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Top 3 Effective Methods to Extract Multiple Pages From PDF Files

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On July 12th, 2023
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Have you ever received a huge PDF file where all you really needed was to take out a couple of pages or extract multiple pages from PDF files? Here are the solutions for extracting PDF file pages using simple and effective methods. The perfect content that you need is here.

For reading and sharing documents, Adobe PDF files are used across different devices. However, the most challenging part comes is how to manage them, especially when dealing with large files that occupy maximum space. Adding to this, page extraction from secured PDF files adds difficulty to that.

Let’s assume a case in which a user has to only get the specific ones, such as 5-10 pages or a specific range from a lengthy PDF with multiple pages. In such cases, knowing how to extract pages from a PDF file becomes invaluable. Let’s explore a neat trick to accomplish this efficiently.

Reasons – Why Does a User Need to Extract Multiple Pages From PDF?

Several legal firms require to take out vital information or data from PDF files to present them. Sometimes, multiple companies or their employees need to make a report and for reference purposes, they extract selective pages from PDF files in order to use it.

Other than that, for file management, people tend to extract & store in separate files (Topic-Wise Sorting Files). Apart from these, when dealing with secured PDF files, it becomes essential to pull out the pages which are used regularly. As users can’t always open the locked PDF file and access data easily.

Hence, they are some methods to pull pages from a PDF file, be it a normal or a password-protected file.

Finest Way to Extract Multiple Pages From PDF – Software-Oriented Solution

In case, you want to take out pages from password-protected PDF documents, then the users have the option to use the PDF Splitter Software which generates accurate and expected results. This proficient utility enables the option for users to pull out or separate PDF files into other files. Moreover, it provides multiple options to split like splitting PDFs by page, size, range, even & odd pages and each page.

A standalone tool that can easily extract multiple pages from PDF files. The multi-functional tool supports both Windows 10 OS & below and Mac OS X 10.8 & above versions.
For Page extraction, the PDF file Splitter tool can be used, and for text extraction users can go for PDF File extraction software.

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Steps to Take Out PDF Pages By Using the Software

Follow the quick steps which have been mentioned to know how to pull pages from a PDF file.

  • Download, install and run the tool in your system.

extract multiple pages from PDF

  • Mark the Split button and use Add File(s)/Folder(s)button to extract multiple pages from PDF files.

load the PDF files to extract

  • Now, check that all files are inserted and enter the password for restricted PDFs else continue the process by clicking the Next button.

preview and enter password for uploaded files

  • In the Split/Merge section apply the settings.

apply the settings available

  • Finally, choose & set the path location using the Change option and click the Split button to begin the process.

extract multiple pages from PDF

How to Pull Pages From a PDF File Using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro?

When you have to extract a few pages from PDF files manually. Then Adobe Acrobat Pro application is available which is subscription-based. Here, the user gets an option to extract pages from PDF files. Below mentioned are the steps to extract multiple pages from PDF documents.

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and press the “tool” option and press on “Organize pages”.
  • Select the pages to extract and hit the “Extract” option.
  • Mark the Extract pages as separate files option.
  • Finally hit the “Extract.” button. Select the folder path to save the output PDF file.

If the files are secured, then open the file in the Adobe Acrobat application and follow the path Tools->Protect->Encrypt->Remove Security. As the file has restrictions, type the Password. And press OK.

Free PDF File Extractor Tool is also available for users in case of having a small number of files and want to get the required pages free of cost. Adobe provides a similar extraction tool online for free. Users can simply upload files and extract multiple pages from PDF.

Get the Needful Pages From PDF File Using Google Chrome:

Users can pull out pages by using Google Chrome. Open the file in google chrome and click on the print logo and select “Save as PDF”, then select the custom option and add the range (like 2-6,8,15-17) to extract and hit the save button.

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Q1: What are the effective methods for Page extraction from PDFs?

You can use Adobe Online & offline tools, Google Chrome and the most effective software which we have discussed.

Q2: Is it secure to use the software for extracting multiple pages from PDF files?

Yes, the tool is very much secure when extracting PDF pages. You can trust the software which

Q3: Does the tool helps to extract the pages from secured PDF files?

Yes, the tool not only extracts pages from large PDF files but also helps the get the pages from restricted PDF files.


Through this post, we have explained and learned how to extract multiple pages from PDF documents. Here, have discussed some reasons followed by the methods to take out pages from a PDF file in an easier way. With the help of an automated tool and a manual method using the Adobe Acrobat application. We have mentioned the detailed steps to use both methods to pull pages from a PDF file.



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