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Effortless Ways to Download Gmail Attachments: A Complete Guide

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Published On November 21st, 2023
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Overview If you are involved in vast email communication, the number of attachments is starting to pile up quickly. It’s time to get a reliable solution. Follow the blog which explains different methods to instantly download Gmail attachments in bulk to your computer’s folders. 

Many people widely use Gmail, a cloud-based platform that lets users send and receive files with or without attachments. However, using the Gmail server as permanent file storage is not an ideal thing to do.  Because that data can be lost or cause you to exceed storage limits. Hence, it needs to download attachments in Gmail in bulk to create space in the Google account. As each attachment received occupies some space.

There is no direct way provided by Gmail to download attachments from multiple emails at once. However, we can use some manual methods to export Gmail email attachments.

Ideal Solution to Download Gmail Attachments

Save your precious time with an automated solution before resorting to a manual solution. The Gmail Backup Tool for Mac & Win OS is a reliable way to get a large number of email attachments into a separate folder. You can use the software with multiple email accounts to download Gmail email attachments.

You can use a single tool that has multiple functions. Including Incremental Backup, Date Filter, Folder Filter, Delete After Download, Category Selection, Live Report, and more. The best feature of the tool is its ability to download Gmail emails with attachments and delete them from the server if you no longer need them.

Let’s see how this tool helps to download attachments in Gmail in bulk:

Guided Steps to Save Multiple Attachments in Gmail

  1. To export and save multiple attachments in gmail then download and run the tool. Type down the Gmail credentials to log in. login to download gmail attachments
  2. After logging in, in the Backup Section, select the PDF as the format to export attachments in. select the export type
  3. Then, press the Save Attachments on Disk Option to download the attachments required.download gmail attachments
  4. Now, choose Email or Documents as the Category. if needed you can use features like “Delete after Download”, “Incremental Backup” and Apply Filters. select the category to download
  5. Once the settings are done, use the Browse option to select the folder path to save the attachments there. Press the Start button to download Gmail attachments.set the path and download gmail attachments

By following all the steps, a user will be able to download attachments in Gmail easily. However, the tool only allows to saving of any type of category from the Gmail domain.

Manual Methods to Save Gmail Email Attachments

There are some manual methods available to download emails and attachments from a Gmail account, but these methods have to be followed with the correct steps. All of the solutions take time to save multiple attachments in Gmail account.

1. Google Takeout: Google Takeout is an archiving tool provided by Google that allows users to download their account data. With Google Takeout, users can download all their emails along with their attachments, as well as data from other Google applications.

Google Takeout allows users to take backup print Gmail emails in bulk, but it has some limitations. You can only save all the emails with their attachments, not individually. Furthermore, all the emails and attachments are stored in MBOX format.

2. Save Attachments: You can download attachments one by one by clicking on each email separately. To do this, simply log in to Gmail, go to your inbox, open the email, click on the attachment, and then click ‘Download‘. While this is a simple way to save attachments, you will need to repeat the same process for each email.

3. Print Option: To save emails with attachments, users can make use of the print feature. Simply open the email, click on the printer icon, and select the ‘Save as PDF‘ option to download the email with its attachments as a Portable Document Format. You can get multiple Gmail emails in PDF format along with attachments. However, you will need to follow the same steps for each email individually.

These are the manual methods that users can follow to download attachments from their Gmail accounts.

Why Choose the Suggested Software Solution?

As mentioned, manual methods allow you to download Gmail attachments along with emails, but they can be time-consuming as you have to follow all the steps one by one for each email. Google Takeout is the only method to save all the emails with attachments in one go, but it also takes time. However, the purpose of your query cannot be completely resolved with any of the manual methods.

That’s why we recommend that you go with the suggested automated solution. You can try the demo version first to unlock all the features, which includes the ability to download 100 emails and attachments into a separate folder.

Summing Up

In this blog, we have seen various ways to download attachments from multiple Gmail emails. We provide several manual methods and professional software to download Gmail attachments. You can use any method you like.

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Q1. How do I download attachments from Gmail to my computer?

You can simply print your email files as PDFs, or use Google Takeout to download the required attachments. You can also try the offline tool which we have covered to download all attachments from Gmail.

Q2. Does Google Takeout allow you to download Gmail attachments? 

Yes, Google Takeout is developed by Google to download contacts, Photos, attachments, emails etc.

Q3. Can I save multiple attachments from Gmail?

Yes, just access your Gmail account and select the required Emails with their attachments.



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