PDF Security Unlocker 3.2 — FREEVIEWER

Freeware Software to Remove Adobe PDF Restrictions

  • Unlock PDF Password to Print, Edit, Copy, or Extract Text
  • Option to Remove Owner Level Password with this Tool
  • Possible to Recover Password in Bulk Without Difficulty
  • Compatible With Adobe Acrobat 9 & All Below Versions
  • Installation of Adobe is Not Needed to Eliminate Encryption
  • Tool Supports All Versions of Windows Operating System
  • It Does Not Unlock Corrupted or Damaged PDF Documents

Descriptive Features of PDF Restriction Unlocker

Remove PDF Security

Remove Security from PDF

With PDF Restriction Remover Software, users can remove the protection set on PDF document. Once unlock the file they may use its editing, printing, copying, and extraction. Moreover, the resultant file can be saved in any location as per their choice. The tool allows users to unlock one PDF file with help of single file mode option. It comes up with advanced algorithms and makes the task easy.

Batch PDF Restriction Remover

Decrypt PDF in Batch

PDF Security Unlocker also brings an attractive feature using which users can unrestricted Adobe PDF files in bulk. There is no need to choose the files one after the other to execute the entire process. Users have to use Enterprise license of this software for this process as single user license can work only in single file mode. Once unlocking PDF restrictions it can be saved in unrestricted mode.

Reset Owner Level Security

Reset Owner Level Encryption

PDF Restriction Unlocker has the potential to remove owner level password protection from PDF files. Moreover, in the case of user level encryption, you can unlock it after providing the respective password. After removing it, users can perform editing, printing, copying, & extraction. The utility maintains the file integrity throughout the process. The original formatting will not be affected by the tool.

Save Unlocked PDF Files

Save File in Other Folder

PDF Password Remover Tool provides users a list of the entire associated permissions after loading the file. With this, users can see the status of PDF permission in two columns i.e. “After” and “Before.” The status will be changed after the removal of restrictions. Apart from this, the utility allows users to store the file by creating a new folder. This means they can save it at the desired location.

PDF Security Unlocker – Overview

PDF Restriction Unlocker Characteristics

PDF Restriction Unlocker Characteristics

The PDF Restriction Remover software provides diverse functionality to recover your PDF from password protection. Some of the core functionalities that the PDF Unlocker offers are:

Listed are the features exhibits by the PDF Security Unlocker Tool:

  • Removing any kind of restriction that has been set, for example, if you have not enough creation to print, copy, make any changes or extract text out of it.
  • Remove various security measures that have been applied on the .pdf document such as it removes owner level password security.
  • Compatibility with different Adobe Acrobats version and can easily remove the password encryption (generally 128/256 bit) of the pdf documents.
  • Unlock PDF file password in batch if you have many PDF documents and you want to remove the password all at once.

Support for different Adobe Acrobat Versions

Multiple Version Support

Generally, Adobe uses the following encryption for the Acrobat:

  • Adobe Acrobat 7.0 which uses RC4 as well as AES for password protection.
  • Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 to v9.0 which uses 128 bit encryption.

Unlocking time taken for your PDF File

Unlocking PDF file takes few second to some minutes and is directly proportional to the complexity of the algorithm used and password set by the users. So you might have to wait for some time in some cases to get the unlocked version of the concerned PDF document.

PDF Unlocking Time

General time is taken for PDF Document Unlocking

Software Screenshots

PDF Restriction Remover Tool
Step 1: PDF Security Unlocker Software
Browse Locked PDF Files
Step 2: Provide PDF Path
Unlock PDF File
Step 3: View Permission
PDF Password Recovery Software
Step 4: Formatted Permission
Software Specifications
PDF Security Unlocker Software

Size: 5.5 MB Version: 3.2



System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs

Can I remove Owner lever password with the help of PDF Restriction Remover Software?

No, the password cannot be unlocked, but all the restriction can be removed to print, edit, copy, and extract PDF document.

What is the difference between user level and owner level PDF password?

User level password is the password, which is set by the user only. On the other hand, owner level password is that password, which is set by the creator of that PDF file.

Does the tool un-restricts more than one or multiple PDF files at once?

Yes, this application is designed in such manner that it can unrestricted various PDF documents at once without any difficulty.

Can I remove restrictions from those PDF files, which are corrupted or damaged?

No, the tool does not allow the removal of encryption from unhealthy PDF files. Therefore, first users have to repair them.

Is it possible to run the tool in Windows 10 and remove restrictions from PDF file?

Yes, the tool has been designed for Windows Operating system only. Hence, can be used in every version of Windows.

What Clients Say

“PDF Security Unlocker Tool is one the useful application I have come across ever. This application brings forth so many features and one of them is its ability to unrestricted owner level decryption. I have recently edited so many PDF files with the help of this tool. The software has a very simple interface, therefore; even a novice can use this. Thanks to developed the program for Windows operating systems Users”

- Danilo Goncalves Pinto, Florida

“I had a bulk of data in PDF document and I wanted to copy these files for a project preparation. However, due to the restriction set by my boss I was unable to do this. Then, I searched that how to unrestricted PDF file. Fortunately, I got this wonderful tool and launched it instantly on my system. After this, I have copied so many files after the removal of restrictions. I am really thankful to the whole team of developer of this application.”

- Harry Edmonds, Brazil
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