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How to Remove Printing Permission From PDF Files?

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: January 2nd, 2023 | 5 Minutes Reading

Often PDFs come with certain security implementations like password-protected or editing, PRINTING restrictions, etc. If you possess some secured PDF that you want to print but can’t due to some printing restrictions, then look no further. Here, we will solve the question: How to Remove Printing Permission from PDF documents? So you could print your files anytime you want.

PDF documents are platform-independent, portable and one of the most secure file formats to store data in. Often, users come across PDFs which show a disabled print option when opened in any PDF viewer. This happens when the document is restricted using printing permission. Other than printing, several other security permissions can also be implemented on PDF files.


There are two different ways to make a PDF secure. Setting a password required to open the PDF file at user-level or implementing owner level restrictions on PDF to disable editing, copying, and printing of PDF documents. As you can see in the above example, printing option is disabled for the secured file. You can hit Ctrl +D in Adobe Reader to look at all the permissions restricted on a PDF document.

Some User Queries

“Next week, I need to give a presentation as well as submit some documents as reports in an important meeting. Now, the problem is that the documents are in PDF format and have printing, copying restrictions on them. I simply cannot attend the meeting without the reports. Can anyone share how can I remove printing permission from PDF files? I’ll be ever grateful!”

“Today, I opened all my confidential PDF documents for a quick view. Right then I realized that the print option was disabled on Adobe Reader. I also tried pressing Ctrl+P but to no avail. Any idea of how I remove print restriction from PDF? It’s important for me to have a hard copy of them. Thanks!”

How to Remove Printing Permission from PDF documents?

To get rid of PDF file printing restriction or any other owner level security permissions, you can use the PDF Security Remover Tool. This simple yet powerful software enables printing option on any secured PDF file. In addition, it has the capability to remove print restriction from PDF and other restrictions such as copying, editing, extracting text, etc.

This way you can remove restrictions from all your files quickly. You don’t even need any PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader for the removing process. It is available for both Windows & Mac operating systems.

The following way is for users to operate on one PDF document at a time. You can process multiple PDF documents in batch mode with Business or Enterprise license. The process is fast and flawless with no issues whatsoever. It’s a feature that no free method can match.

  • Download and Install the software application and click on Add Files button to insert PDF files.

how to remove printing permission from pdf

  • Now, select the other Browse button to give a destination location to save print-enabled file.

change the path to save file

  • Click on Unlock PDF and the tool will enable all the Owner level permissions along with printing.

how to remove printing permission from pdf

This way you know exactly how to remove printing permission from PDF in the fastest way possible.

You can open the output file and print it anytime you want. Also, the entire process is advanced so that no changes are made to the PDF documents content. It Only remove print restriction from PDF for user’s convenience.

Free Way to Remove Other Restrictions(Other than Print)

Now, there are cases when users may have PDF documents that do not have any Print restriction, but you cannot copy or edit its contents. The software above can remove all such restrictions with ease. But there is a free way by which you can remove certain permissions on PDF Document. Before implementing the below steps, you should keep in mind that, it will be time-consuming if you have multiple PDF files. And also can affect the original PDF formatting.

  • Open the PDF with Google Chrome. You will have to enter password if it is user-locked. Else it won’t work.
  • Press Ctrl+P or Command+P key to open Print window.
  • In the next window, click Change >> Save as PDF.
  • Select destination location and save the file.

Note: This method will only work if Print permission is allowed on the document. If it is restricted, then the Print command will not work at all.

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Final Words

PDF is a portable document file, which provides sophisticated level of security features unmatched by other formats. Its platform-independency makes it one of the most widely used document format globally. These files can be secured with either user-level password or multiple owner-level permissions. Sometimes users need to get rid of these restrictions to perform certain tasks such as printing. Hence, in this article, we have covered the fastest solution on how to remove printing permission from PDF files. The mentioned software is also capable to remove various other owner-level restrictions apart from printing.