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How to Fix Won’t Able to Open PDF in WhatsApp Issue?

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2022-04-15T17:09:40+05:30 | 4 Minutes Reading

User often complains that cannot open their PDF in WhatsApp application. Are you also facing the same situation? If yes, then read this entire article. You will learn how to fix the query “won’t able to open PDF in WhatsApp”.

Won’t Able to Open PDF in WhatsApp

Won’t Able to Open PDF in WhatsApp – Reasons

First, let’s go through the most probable reasons that are responsible for not opening the PDF file in the WhatsApp application. Here are explained in detail.

  1. The PDF document is corrupted – PDF documents that are corrupted cannot be opened. A corrupted PDF file cannot open on any application until it is repaired. The device becomes incompatible due to a mix-up or a specific code in the file format. It occurs when a file is not correctly downloaded. Or when downloading is interrupted due to an unforeseen event such as a loss of internet connection or a fluctuating connection.
  2. The PDF document is encrypted – You must first decrypt it or enter a password before you can open it. If you ignore it or don’t encode the password, the window will be blank or won’t open or it will throw an error saying “file could not be accessed”.
  3. File formats are not supported by the Android phone – Even applications can’t always override a phone’s basic functionality and limits. That’s why no matter what, users won’t able to open PDF in the WhatsApp application.
  4. Inadequate internet connectivity – Check to see if your data connection is up to date, or if your Wi-Fi signals are strong enough. WhatsApp has a tendency to stop downloading when you have a slow connection.
  5. File availability on server – When a file is not downloaded from the receiver, it is sometimes removed from the server to save cloud storage space. So it’s possible that you took a little longer and are now unable to download it. Enable background download and don’t restrict background data for future reference so that when you receive a PDF, it automatically downloads to your smartphone without you having to activate the program.
  6. WhatsApp no longer supports your Smartphone – If you’re using an older smartphone, regardless of platform, check the list of supported devices under “WhatsApp support for mobile devices”. A device that isn’t supported progressively ceases operating. That’s why make sure you’re not off the grid.

Fix Won’t Able to Open PDF in WhatsApp Issue

So what is the solution to fix this issue? In this segment, we are going to discuss major potential solutions. Execute them and see if your issue is fixed or not.

Won’t Able to Open PDF in WhatsApp – Solutions

Assuming you’re using an Android or iOS device. According to the WhatsApp Help Center:

Method #1. Check Storage Space of the Device

Android: When you download a document, it is immediately saved in the storage/whatsapp/media/whatsappdocuments folder, which you can retrieve with a file explorer app.

For iOS: The files kept on your iPhone/iPad WhatsApp app may be found by going to “Settings” > “General” > “Storage & iCloud Usage” > “Manage Storage” on your iPhone, then tapping “WhatsApp” to see the “Documents & Data”. Simply open the PDF in iBooks and it will store a copy there.

Method #2. Keep Your Device Up-to-date

1. Update your WhatsApp to the latest version. And try to send a message.

2. Use an antivirus to scan the PDF. Check to see if there are any hidden.exe files or other security risks.

Method #3. Open PDF File on the Web Browser or PDF Viewer

It’s best to test the PDF file online using a PDF Viewer or Editor to see if the PDF file is truly available. To test, you can use online available web-based editors and viewers that can be accessed via a browser.

If PDF opens in a web browser, it suggests the phone is unable to support it. If it won’t open online, it’s the file that’s the issue. Now you will have to fix the PDF file by repairing it using PDF repair tools.

Method #4. Use Professional PDF Repair Tool

The best professional application is PDF Recovery Tool, which repairs corrupted files and regenerates them in a healthy state. It will recover data in its original format without making any changes. It retrieves as much data as possible, including photos, tables, and pie charts, among other things. It works with Adobe Acrobat PDF files in all versions.

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Final Thought

Users often face the issue that they won’t able to open PDF in WhatsApp application. We discussed reasons and solutions to fix this problem in this article. There are various ways to repair corrupted PDF files online. However, not everything is safe. We’ve included manual workarounds and well a few professional tools in this lesson.