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Extract Bookmarked Pages From PDF Files Using Windows & Mac

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Published On January 13th, 2023
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It could be challenging to recall and locate where you last left off in a PDF file with numerous chapters and a lot of content. Or what pages are required to be used? Adding bookmarks to the pages or text to avoid repeatedly scrolling through the entire document. However, people across the world using PDFs sometimes struggle to extract bookmarked pages from PDF for their business or personal purposes.

Hence, with the help of this post, we will make you understand how a user can easily get bookmarked pages from normal or encrypted Adobe PDF documents using Windows or Mac OS.

Let us get straight into the solution to extract PDF pages with bookmarks – Automated and Manual Methods.

Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF Using the Professional Methods

When it comes to the extraction of marked PDF pages from multiple files, the process might start looking difficult. However, the PDF Data Extractor Tool manages with ease. Being automated software, it accomplishes the process in less time without causing any issues.

Also, it provides accurate results. Apart from this the tool not only gives the option to take out bookmarks but allows the extraction of text, hyperlinks, Comments, Metadata, and Rich Media from PDFs. Moreover, it can extract PNG images from PDF and other types of images also. Supports extracting data from restricted PDF files and does not apply any file size limits, it maintains folder tree and formatting.  With all these highlighted features this utility is available for both Mac OS and Windows OS.

Tools Steps to Take Out the Marked Pages From Abode PDF

  • Get the tool and download it to extract bookmarked pages from PDF.

Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF

  • Select the Add Files/Add Folders for inserting PDF files.

inserting PDF file to extract

  • By using the Change option set the destination to save the extracted PDF files.

set the location to save extracted files

  • Moving Ahead, select the Bookmark option in the Extract section and use the filters.

choose bookmarked option to extract

  • Finally, press the  Extract button to Extract bookmarked pages from PDF.

Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF

Manual Approach to Extract PDF Pages With Bookmarks

  • Open the Adobe application, and follow the steps Plug-ins -> Split Documents- > Extract Bookmarked Pages to open the “Extract Bookmarked Pages” tool.
  • An option will already be marked by default “Use all bookmarks from the document to extract pages”. Then click on the “OK” button to begin the process.
  • A report box will display showing the number of pages extracted. Press “OK” again to close it.
  • After the process completion check the extracted pages in a newly created PDF and save it.

This way a user will be able to Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF. Though it will not be an ideal solution when dealing with large/multiple PDF files.

Extract PDF Pages with Bookmarks Using Preview on Mac

On a Mac, Preview is a built-in picture and PDF viewer. This tool helps in managing and manipulating PDF files quickly. It gives you the free ability to combine, separate, secure, and add bookmarks to PDF files.

Let’s see how we can use the Preview to take out bookmarked PDF pages.

Step 1: Launch the Preview app on Mac and open the PDF files, then select the scroll to a page.

Step 2: Then use the Tools option in the menu bar and press the Add Bookmark in the drop-down menu.

So, in a few simple steps, users can easily be able to extract PDF pages with bookmarks.

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By using professional software, it becomes easier to Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF. However, for the small use cases, people can use the Above mentioned manual methods (Using Adobe Acrobat). Also, we have mentioned the solution for Mac users. With that, we have also discussed the automated tool steps to make it an easy process. So, go ahead and select the most suitable method.



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