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Use Top Strategies to Free Up Storage Space In Gmail Account

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Published On December 8th, 2023
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In the time of digital communication, Gmail comes as the most used email client, but the hefty attachments and accumulation of endless emails can devour the storage space. Plus, other applications of Google like Drive, Photos, etc use the same storage. So, this increases the rate of occupying the space in no time. Hence, it needs to free up storage space in Gmail account to ensure the proper flow of incoming and outgoing emails.

Some of the users might not know once the Google storage space (15 GB) is full. Then in that case the Google account will be able to store more data and the user will not be able to receive or send emails.

Hence, through this post, we will be discussing a few ingenious strategies to declutter and optimize your Gmail storage without compromising essential data.

Useful Tricks to Free Up Storage Space in Gmail

  • Remove Unnecessary Emails: Removing all trivial emails can help users create space, use filters, find them, and delete unimportant emails. Also delete all promotional, Spam, and Social emails. Doing this will help users declutter and clear Google storage space.
  • Manage and Clear Attachments: A Gmail account having attachments might be taking more space than email messages. Locating the largest files in Gmail is a little more difficult. Attachments take up the most space, so looking for them is the easiest way to locate large emails. The most popular piece of advice is to look up has: attachment larger:10MB.
  • Check and Manage Email Forwarding and Filters: Sometimes, unintentional email forwarding or an excessive number of filters can contribute to increased storage usage. Review and optimize forwarding settings and filters to ensure they’re necessary and do not add to unnecessary data accumulation.

Quick Manual Solution to Clear Google Storage Space

There are certain cases in which users have a ton of emails and attachments with them and it is not possible to manually select files and remove them. But the user can entirely take the backup of their Google account to free up storage space in Gmail

Exporting everything kept in your Google Account is simple with Google Takeout. You have the option to download everything to your hard drive or send files straight to Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.

Naturally, this will take up a lot of space, so before you begin, make sure you have enough space. But if it means you can remove your files from Google without worrying about losing anything, that might be worth it.

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Using the Alternative Solution to Free up Storage Space in Gmail

Manually selecting emails or attachments may create space but it will fill again in no time. So, to get enough space you can consider the Automated Gmail Backup Tool. It provides the option to choose the category with a Date filter feature to back up the required messages or attachments. And the tool offers to save Gmail email to PDF, PST, MBOX, EML and MSG file formats.

Other than this the Delete After Download option helps to take the backup of data, export them to different file formats and delete those emails from the Gmail account. The Incremental backup option becomes an added advantage that takes the backup of fresh mail automatically.

Let’s see how this tool functions, and what steps need to be followed to free up storage space in Gmail

How to Clear Google Storage Space Using This Tool?

Download the utility first, then follow the instructions below:

  • Install & launch the tool, then sign in using your login credentials.

login and free up storage space in Gmail

  • Choose “Emails” in the Category section and choose the Export Format.

select the category and export type

  • Now select the File Format and then click “Browse” to save the backup file. To free up storage space in Gmail, use the “Delete After Download” Option.

browse and apply filters

  • To begin the backup process and store all Gmail messages offline, click the “Start” button now.

free up storage space in Gmail

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After using Google or Gmail accounts, a point arrives when the user faces the issue of Gmail storage getting full. Here, it requires to immediate managing account to free up storage space in Gmail. Using the some explained strategies one can easily help oneself to make some space. Other than this to clear Google storage space, users can go with Google Takeout and the Offline tool that helps to take the backup of selective emails or entire mailboxes from different Gmail accounts.



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