PDF Watermark Creator/Remover Tool

Add Watermark to Multiple PDF & Remove Watermark From PDF Files

Add Watermark to Adobe Reader PDF Files in Batch

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  • Add Watermark to Multiple PDF Documents in Batch
  • Create Watermark in PDF Either in Text or Images form
  • Impose any Text and Modify it by Color, Size, & Placement
  • Any Format of Image is Supported by the software
    The PDF Watermark creator supports multiple image formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc. There is no limitation on the format of images to be watermarked in the PDF files.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader is Mandatory for the Tool
  • Insert Watermark in PDF on any Platform of Windows OS versions
    PDF Watermark Generator Tool is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit) versions.
  • Shows summary report containing details of watermarked PDF files

Prominent Features of PDF Watermark Software

Add Watermark on PDF

Apply Watermark on Multiple PDFs

The Adobe PDF Watermark Creator tool enables clients to make their portable documents confidential by copyright protection. It provides an option to add watermark to multiple PDF documents all in one cycle.

2 Way to Generate Watermark on PDF

2 Ways Insert Watermark In PDF

There are following 2 ways to impose watermark over pdf:

  • Add Text Watermark: Add text watermark in PDF files
  • Add Image Watermark: Option for inserting image watermark in pdf document

Add PDF Watermark Text & Position

Create Watermark Text & Position

While adding watermark in form of text to Adobe reader PDF file, the PDF Document Watermark Creator tool permits users to stamp any kind of text on portable file. Users can also adjust the position of text watermark as per their requirement.

PDF document Watermark Text Formatting

Formatting of PDF Watermark Text

PDF Document Watermark tool provides a set of advanced settings by which users can append text in a customized manner. Different activities like adjusting size of text, its color, etc., are rendered by this product.

Adjust Image Position

Adjust Image Position to Fit it

There might be requirements of officials to insert image watermark in PDF document at a predefined location. Therefore, our software is offering a way to activate the feature of scan image for fitting it accordingly.

2 Option to Add PDF Files

Dual Options to Add PDF Files

PDF Watermark creator tool is providing following two options:

  • Add File(s): Either browse one PDF at a time or multiple PDFs in one-by-one scenario
  • Add Folder: Create a folder having all targeted PDF files and simply browse it

Steps to Insert Watermark In PDF Document via Tool

Launch PDF Watermark Creator Software
Step 1: Run PDF Watermark Generator Software
Add File Option
Step 2: Select Add File(s) or Add Folder
Watermark Option
Step 3: Choose watermark text, color, font, position
Click on Generate to apply watermark to pdf
Step 4: Click on Generate Button to Start Process

PDF Watermark Creator Specifications

PDF Watermark Creator Tool

Size: 4.3 MB Version: 1.0


Trial Limitations

Demo version of PDF Watermark Creator Software add Watermark to 5 PDF Files


Installation Uninstallation

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space

Application Prerequisites

  • If you are using Window 8.1/8/7 or Vista, then please launch the tool as "Run as Administrator".
  • Adobe Acrobat reader 11.0 or below should be present to add Watermark to PDF

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1,10 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Common FAQs

How can I insert watermark in PDF Files by this software?

Will I be able to append company name and logo as a watermark on 100 PDF files at once?

How much size of the file gets increased when we add watermark to PDF documents?

What version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for inserting image watermark in PDF document with your software?

Once I have inserted watermark in PDF document, can I remove it with the same utility after my work completion?

Is your PDF Watermark Creator utility compatible with the PC having MS Windows 10 operating system?

What are all locations provided by your software to fit image position?

What Clients Say

PDF Watermark Creator Tool Order Now

Features FREE Version FULL Version
Select Text or Image Watermark
Add PDF Files & Folder
Set Watermark Text, Size, Position, Color or Transparency
Supported Windows 10 & All Other Previous Versions
Set Image Position, Transparency
Choose Any Type of Images
Add Watermark on PDF First 5 Only
Cost FREE $11

A Perfect Solution to Remove Watermark from PDF Document

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  • Delete Watermark from Multiple PDF Files
    The PDF Watermark Remover allows the user to erase watermark from multiple PDF files at once.. They just have to select Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF fies.
  • Delete Integrated Images like Logo, Stamp, Watermark
  • Erase Watermarks from PDF Files of Adobe Acrobat Only
  • Maintain the Integrity & Quality of Output PDF Files
  • Adobe Reader 9.0 Installation is Necessary on Local System
  • Compatible with all Windows Operating System versions
    The PDF Watermark eraser tool supports Windows OS 10,8.1,8,7, vista. etc.

Special Features of PDF Watermark Remover

Remove PDF document Watermark in Batch

Erase Watermark from PDF in Batch

The FreeViewer PDF Watermark Eraser software is programmed in such a manner that it delete watermark from multiple PDF documents at once also. A user can use the Add Folder option and can add any number of PDF file directly. The tool will save all of them at the same location. However, if a user wants can delete unwanted PDF files also via Remove PDF File option.

PDF Watermark Remover generates Progress Report

Display Current Progress Report

After loading PDF documents on the software, the PDF Document Watermark Deleter will display the current on going progress summary. This status report will include all details of the removal process. For example, a name of PDF file, a location of PDF file, and Current Status. However, before starting the PDF watermark removal process, the tool will display ‘Not Started' as the default status.

Keep PDF Originality

Maintains Originality of PDF

Another impressive feature of this PDF Watermark Remover software is that it does not make any changes in the data of PDF file. It preserves the original formatting and all the restriction even after removing watermarks from the PDF file. However, a user can delete watermarks from the selected PDF files only.

Support All Adobe Acrobat Version

Compatible with Adobe Acrobat PDF

The PDF Watermark Eraser Software is developed in such a manner that it is compatible to remove watermark from Adobe Acrobat generated PDF file also. Therefore, a user can easily edit & renew the document with a newly added watermark or without the watermark at all.

Save PDF in New Folder

Create New Folder to Save File

After removing watermark from PDF document, the tool provides users an option to create a new folder from the software panel only to save the resultant PDF files. Apart from this, if a user wants, can save the resultant PDF file at any desired location on the local machine.

Compatible with All Windows

Supports All Versions of Windows

The software is capable of removing watermarks from PDF files on the Windows platform only. The PDF Watermark Remover is completely a Windows oriented application and can be run on it only. In addition, the tool is designed in such a manner that it supports all versions of the MS Windows operating system.

Steps to Remove Watermark From PDF Files
Initial PDF Watermark Eraser Tool
Step 1: Install PDF Watermark Remover Software
Add Adobe PDF File
Step 2: Click on Add File Button to Insert Files
Choose Destination
Step 3: click on Browse button to choose destination
Start Process
Step 4: click on Start button to begin the Process
PDF Watermark Remover Specifications
PDF Watermark Eraser Software

Size: 3.1 MB Version: 1.0


Free Version Limitations

Trial version of PDF Watermark Remover software allows user to get the watermark from PDF removed and replaced with Demo watermark embedded.


Installation Uninstallation

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs

How can I remove watermark from PDF files by this software?

Use below steps to erase PDF watermark:

  • Download and Run PDF Watermark Remover Software
  • Choose the PDF File from which you want to delete watermark
  • Facility to add multiple PDF files
  • Click 'Start' button to begin the process
  • Remove Image and Text watermark from PDF file

Is it necessary to have Adobe Reader installed on the local system to delete PDF file watermark?

Yes, Adobe Reader installation is necessary to erase watermark from PDF file successfully.

Can I use this PDF Watermark Eraser on Mac OS X machine also?

No, the PDF Watermark Remover tool is not compatible with Mac OS X. It is a completely Windows-based application and can be run on Windows OS only.

Does the software has any limitation on number of PDF files to remove watermark?

No, there is no such limitation imposed by the PDF Watermark Remover tool. A user can erase watermark from PDF files in batch.

Does the tool remove restrictions also from the various PDF documents?

No, the PDF Watermark Remover software delete PDF watermark only. If you want to remove restriction from PDF file, you can use our PDF Restriction Remover software.

Is it possible to remove watermark from the PDF files containing images or graph?

Yes, the software easily removes watermark from PDF file that contains images or graph.

Does the software compromise data integrity during PDF Watermark Removal process?

No, the PDF Watermark Eraser tool does not compromise with data integrity while erasing watermark from PDF files.

What Clients Say

"I used many of the software available online to remove watermarks from the PDF files but did not get a satisfactory result. Then, one day I came to know about this software and I tried it. I must say that it is exactly the PDF watermark remover software that I was looking for a long time. It removes all the watermarks from the PDF file and preserves all other images and graph maintained in PDF document. Great Tool!!"

- Daryl, Mexico

"I liked this PDF Watermark Deleter software very much as it allows me to remove watermark from PDF files in bulk also. It is an amazing utility with all required features. I am definitely going to suggest this software to my friends also. Hats off to the production for a superb application with so simple user interface. The best thing about the tool is it compatible with all Windows OS like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista even in Server 2012 & 2008."

- Wendy, Australia

I was searching for a software to erase watermark from PDF files. However, after a lot of searches, I found this PDF document watermark eraser software. Must say this tool is very efficient in deleting watermark from PDF documents in easy manner."

- Matt Jhones, Cambodia

"Completely amazed by the working of this utility. Thanks to the entire team of Freeviewer for creating such an amazing utility. This software has self-descriptive interface which makes easier for the users to perform the task. Thanks!!"

- Lawrence, South Africa
PDF Watermark Eraser Tool Order Now

Features FREE Version FULL Version
Add PDF File & Folder
Delete Watermark from Bulk PDF Documents
Remove Text & Image Watermark from PDF Documents
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Maintains PDF Data Integrity
Remove only Acrobat PDF Watermarks
Remove Watermark from PDF files Replaced with Demo watermark
Cost FREE $29

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