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Recover a Corrupted PDF File – Explained Effective Solutions

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Published On January 19th, 2023
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For many of us, using and distributing files with others requires the use of the PDF file format. It is extensively used, extremely compatible, and always displays the same manner regardless of platform. High levels of data encryption can also be used to protect PDF files. The integrity of PDF files can, however, be compromised by external threats because PDF files are considered to be corrupted in certain situations. As a result, users could occasionally get an error notice while processing the documents, such as – “Cannot open the PDF” or “An error occurred while opening this document. So, through this article, we will discuss some effective methods to recover a corrupted PDF file and access your crucial data easily.

Circumstances Under Which Files Become Damaged or Corrupted?

When a PDF file becomes corrupt, there could be a number of causes. The following is a list of some of the reasons why the PDF became corrupted followed by the methods that can be used to fix corrupted PDF document.

  • If the download is interrupted, the file may become corrupted when downloading a PDF file. Internet connection instability.
  • A machine with malware and viruses on it can have an impact on the PDF file.
  • turning down the computer improperly while the PDF file is open.
  • while moving the file between computers or platforms.
  • if the PDF file was produced or accessed using incompatible software.

Most Effective Solution to Recover a Corrupted PDF File

The simplest business-friendly PDF Recovery Tool that fixes corrupted PDF files and aids users in data recovery. With no data loss, this utility recovers a whole PDF file. Additionally, users can easily fix and recover the texts & images from multiple files.

This tool supports PDF 2.0 and the below versions. Moreover, this batch file recovery software is made to use on both Mac and Windows OS. If you are unable to open damaged PDF file, then use this tool to restore multiple files’ data from PDF.

Guided Steps Explained to Recover a Corrupted PDF File

  • Firstly, download the software and launch it to repair files.

recover a corrupted PDF file

  • Use the Load Files option to add the files. Then an Auto scanning process will be started.

auto scanning process

  • The next step will showcase all the PDF databases. After viewing, select the Save button to save the healthy PDF file.

recover a corrupted PDF file

Use Conventional Approaches to Fix corrupted PDF Document

Below listed are some common methods that can be used to repair Adobe PDF files.

  1. Download Online: The user needs to download the file again from a genuine or original source and check for the issue that occurred. Sometimes, a problem occurs during the downloading time. Hence, the file gets damaged.
  2. Use different PDF Viewers: Sometimes the file does not open on Adobe Acrobat’s default reader utilities. So as an alternative option users can use other PDF Reader utilities to access it.
  3. Adobe Reader Update/Reinstallation: Here, the user can try to uninstall the Adobe Acrobat reader application and again install the same to get a new version. Or if an update is available. Sometimes a bug occurs which creates an issue while opening the file.

Still having the same issue after applying all the above-mentioned methods? Then we suggest using the automated solution which we have explained in the beginning to recover a corrupted PDF file in the most effective way.

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PDF is one of the most useful file formats widely used for businesses and others. However, at times, due to some reasons, the PDF files get damaged, and it becomes difficult to retain or restore the data. Hence, we have discussed a few solutions which can be used to recover a corrupted PDF file. Some manual methods have been explained that can be used. If those methods don’t bring any positive results for users, then they can go for the automated solution which helps to restore all the lost data in less time.



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