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Compress PDF Document Size Without Losing The Quality

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Published On January 17th, 2023
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How can I compress PDF document size so that I can store or share them via email easily? The same question is asked frequently by users when a PDF document is too large. Anyone can enter into this situation when dealing with heavy files”. Email providers allow adding attachments to send through an email with a fixed size(25MB) & it varies depending upon the email providers. So, what are the ways to resize the PDF files attached to emails? In this article, we will showcase some possible solutions.

Because of high-quality data the PDF becomes heavy and its size reaches to hundreds of MB. These files not only take up a lot of space on your hard drive, but you also face many problems when trying to share these files via email.

Thankfully, you can make PDF file smaller in size by decreasing them using some available tools for online and offline use.

Let’s start with the resources that are available to compress PDF document size

1: Online Free ToolTo Resize the PDF Files

One can use this Free Online tool called Adobe PDF Compressor, a well-known tool provided online to reduce the size of Adobe PDF files. This tool can be considered when on an urgent basis you have a file and need to shrink size of a PDF file. This free online application is best to use and can resize in less time.

  1. Go to the Adobe PDF compressor website & upload or drag and drop the files.
  2. Then the compressing process gets initiated by itself when the file uploading is done
  3. After the process finishes, download and use to share or shore.

Note – The user can only compress 1 file at a time, and it does not make locked PDF files smaller, the user will need to enter the password.

2: Using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro to Compress PDF Document Size

This can be a quick solution for resizing the file to make it smaller in size. Though it’s a subscription-based application. To make PDF file smaller in size, then go through the steps mentioned below.

  1. On the system open Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and open the PDF file which you want to shrink
  2. Now, in the main navigation bar click “Tools” and locate “Optimize PDF“, then click on “Optimize PDF“-> “Reduce File Size” or “Advanced Optimization”.
  3. Use the settings to resize the PDF file. Then press the “OK” button below to complete the shrinkage process.

Note – During the decreasing PDF size process, initially the user will need to remove the securities in case of Secured files. Also, it will execute the entire compression process at a time.

 3: The Perfect Solution to Compress PDF Document Size is less time

If you don’t want to compromise with your crucial files and don’t have the Adobe professional version, then you go for the PDF File Compressor Software. This tool can batch-compress PDF files by taking less time. Other than this, users get an option to even extract the Texts and Images from PDF files. This standalone utility which comes with two facilities is available for Windows OS.

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To test out this tool, the “Free Demo Version” is available to explore the software and its features.

Following are the steps explained to make PDF file smaller in size.

1: For compressing multiple PDF files Download the utility and run it.

2: With help of Add File(s) and Add Folder(s) options to insert PDF files.

adding PDF files to compress

3: After inserting files, check or use the Change option to set the path for saving the resultant file.

4: In the next step, under the Compress option, press the Advanced settings. For compressing image files, set the Quality and Level.

5: Go through the applied settings and hit the Start button to compress PDF document size.

compress pdf document size

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Nowadays, jobs like that where a persons need to use PDF files for multiple purposes and with that, using the PDF file to store heavy data makes it difficult to again open/share them. Hence, it requires to compress PDF document size. To do that, we have explained a few manual methods and a professional solution which helps to make PDF file smaller in size.



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