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Email Header Analyzer Tool – Download For Email Forensics

An Email Header is a piece of crucial information related to the sender, the recipient, email’s route to get to the inbox and various authentication details. It is also said that email header is a code snippet in the HTML email document. Sometimes, the emails may be spoofed to mask the sender’s identity or can be a type of email phishing. Email Header Analyzer Tool helps to detect and examine what is wrong with an email, investigators need to analyze its email header first to understand the origin of the messages.

Nowadays, due to an increase in the number of email applications, Forensic Investigators are also facing various challenges. It is becoming complicated for them to investigate emails associated with different platforms manually. However, numerous tools are available to carry out email investigation process. But, due to high-cost and complexity, it is not feasible for Forensic Examiner to rely on the tool to investigate header of different emails. To overcome all such scenarios, one can opt for Free Email Header Analyzer Tools. These tools permit the users to perform the complete analysis of email header along with proper search and export functionalities. Therefore, in this write-up, we are going to introduce versatile yet feature-rich Free Email Header Analyzer Tools to make it hassle-free for Forensic Investigator to examine email headers in an effortless way.

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In this segment, we are going to discuss some amazing yet reliable Email Header Analyzer tools. One can select and download any of the software according to the requirements.

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Dig In Here To Know About Advanced Email Forensic Software

When Forensic Investigators has to perform high-level email forensics to carve evidence accurately then need arises of advanced and reliable software. Thus, in this section, we are going to introduce two versatile and feature-rich tools to carry out email forensic process in a seamless way.


To perform the email forensics investigation in an efficient and organized manner, one can opt for the MailXaminer tool. The software is perfect a way to carry out email forensics in a simplified way with accurate results. The tool is capable to support examination of 80+ email clients in a seamless way. The tool is also integrated with the Advanced Case Management facility which makes it easy for the examiner to handle the case. Some of the beneficial features of the software support to the Hash function, multiple email views, enhanced documentation support, examination of Skype messaging application database, Geo-Location mapping, scanning file from domain or network, language support and much more.

MailPro +

When it comes to preview, search and export emails from multiple email applications then MailPro + is a perfect tool. MailPro + is a multi-tasking tool integrated with top-notch features. It is a trustworthy and smart tool to perform the email forensics task in a hassle-free way. One can easily read and examine emails associated with multiple email programs. The tool is capable to analyze emails of more than 12+ file formats and also export the results in different formats. One can also search for a particular email with deep search mechanism provided by the tool. The user interface of the tool is easy-to-use which makes seamless or the forensic investigators to work with it. Numerous features are embedded into the MailPro+ tool, which makes it a performance-rich and reliable utility to perform advanced email forensics.