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Email Examiner Software


  • Create & Manage Cases in an Efficient Way via Case Management Option
  • Supports 80+ Email Platforms of Both Desktop-Based or Web-Based Email Clients
  • Supported Desktop Email Clients - Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Cloud-Based Platforms - Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, Live Exchange, IMAP, etc.
  • Compatible with Disk Drive Image Files - DD, DMG, E01, LEF, and ZIP
  • Comes with Multiple Mail Views - Mail, Attachment, Message Header, MIME, RTF, etc.
  • Examine Skype Messaging Application Database Details Such as Chat, SMS, Calls
  • Advanced Link Analysis to Track Direct and Indirect Conversation of the Users
  • Multiple Keyword Search Types - General, Fuzzy, Wildcard, Proximity, Stem
  • Use Search Operators to Apply Conditions to Filter Out Desired Evidence
  • Language Support for Search in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish
  • Save Evidence in Court Acceptable Format by Recovering Deleted Email Components
  • Generate Export Report with All The Detailed Information in CSV and PDF

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Comes with Support for Various Email Platforms

Being one of the most trusted Email Examiner Software in the industry, this application permits users to load and ingest data from multiple platforms. A user can load email data files from 25+ desktop based email clients, all IMAP based cloud-based platforms. Moreover, users can also disk image files and Skype to scan its chats and calls.

Filter Options

Apply Multiple Conditions to Filter Data

To perform an in-depth email examination, this tool offers several search operators to filter data according to desired conditions. You can create a group and apply various conditions as an instance shown below:

For Instance:

  • Filter emails having Email Attachments containing / not containing a name or value.
  • You can also apply a condition where you want to filter where an Email Subject contains a specific value.

This feature makes it one of the best Email Forensics Tool.

Top Features of Email Examination Tool

Have a Look at the Key Features Offered in this Advanced Utility

Easy Case Management

Easy Case Management

Case management is one of the most useful features when it comes to smooth and efficient email examination. This program provides advanced case management facility such as creating a case repository, scan status, analyze and recover email, log files, bookmarking option etc. This makes the investigation process efficient and faster.

Supports 80+ Email Platforms

Supports 80+ Email Platforms

The software is designed with advanced features to make the email examination seamless for the users. The tool is capable to support more than 25+ file types of desktop-based (Lotus Notes, Outlook etc.) and multiple web-based email clients (Yahoo, Gmail etc.). Additionally, the tool is also integrated with enhanced artifacts support to examine a wider range of email repositories.

Robust Search Mechanism

Robust Search Mechanism

One can easily create custom search filters according to the scenarios. The user can make use of advance cultivated search facility which includes Fuzzy, Regular Expression, Wildcard, Proximity, Stem and other logical search operators. This email forensics technique helps the user to get the accurate results. Moreover, support for multiple languages such as Japanese, French, Korean etc. is also offered by the utility.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration for Team Work

Usually, there are some cases where a team of email examiners work on it and extract crucial evidence from emails. In those scenarios, this Email Examine Software comes into role as it has the capability to work on Server and Client architecture. Using this functionality, an administrator can install this application on multiple machine and synchronize them.

Hash Algorithm Support

Hash Algorithm & OCR Capabilities

The tool provides support to hash function such as SHA1, SHA 265, MD5 during analysis. One can easily view SHA1, SHA 25 etc. hash values of the suspected email. Apart from this, the software also searches in image(s) content with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process.

Network & Advanced Link Analysis

Domain & Link Analysis

After thorough scanning of data, this Email Examiner Software offers users with an option to analyze email evidence data. Here, the user can go to the Analysis window and track direct and indirect communication with multiple suspects. The application creates a visual representation of links between multiple users and helps investigators identify crucial evidence.

Multiple Views Modes

Examine Emails Multiple Views Modes

Different email preview modes are provided by the software which makes easy for the email examination experts to view and analyze email as per the requirements. The tool provides Normal View, HTML View, RTF View, Hex View, MIME View, Property View, Email Hop View, Attachment View.

Scan and Analyze Mailboxes

Scan Mailboxes of Different Platforms

One can easily examine emails of Office 365, Gmail, Live Exchange Server, iCloud, Rackspace, Hotmail via Email Examine Tool. The software supports to download and examine mailboxes of the various platforms in a trouble-free way.

Export Emails with Attachments

Export Emails and Attachments

After the examination of emails, the user can export emails into multiple formats such as Concordance, CSV, EML, MSG, HTML, TIFF, PST, PDF. This feature is very beneficial for forensic investigators as they need to save all the evidence in a particular format to present them in court.

Export Selective Evidence Data

Export Selective Evidence Data

After you have successfully examined your email evidence, you can then export the relevant data from evidence files. As you will have to export only specific data from email evidence files, the software provides an option – “Export Selected Items”. You can use this feature and export only relevant evidence data in a quick way.

Examine Chat Conversation

Examine Skype Messenger Chat DB

To examine Skype chats, call records, SMS and carve out evidence from them, this utility provides a unique feature which permits the user to add the Skype database file and view details such as chat message format, sender and receiver details, call records, SMS.

Investigation Case Report

Export Investigation Report

After all the examination process, one can export the report with all the details associated with the case. The user can export the reports of the case, tags, keywords, bookmarks etc. Moreover, the tool also permits to export the sender’s, recipients report, domain-wise senders report in HTML, PDF and CSV file formats.

Email Examiner Software Specifications

Check Out the System Requirements to Run this Smart Email Examine Tool

Software Download

Version: 5.1.0

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Requires 3 GB of free space for installation

16 GB of RAM

Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz

Application Pre-Requisites


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.
  • Lotus Notes should be installed and configured properly for scanning NSF files.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Windows
Windows 11, 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2016, 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Does the Email Examiner tool provide any data filtering option?

Yes, you can filter your desired data using different options. You can either use the different Search Types to filter data or use the Search Operators to apply conditions as per your findings.

Yes, you can easily examine chats, call and SMS associated with the user’s Skype database and analyze it.

Yes, one can easily examine and analyze all the document formats available in image files such as E01, DMG, DD, LEF and ZIP file.

No, there are no data loss and security issues associated with the tool as it is designed with advanced data protection and security algorithms.

Yes, the software provides email tagging feature which makes easy for the users to examine particular emails among thousands of emails. This feature permits the user to tag the specific emails and categorize them.

Yes, the user just has to define the search preference for the evidence in mail/attachment/both in the ‘Look For’ option. If the user selects ‘Search within Mail and Attachments’ option then the software enables searching within emails as well as attachments.

Yes, you can easily examine image processed by the OCR technique via the tool. To enable the OCR feature, you need to enable the OCR checkbox while adding the evidence file.

Yes, the utility permits to export emails and attachments evidence in multiple formats such as PST, PDF, CSV (Only Headers), Concordance, EML, Attachment, MSG, etc.

Yes, you can easily sort and filter the evidence list as per the name, size, custodian, item count, etc. with the help of this feature-rich software.

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