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Use Top 4 Solutions if Your are Unable to Open Damaged PDF File

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Published On August 16th, 2023
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One day you switch ON your system to read crucial files and try to open your files but you experience an error that the file is corrupted and now you are unable to open damaged PDF file.

There are numerous users like you who are facing the same issues and being the crucial files, they want to recover them. However, it is a very challenging part to recover or repair those files. We know that there can be several reasons behind this error. We have also observed that day by day this type of error is seen by the users. So, we came up with some simple and time-saving solutions and through this post, we will help to recover your PDF files.

This article majorly discusses some of the common reasons and why user unable to open damaged PDF file followed by the solutions which include manual and automated methods.

Common Reasons – Why Users Cannot Open PDF Damaged Files?

Below listed are some of the common reasons behind PDF file damaged cannot open:

  • The improper downloading or terminating system, weak internet connection, or heavy files sometimes results in corruption.
  • In the presence of viruses inside the system or any malware attacks.
  • Using Improper or old versions of Adobe Reader.
  • PDF file or Adobe Reader has the security/ restrictions applied.
  • An interruption occurred during the copying process.
  • The PDF file is damaged/corrupted (Most common case).

These are some of the common root causes behind PDF file corruption. So, in the upcoming section, we will be explaining the different methods to fix this error “Cannot Open PDF Damaged Files”.

Solutions To Avoid the Issue of Unable to Open Damaged PDF File

In the first step, the main thing is to recover the files to access the data. However, a number of precautions might be taken and if still user is facing the same issue then go through the methods explain to resolve this error.

#1: Try to use Other PDF Reader Application

Whenever your PDF file damaged cannot open, the first thing is that try to open the same PDF file in different PDF reader applications like Foxit Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Nitro Reader, etc. After trying out all these and still, if you could not open the corrupted file then move to the next solution.

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 # 2: Try to Restore the Previous Version

Another solution is to restore the previous version of your inaccessible PDF file in windows 10. Use the in-built backup utility tool by following the steps to perform:

  • Go to the Window option and press the Setting option then press the Update and Security option to restore the backup.

If a user does not have any previous backup, then,

  • Right-click on your PDF file and click the Properties option.
  • Move to the Previous Version and hit the Restore button.

Note:  100% PDF file recovery might be a tough job to do. Although, these most effective solutions to recover corrupted PDF file data. 

In case of previous is not available then, and still you are unable to open damaged PDF file, then try the free online repair tool to recover the PDF files data.

#3: Use a Free Online Repair Tool When Cannot Open PDF Damaged Files

Users can consider using the online repair tool which is free of cost. Useful for removing corruption from small-sized PDF files. With that, some of the applications have certain limitations like the file size of a number of pages. Hence, using this solution would not be beneficial in a long run. Because of these reasons, several experts suggest considering a professional Tool to Repair thier PDF files.

#4: Can’t Open Damaged PDF File? Use the Expert Suggested Solution

Based on the above-mentioned solution,  we can say that the PDF Recovery Tool is a one-stop solution to recover a corrupted PDF file. Here, the user is not required to do any pre-processing part. The user just needs to insert the corrupted PDF files and it will recover all files in an error-free way and without losing any data.

Moreover, this tool can even get images from damaged PDF files. Works well on Windows OS & Mac OS (latest and below versions), with that it supports PDF 2.0 & below versions.

Guide steps to use the Tool to Avoid being Unable to Open Damaged PDF file Issue

  • Download and install the software and hit the Load PDF button to insert files.

unable to open damaged PDF file

  • After adding the files, the scanning process will start.

adding damaged pdf file

scanning process completed

  • The content will be shown after scanning. Now, preview and save the PDF by setting the location to save the recovered PDF files.

unable to open damaged PDF file

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With the help of this post, we have discussed some reasons why a user is unable to open damaged PDF file. Also with that, we have explained some of the best methods to recover PDF files which include some manual processes and an automated solution to fix the issue of “PDF file damaged cannot open”. So, there are 4 different solutions to choose from.


Q1. How to resolve the issue of PDF file corruption or what are the methods to do it?

You can restore the previous version or use another PDF reader, check for any Adobe updates or reinstall the application. Other than this, you can try the professional tool which we have discussed in this post.

Q2. How the software can help me recover my PDF files?

You just need to install the tool, insert the PDF files which are damaged and the rest of the process will be taken care of by the tool itself.

Q3. Is there any size limitation on files when using this tool?

No, there is such restrictions on file size, you can insert and recover data from multiple corrupted PDF files.



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