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How to Unlock A PDF for Editing Without Password? [Five Methods]

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: April 15th, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

You received a PDF file for your research. You tried to get information from it but PDF is password secured. So a user who is not having an authentic password will search for how to unlock a PDF for editing without password. An automated tool is a direct solution to unlock secured PDF files.

Real-time user scenario regarding this issue

“A few days back I protected my PDF file. When I checked I found that it is owner password protected and I completely forgot the password. I don’t how that how to unlock a PDF for editing without a password? Is there any method to unlock PDF when you forgot PDF password?”

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Unlock Secured PDF Files

To make sure that their important crucial information is safe, users secure the PDF data file using a password. So the PDF files won’t be accessed by any unauthorized users. All of your answers regarding this issue are right here. But first of all, it is necessary to get a better understanding of PDF passwords. So you can learn which PDF files can be accessed using upcoming methods.

There are two kinds of PDF passwords – Permission Password & Document Open Password.

  • Permission password is needed when you have to make changes, copy, print, highlighting, merging, splitting, etc.
  • Document Open password is needed to open the file to see the content.

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Method 1. Copy Secured PDF in Google Chrome

Step 1. Open the Secured PDF Document
In case the PDF document is restricted to copy but prevents printing. You can simply use Chrome browse to print the secured PDF file just like a normal PDF file and later copy the required text from it.

Step 2. Print the Secured PDF
Go for the “Print” option in the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

Step 3. Save the secured Normal PDF
Save the file by clicking on the Save button, give the title. Select the text and press “Ctrl+C” to copy the desired text.

Method 2. Use Google Drive to Copy from Secured PDF

This is another method to copy using Google Drive to copy text from secured PDF. These are the following steps:
Step 1. Upload Secured PDF
Select the secured PDF into your Google Drive and upload it.

Step 2. Open in Google Docs
By right-clicking the secured PDF and selecting Open With >> Google Docs to open it.

Step 3. Copy Text from Protected PDF
When a PDF file is opened select the text, copy text from that secured PDF file. Directly paste it into another document. Only these steps are needed to copy text from a secured PDF.

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Method 3. Screenshot of PDF and run through OCR program

If the user wants to copy a small section of PDF then this method can be useful. This method is not practical for large PDF files and definitely not convenient for repetitive use.
Firstly you need to take a screenshot and use any OCR program to extract the text from a secured PDF.

Method 4. How to Unlock A PDF for Editing Without Password

If none of the above mentioned are practical or insufficient for the quality and quantity of content you want. Then undoubtedly you must choose the PDF Unlocker software utility that:
Unlock PDF file for editing without password (permission).
– Unlock password security from unlimited files and folders in one go.
– It allows to print and copy the unlocked PDF files.
– Various features to unlock several files for editing.
– Supportive for PDF files of 128/256-bit encryption.

For Windows

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For Mac

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Steps to Unlock Secured PDF Files- 

Step 1. Download and Launch the program on your Windows machine.

launch the software

Step 2. On the home page click on Add Files/ Add folder option to insert the PDF documents

click on add file

Step 3. Select the option Save or Print based on your requirement

choose save or print

Step 4. Then click on the Change button and choose the destination location to save the unlocked files. And simply click on Unlock tab

click on change button

Step 5. Wait for a few seconds and a pop-up message will inform you about the completion of PDF unlocking.

unlock a pdf for editing without password

Using this utility you can remove various restrictions from unlimited PDF files. Now you have learned how to unlock a PDF for editing without password.

Method 5. Use Adobe Acrobat to unlock a PDF for editing

To use this software you must have a permission password. However, if the user does not have a valid password then the above-mentioned method is beneficial to use.
1. Open PDF file in the Acrobat Pro DC.
2. Then go for File >> Properties >> Document Properties dialogue box.
3. Select the Security option and choose No security from the list.
4. Then enter the Permission Password in the provided column and click the OK button to save the setting.
This is how to unlock a PDF for editing without a password via Acrobat Pro DC.

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Users face situations where either they forgot their own password or they want to copy and print the secured PDF files. In this situation, the user wants to know how to unlock a PDF for editing without password. You can easily unlock secured PDF files using the automated program.
If a user has a single page requirement then Google chrome or Google Drive or screenshot are sufficient for one-time use. But for multiple files and large-sized files, a professional utility is recommended.