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How to Recover Access Database Password?

Published By Mohit Jha
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Published On October 5th, 2023
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Sometimes users want to recover Access database password if they forget its password. MS Access is an application that facilitates functionality to keep database safe and secure. Users can set a complex or multilingual password to protect their Access database. However, many Access users are utilizing this utility and make their Access database MDB file secure.

But often, users don’t remember their Access database password due to complexity. In this situation, they become unable to open password protected Access database. At times, users start finding an instant solution to retrieve forgotten Access database password.

This blog post describes 2 best practices to recover MS Access database passwords to let’s read it continuously till the end to resolve your query.

Table of Contents – Easy to Find

  1. When Do Users Retrieve Access Database Password?
  2. 5 Step Guide to Recover Access Database Password
  3. Technique 1: Retrieve MS Access Database Password Using VBA
  4. Technique 2: Recover Access DB Password Using Software
  5. Time to Conclude
  6. Any Question! Get Answer Now

When Do Users Retrieve Access Database Password?

Users often encrypt Access database with a complex and multilingual password and forget the password. Even when they try to access their database (ACCDB or MDB) using a random password, then a valid password error shows. If you see a password error, then you need to recover the forgotten Access database password.

Not a valid password

Sometimes users want to retrieve MS Access database password anyhow. They want complete access to use, edit, and modify Access database. If you are facing the same type of issues, then resolve this query with easy steps.

5 Step Guide to Recover Access Database Password

  1. Configure and launch FreeViewer Tool.
  2. Add Access MDB database in software.
  3. View and analyze MS Access database.
  4. Click Recover to retrieve lost password.
  5. See Access database password restored.

Note: Anyone can complete these simple steps to recover Access database password. If you understand the solution, then you can stop reading this article. If you want to learn more about the solution, then continue to read it.

Technique 1: Retrieve MS Access Database Password Using VBA

  1. Start the Microsoft Access program on your machine.
  2. Create a new database in MS Access and Open it.
  3. Now press the Alt+F11 keys to open Visual Basic Editor.
  4. Thereafter, select Insert and click the Module button.
  5. Type the below code in the module as shown in the figure.
    VBA code
  6. After that run Macro and press the F5 key to unlock MS Access database.

Manual Method Limitations

  • This is a very complex task that requires technical knowledge of VBA codes and scripts.
  • Recovering multilingual or lengthy passwords can be time-consuming and may not always succeed.
  • There is a risk of data loss or corruption during the password retrieval process if not executed correctly.
  • This technique does not guarantee successful password retrieval, especially for highly secure or encrypted databases.

Technique 2: Recover Access DB Password Using Software

We have an efficient solution named MDB Password Recovery Tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily resolve your issues such as how to recover forgotten MS Access database password. This software can decrypt any kind of password like multilingual, complex, ANSI, UNICODE, etc., without any hassle. This software has come up with an understandable and user-friendly interface. So, a non-technical user can also implement the password recovery procedure without any external assistance.

However, it can be installed on any Windows machine. Because it is not associated with compatibility issues. It extensively supports all advanced and below versions of Windows Operating System. Despite this, it also consists of some more reliable features and functionality. Conclusively, we also mention some simple steps to implement the recovery procedure using this amazing utility.

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How to Recover Access Database Password?

Below here, we are going to reveal the steps to recover lost or forgotten password of Access MDB databases. Mainly, we have discussed all the instructions adequately. You just have to follow all of them sequentially, to get the expected results. Let’s get started:

  1. First, install and run the efficient tool on your local machine.
    Install and run software
  2. Use the Add Files or Add Folders button to add password-protected Access MDB files.
    Add Access database
  3. Then, opt for the desired MDB file from its relevant location, and hit on Open button.
    Click Open button
  4. See MS Access database information in the software GUI and select it.
    Select database to recover Access password
  5. Click the Recover button to start retrieving MS Access database password.
    Recover Access database password
  6. The process to recover Access database password has been finished.
    Recover process completed
  7. Click the Copy Password button and use it to decode Access database password.
    Retrieve Access database password

Time to Conclude

Here, in this blog, we emphasized the perfect approach to resolve how to recover Access database password after forgetting it. Mainly, we already know, many users are searching for a free solution for the same. But there is no effective manual solution to retrieve Access database password. However, if you have expert-level knowledge then you can use VBA codes.

This can be perfectly possible by using a third-party application as mentioned above. So, in the above segment, we have explained the proficient utility to recover Access DB password. Thus, go thoroughly to the entire post to learn more about this topic.

Any Question! Get Answer Now

Q) Can I recover the forgotten Access database password?

Yes, we have explained 2 techniques that can retrieve forgotten Access database password.

Q) Does your software support Access ACCDB databases?

No, our software is compatible to recover Access MDB database password yet. But in upcoming releases, this software will surely support ACCDB databases.

Q) Can I use your software on the latest Windows 11 OS?

Yes, this software is compatible with the latest Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, and previous versions.



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