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Know to Bypass PDF Permissions Password from PDF Instantly!

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Are you a person having a bad memory? Is your PDF file password protected, but unfortunately the password has wiped out from you? Are you not able to crack password from the protected PDF documents? Then, just sit back and relax as you are reading the correct blog, where we will describe the procedure to bypass PDF permissions password in a hassle-free way.

Before discussing the solution, let’s check out the below-mentioned user-query for a clear understanding,

“A few days back I enrolled for a technical session which is scheduled for this week. The training center has sent an email in which they have shared all the details of the session in a PDF document. While trying to take the print out of the details, it is not at all allowing me. It seems that the PDF file is protected. Is there any reliable solution to bypass PDF permissions password? Looking forward to the earliest response.”

“Recently I’ve opened a new account in a private bank. Now, the bank officials are sending the account opening forms and other applications in PDF format, which is password protected. Sadly, I have missed saving the password and I no longer remember the password now. Could someone describe some relevant solution to bypass PDF permissions password so as to easily access the PDF documents?”

What are the Types of PDF Passwords?

Now, there are two different kinds of password protections that can be applied over the PDF file. This includes Document open password and Permission password

  • Document Open Password: It is also known as user-level password. In this, only the user who has applied the password to the portable files will be allowed to open it. Hence, it restricts illegitimate users from opening the file. Also, a user who knows the password of the protected PDF file can open it.
  • Permission Password: This password is also known as owner-level password. Here, the file can be opened by anyone, but only the owner is allowed to perform different operations like print, edit, copy, page extraction, etc.

How to Bypass PDF Permissions Password from PDF File?

Here, we need to create a batch sequence to eliminate password from multiple PDF files via Acrobat Pro. Now to perform the batch sequence, we need to change the preference so that Acrobat will enable users to enter the password during the execution process.

  • For Windows OS, go to Edit and click the Preferences option. Whereas, for Mac OS, select Acrobat and click on Preferences
  • Under Preferences wizard, choose Batch Processing, which is located in the left panel and select Password Security option under Security Method

Batch Processing

  • Now click Advanced >> Document Processing >> Batch Processing option
  • Select New Sequence and provide the name for the sequence (For eg: Eliminate Security) and click on Commands button
  • From which, Edit Window appears, then click on Security under Edit Sequence wizard >> click Add button >> set Security Method as None >> Click the OK button as listed in the below image,

Bypass PDF Permissions Password

  • Now to run the entire PDF password protected files, which is to be unlocked. Make sure that you set all the files in one place and go to Advanced >> Document Processing >> Batch Processing
  • Select the sequence to be implemented (Here it is Eliminate Security), then hit the Run Sequence button to bypass PDF permissions password
  • Under Run Sequence Confirmation wizard, press OK and provide the password of the PDF files and click OK
  • Now, check the protected PDF files and you will see that the security has been removed in batch from the PDF documents

How to Unlock PDF Permissions Password in Acrobat Pro DC?

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, then following are the steps to remove permissions password from the PDF file.

  • Once the PDF file is opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, select the lock icon from the left corner and click Permission Details
  • Under Security tab, in the Security Method field, set as No Security option

Unlock PDF Permissions Password

  • Ensure to enter the correct password and hit OK to bypass PDF permissions password

Hassle-Free Solution to Bypass PDF Permissions Password

Are you not satisfied with the above described manual solutions? Did you find it difficult? Then, simply make the best use of PDF Unlocker Tool. It is a versatile software that allows to bypass PDF permissions password within a short duration of time. Moreover, a user can smoothly unlock various PDF restrictions like print, copy, page extraction, edit, etc. Moreover, it is developed keeping in mind the various manual limitations, hence it offers a simplified interface, in which a naive user can also easily operate this tool.

Concluding Words

PDF document is known for its security and better data management purpose. Users can easily safeguard there PDF files to prevent other users from accessing the same. If in case the PDF file password is lost or forgotten by any means, then it will a create a chaos for the user. Hence, we have described the best solution to bypass PDF permissions password via manual as well as automated solution. If you face any obstacles in the manual method, then switch to the reliable third-party tool for a hurdle-free PDF password removal.