Learn How To Enable Or Disable An Archive Mailbox In Exchange Online

Popularity of cloud-based services like Office 365 is increasing day by day. Office 365 (Also Known as Exchange Online) is a cloud service by Microsoft that allows you to migrate mailbox to it. You might be one of Exchange users who is searching for ways to archive emails in Office 365. You may also want to about disable archive mailbox option in your Exchange Server. We have solution for both groups as we will discuss how to enable or disable an archive mailbox in Exchange Online. One method is by using Exchange Admin Center and another one is by using Windows PowerShell. At first, gather some basic knowledge about mailbox archive option in Office 365.

Mailbox Archiving in Office 365

Option to archive mailbox helps Exchange users to acquire extra storage space. It is also known as ‘In-Place Archiving’. This feature is by default disabled for all Office 365 users. Before enabling archiving, users must remember that maximum storage limit for ‘Exchange Online Plan 1’ users is 50 GB, while ‘Exchange Online Plan 2’ users do not have any such restrictions. Now, learn the methods that will help you enable or disable an archiving mailbox in Exchange Online.

Enable or Disable an Archive Mailbox Using Exchange Admin Center (EAC)

‘Exchange Admin Center’ is a management console used to manage environment of Exchange Server. Tasks, like migrating mailboxes, monitoring processes, maintaining public folders of Office 365, are done by EAC. Users can also enable and disable mailbox archive in Exchange Server. Steps of enabling and disabling archived mailbox are shown here.

Enable Mailbox Archive Using EAC

  • Log in to Office 365 account. Click on app launcher icon >> click Admin
  • Go to lower left navigation of Exchange Admin Center and click Admin centers. Then click Exchange

  • Go to recipients option on left pane and then select mailboxes. Select the mailbox you need to archive. Click Enable option under ‘In-Place Archive’ on right pane

You can also select multiple mailboxes here. For that, press Shift and CTRL keys. After selecting, click More options in details pane. Then click Enable option under ‘Archive’.

Disable Mailbox Archive Using EAC

  • Sign in to O365. Click Admin
  • Go to EAC lower left navigation. Click Exchange centers >> Exchange

  • In current window, select recipients >> mailboxes. Select the mailbox you wish to disable. In details pane, click Disable under option ‘In-Place Archive’

Enable or Disable an Archive Mailbox Using Windows PowerShell

Microsoft developed PowerShell to execute lengthy administrative tasks easily. PowerShell can be compared to Command Prompt, but it is more effective than Command Prompt. Windows PowerShell can combine multiple commands and simplify repetitive tasks. Task of enabling and disabling Mailbox Archive can also be done with its aid. If you want to know how to enable archive mailbox in office 365 using PowerShell, here are the steps:

Enable Mailbox Archive Using PowerShell

  1. To proceed with this method, connect Office 365 using PowerShell
  2. Run this command now: Enable-Mailbox -Identity “Mike Jordan” –Archive

This command has enabled archiving for Mike Jordan’s mailbox. In case of archiving all mailboxes connected to this Exchange Server, run the following command:

Get-Mailbox -Filter {ArchiveStatus -Eq “None” -AND RecipientTypeDetails -eq “UserMailbox”} | Enable-Mailbox –Archive

Disable Mailbox Archive Using PowerShell

  1. Use Windows PowerShell to connect Exchange Server and run this command: Disable-Mailbox -Identity “Mike Jordan” -Archive


After reading these techniques, users will be able to enable or disable an archive mailbox in Exchange Online. Exchange users worldwide apply these techniques mentioned above to on/off their mailboxes archiving option in Office 365. Sometimes, users have PST files in their system, which they also want to archive in Office 365. Office 365 restore is a useful software for them. Users should go to Exchange Online Restore tool.