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How to Add Text Watermark to PDF Using 3 Simple Ways?

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Published On July 12th, 2023
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Nowadays sharing and securing crucial files is of utmost importance. Watermarking PDF documents can serve as an option to ensure your files are safe and simply enhance the visual appearance. This blog shows and explains how a user can add text watermark to PDF with and without using the Adobe Acrobat application.

We will go through the process with their steps to batch-insert watermark on multiple PDF documents at once. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and the best solutions to add text watermarks to your PDF files

What Are the Reasons to Insert Watermark on PDF Document?

There are several people who are using the PDF format to keep their data and information in text or in image format. A watermark is a semi-transparent impression of a logo or text to identify the owner of a document or image. This can be used to add security to vital information.

However, at times, people do get confused, or some users don’t know the easy method to do when they require to insert watermark on Adobe PDF. Hence, to make the process easier we have explained 3 different methods that can be used to complete the process.

Add Text Watermark to PDF By Using the Finest Method

When it comes to applying a watermark on multiple or large files, users can go for software like the most useful PDF Watermark Adder Tool. As other manual solutions have size limitations which creates an issue. While using the automated utility people can easily apply logos to multiple files in less time having zero errors.

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Moreover, this tool is capable of adding a visible logo on secured PDF files. Provides different options to set position, fonts, transparency etc. Which makes it an impressive software.

Guided Process With the Steps to Apply Logo on PDF Files

1: Download and Run the utility, use the Add File(s)/Add Folder(s) option for adding PDF files.

add text watermark to PDF2: Mark to either save or print the resulting PDF files and set the destination folder to save the watermarked PDF files and hit the Next button. saving marked PDF files

Remember: If your PDF file has restrictions by a Document Open password, then you have to enter the password.

3: Now, under the Details Tab, choose the option to add text image or date time mark, and set the appearance, positioning and font details. select the type of watermark to add

4: Finally, use the Preview option to see the applied changes and hit the Generate button to add text watermark to PDF.

add text watermark to PDF

For Multiple or large PDF files, this software is the best method to add text watermark to PDF. There are other methods mentioned in the next section that can be used to complete the watermark-adding process.

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How to Insert Watermark on PDF Document With Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Adobe Acrobat is a popular PDF application which provides various features and functions to use and manage PDF files. This lets users edit PDFs, convert, comment, protect, extract, print, and view PDFs among others.

Although Adobe is a subscription-based software. So many people look for another method because of its high subscription charges. Below mentioned are the steps to add text watermark to PDF documents.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro and open the PDF file to add the watermark.

2. On the main home page, click the “Tools” option and select the “Edit PDF” option.

3. Click on the “Watermark” option and select the “Add” option.

4. Now mention or load the watermark that you want to use, to reuse a watermark, use the “Saved Settings” menu and click the respective watermark.

  • To create a text watermark, click the “Text” option then enter the text in the box and format it as per your need.

5. After choosing the needful watermark options, hit the “OK” button to close the “Add Watermark” window.

Using Online Free Tool to Add Text /Image Watermark to PDF Files

When in urgent cases, users have the option to use the free tool that helps to instantly add logos on the documents. Here, the user should have a stable internet connection because the entire process is based on the internet as they will be using an online tool.

For instant results, this could be one of the best methods. However, these tools come with some drawbacks which may interrupt the process. Also, it cannot add watermarks to multiple PDF files at once. Hence this solution may not be the ideal one to use, so the above-mentioned automated software is the best thing to do.

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Q1: How to add a text or image watermark to PDF files?

For inserting text or image watermarks, you can use the Adobe Acrobat Pro application and a smart tool which makes the watermarking task easier.

Q2: Does the tool supports the version of Adobe?

The tool is compatible with Adobe 11.0 and below versions. Also, the Adobe application should be present in your system.

Q3: Does the tool has any restrictions related to file size?

No, the software does not have any file size limitations. You can insert as multiple files as you want.


People who use PDF for storing crucial data requires to add text watermark to PDF to show their authority and keep it secure. Few users may want to do it but don’t know the methods and processes involved. So, with the help of this post, we have explained some manual and automated methods which are useful for the user for simple watermark adding.