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Use Top 3 Simple Methods to Shrink Size of a PDF File Effectively

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Published On September 5th, 2023
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Using PDF format to store data is a useful resource. It makes it easier to send text or image files. However, if you’re struggling to send a large PDF file, you might have to reduce the size of the PDF file There are some solutions for changing PDF file sizes on Windows, and Mac OS. So, if you are in the same situation and want to shrink size of a PDF file, then read this post, which explains 3 different methods to make a large PDF file smaller. It covers and explains methods for both Windows and Mac users.

So start exploring the solutions and consider the one which is useful.

When It Requires to Reduce File Size of a PDF Document?

There can be numerous cases in which a user will need to change PDF file size. Some of the common points are:

  • Downloading and uploading large PDF files takes an ample amount of time which shows a poor user experience. Hence, reducing the file size is an optimal solution when working in an organization.
  • Dealing with multiple and large PDF files with limited storage space creates an issue long time. Decreasing the file size helps in optimizing storage space. Thus, it’s a best practice to shrink size of a PDF file.
  • Want to send large PDF files through mail application, but unable to send due to file size limit.
  • Need to upload files on the server but there are limitations on the maximum size allowed for uploads.

How to Make Large PDF File Smaller Using Preview [Mac Users]?

The simple method for Mac users to change/decrease the PDF file size is by using the Preview app. Preview is a built-in tool for Mac OS to view files and images. Follow the guided steps to shrink PDF size using Preview:

  1. On the Mac system open the Finder and find your PDF file.
  2. Then press the file to open it in Preview.
  3. Now, In Preview click File Export.
  4. Under the export window, press Reduce File Size from the Quartz Filter drop-down menu.
  5. Check any other changes needed (such as a file name change) then press Save.

Following these steps will create a significantly shrunken PDF document.

Note – The user will notice a slight change in quality when compressing the image file. To avoid this Quality Compromise, user will need to look for other effective method.

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Reduce File Size of a PDF Document Using the Adobe Acrobat Pro

Windows users can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to make large PDF file smaller. Those who have the subscription can proceed with the process by following these steps to shrink size of a PDF file:

  1. On the system, launch the application and select the PDF file to shrink.
  2. Now, find the Tool option top-left side and then select Optimize PDF.
  3. From the given menu, choose the “Reduce PDF size” option. Then check & set the compatibility and press the OK button.
  4. Finally, optimize as per your need, change name and location if required and then hit the Save button.

Other than this, the Online Free Solution is also there which is offered By Adobe. Other online solutions are also there to use. though some tools might have some limitations which users would have to see and select the suitable tool.

Prime Way to Shrink Size of a PDF File Using Professional Tool

There are several other ways to decrease PDF document size but somewhere limitations are associated with them. Based on different OS users will need to look for an application or a tool. So, to eliminate this we suggest using the Mac & Windows OS-based PDF Toolbox Software which is capable of compressing multiple and large PDF files easily.

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Using Advanced settings, the tool generates accurate output putting in less effort. Apart from this, the tool can compress image files and provides another option to extract PNG images from PDF or other image formats in the most efficient way.

Change The Size of a PDF File Using This Tool

  1. Initially Download the utility and Install it to reduce the size of multiple PDF files.
    shrink size of a PDF file
  2. Now, use the Add File(s) and Add Folder(s) options to insert PDF files and set the destination folder to save the compressed files.add files and set the location
  3. In the next step, under the Compress option, press the Advanced settings.shrink size of a PDF file
  4.  Now select and set the Quality and Level when compressing image files. select the OK button to save the settings.applying advanced settings
  5. Finally, preview the applied Basic and Advanced settings and press the Start button to shrink size of a PDF file.shrink size of a PDF file

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Storing multiple PDF files and sharing those large files can become an issue at any given point in time. Hence, it requires to shrink size of a PDF file which helps save some space and makes it easier to share those files via email. So, here we have discussed some of the best methods with their proper steps to reduce file size of a PDF document.

Commonly Asked Queries

Q1. How we can make a large PDF file smaller in size?

You can go with Adobe Acrobat Pro and use Preview (For Mac Users). Other than this, you can consider using the automated software.

Q2. How this tool can help me reduce the PDF file size without losing Quality?

Simply download the tool, select the files and apply the settings. Rest the tool will compress the file.

Q3. Does the utility have a restriction on the file size?

No, there is no limitation applied when using the tool to shrink size of a PDF file.



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