MDB Password Recovery



MDB Password Recovery

Freeviewer MDB Password Recovery Software is a complete solution which allows users to decrypts the complex and any type of passwords of the locked MDB file. However, it permits a user to open an encrypted Access database MDB file in a sophisticated manner. Using this tool, one can efficiently crack and reset the MDB database file password. Moreover, it can also recover password from MDW and MDA files.

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  • Recover Exact Password of Access MDB File to Open Access Database
  • Open MS Access Protected File Document after Password Recovery
  • Easily Recover Multilingual or Complex Access Database Passwords
  • MS Access is Required to Remove or Recover Password for MDB File
  • Supports All MS Access Versions to Unlock MDB File Password
  • MDB Password Recovery Tool is Compatible with All Windows versions

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2019 Best Rated and Popular tool to Bypass the MS Access Database Password

FreeViewer MDB Password Recovery Tool

3-Steps Working to Open Protected Backup MDB File

Stunning Features of FreeViewer MDB Password Recovery Tool

Amazing Utility to Recover Lost or Forgotten MDB File Password

recover mdb file password

Recover Access MDB File Password

This MDB Password Recovery tool makes any Access database MDB files encrypted by removing the forgotten or lost password. Mainly, using this Access MDB password recovery utility, you become enable to simply unlock a secured Access MDB file within a few clicks. However, this tool helps to easily recover any kind of passwords such as multilingual, complex, tough, and so on. Moreover, this tool does not form any changes in the precise or assigned database password.

decrypt protected mdb file password

Decrypt Access MDB File Password

This Access password recovery crack tool is equipped with a progressive and enhanced algorithm. That helps to easily decrypt the Access MDB file password. No matter which kind of password users set to locked their MDB file either complex or multilingual. Therefore, this Access password remover tool is smart and handy and at the same time, it also retrieves password composed of special characters, numbers and odd or even numeric passwords. Alternatively, utilizing this software, one can instantly recover MDB file password in the original format.

recover ms access password

Copy Recovered Access DB Password

When users browse the preferred MDB file, the Access password unlocker tool scans it proficiently. And then, it will appear all the instructive details which consisting all the informative of Access database like Database is created in Access 95 or 97, etc. and recovered Access MDB files password. Once the password recovery process is completed successfully, you have to copy the restored password by clicking on the Copy Password Button and then, unlock the relevant database utilizing retrieved MS Access password.

unlock password protected mdb file

Unlock Protected Access MDB File

With the help of this Access password remover software, one can profitably open the encrypted Access database MDB file without encountering any compatibility issue. Just in case, the lost or forgotten password is generated of special number, alphanumeric characters, etc., then also this MDB file password unlocker tool is able enough to recover and reset the MDB file password effortlessly.

understandable user interface

Offer Self-Explanatory Interface

The MDB password unlocker is a pure example of user-friendliness due to its user-friendly and understandable interface. Mainly, it consists of the options and commands to open MDB file password are amalgamated on a single panel. However, this MDB file password remover tool makes the recovery process simple and less technical for savvy users. So, you do not need to locate or change the complete panel to restore Access database password. It directly avoids unessential chaos.

recover mdb file password using brute-force attack

Brute-Force Attack Approach

The MDB Password Recovery tool is developed with advanced and enriched algorithms to recover an Access MDB file password with a Brute-force Attack technique to try out each feasible character combination. Additionally, Alternatively, the intricacy and difficulty of a password do not affect the recovery time of this free Access MDB file password recovery tool.

mdb file password recovery crack

Easily Open Backup MDB File

Microsoft Access also facilitates a functionality such as a user can generate a backup MDB database file. But unfortunately, users forgot the password they have to create previously to encrypt the Backup Access MDB File. Subsequently, in this circumstance, the MDB database file recovery tool proves an ultimate solution to open a locked Access MDB file without any hindrance. Moreover, this reliable software has the ability to unlock encrypted Access Backup MDB file within a few clicks.

supports mdb password recovery free

Compatible With All MS Access Versions

Chiefly, the MDB password recovery tool is a Windows-based application. Though, it extendedly supports all versions of Access database. It supports Access MDB file created on MS Access 95, 97, Access 2000, Access 2002, Access 2003 and Access 2007, Access 2013, Access 2016 database password. This software has the capability to efficiently recover and reset MDB file password from any version of Microsoft Access in just three simple directions such as Add MDB>>Copy Password>>Open Selected Database. All in all, it proficiently supports all Access version without encountering any restrictions.

MDB Password Recovery Software Specifications

Download Access Database Password Recovery Tool to Unlock MDB File

Software Download

Size: 365 KB

Version: 5.2

Trial Limitations

Free Demo Version of this MDB Password Recovery Tool Restores only the First 2 Characters of Passwords.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

2 GB RAM is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent

Application Pre-Requisites

If you are using Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator"


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Get An Overview of MDB Password Recovery Tool Features – Free VS Licensed Version

Features Free Version Full Version
Browse Protected MDB File
Unlock Multilingual & Complex Passwords
Retrieve MS Access Password
Extensively Support All Windows Versions
Open Protected Access MDB File
Unlock Access database MDB File
Copy Successfully Restored Password Copy Prime 2 Characters Only
Cost FREE $19

MDB Password Recovery Tool Users' Common FAQ

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How to recover lost or forgotten Access MDB password using this tool?
This tool can quickly recover the password and open protected Access database MDB file without any hindrance. To do the same, simply follow all the below-outlined instructions to implement the recovery process:
  • Step 1: Download & launch his proficient MDB password recovery tool
  • Step 2: Then, hit on Browse button to add protected MDB file
  • Step 3: Here, click on Copy Password button to copy recovered MDB file password
  • Step 4: Ultimately, choose Open Selected Database to unlock protected MDB file with an Access Password Unlocker.
The Access database password unlocker is programmed with enriched features which makes it able to open an alphanumeric and complex password i.e., generated by the strong password generator. Whether the protected password is a combination of number, symbols, and alphabets. Moreover, this software opens encrypted Access database MDB file in spite of an alphanumeric password.
No, this Access database password recovery tool easily recovers lost or forgotten Access password without losing a bit of data and without affecting the original formatting of the database.
No, this Access password recovery tool only retrieves the upgraded password. However, when you completely recover your password so, you can simply reset an appropriate MDB database password.
Yes, off course, one can install this Access MDB password recovery tool in Windows 10. Mainly, this does not associate with compatibility issues. Though, it extensively supports all advanced and below versions of Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
Yes, without any doubt, using this profitable MDB file password recovery tool, one can easily remove and reset a password for Mac OS based Access MDB files. To do the same, you just have to download Access database password unlocker software on the local system.
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