss and maintain data integrity. Thus, before, beginning the manual conversion process, it is recommended to backup MBOX file data. Now, to start MBOX to Outlook PST conversion, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Use Apple Mail to Move MBOX file

  1. First of all, open Apple Mail and go to File >> Import option
  2. After that, choose the option from where you want to import the data i.e. File in MBOX format
  3. Now, click on Continue button and select the MBOX file location
  4. Then, from the location choose the MBOX files and click on Choose >> Continue option
  5. As the import process completed, click on Done button

Step 2: Use Eudora Application

  1. In order to begin, add file extension i.e. .mbx to the imported MBOX file
  2. After that, copy the file to the Eudora default directory by going at the default location i.e.
    “C: Documents and Settings(user)\Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora”
  3. Now, start the Eudora and double-click on the MBOX file and exit the application.

Step 3: Use Outlook Express to Import Messages

  1. Open Outlook Express, click on File >> Import and choose Messages
  2. After that, select Eudora and click Next
  3. Now, browse the .mbx and click on OK
  4. In last, click on Next >> Next >> Finish and now, you can view the imported MBOX file in Local Folders of MS Outlook Express

Step 4: Import Messages from Outlook Express to Outlook

  1. In this to begin, navigate to File >> Open option
  2. After that, click on Import and Import & Export window will open
  3. Now, choose the Import Internet Mail and Addresses option and click on Next
  4. Then, select Outlook Express or Window Mail option and click on Next
  5. Next, click on Import button to begin the import process
  6. Now, you can easily access all MBOX file data in MS Outlook.

The Bottom Line

Moving MBOX file to PST file format is always an advantageous activity. Therefore, most of the users are searching for the solution for the same. Understanding the requirement of users, step by step method to convert MBOX to PST manually is discussed. However, manual is sometimes becomes very clumsy to perform so, to overcome that a third-party tool is also suggested i.e. MBOX Converter.