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Learn What is MOBI File Format & Explore MobiPocket eBook

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: November 18th, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading

What is MOBI file Extension

The most commonly used file format i.e. .mobi that contains digital eBooks and might be saved in Mobipocket binary eBook file format. One such file format that is Open eBook Publication format used for eBook distribution and also supports standard HTML. However, .mobi files must consist DRM copyright protection feature which helps to prevent unauthorized users from copying an eBook in the MOBI file extension. The most widely used file extension that is distributed over Amazon Kindle, mobile devices, and PDAs.

MOBI file format is suited for little screens and also, it can include a dictionary. In addition, the file type is highly designed by a French eBook company such as Mobipocket is an eBook format. As the name conveys, it is mainly used in smartphones which have low bandwidth because MOBI file has included multiple components like bookmarking, javascript, frames and adding notes. Mobipocket has been owned by Amazon even the Kindle devices also created by Amazon that use the MOBI structure but with different DRM scheme. It is a cross-platform file format which has few file formats such as .prc file extension instead of .mobi file format.

Specifications of Mobipocket eBook File

Developer Amazon
Free Programs Stanza Desktop, Calibre, Mobi File Reader and Okular
MIME Type application / x-mobipocket-ebook
Product MobiPocket Reader

Features of MOBI File Extension

MOBI is an eBook file format used by many electronic documents and it provides multiple features to a user as compared to others and those are mentioned below:

Maintaining The Original Format

The MOBI file that retains the presentation of the content as in an original manner at any output device. Also, .mobi file extension easily able to display the reflowable content as compared to other file formats. It must be resized depending upon the original format of the content.

Option Controls Advance Level Navigation

MOBI file format kindle has provided one major feature such as advanced level navigation controls. It means it permits users to arrange the word/icon as per their preference. Therefore, multiple users can easily access it.

Supports High Degree Compression and Indexing

It has supported a high degree of compression without any data loss. This feature accepts MOBI file format compatible with multiple electronic devices. On more utility has provided by .mobi file extension is indexing. An Easiest way to access any file randomly, by arranging and organizing them.

Accept Users To Add Pages

MOBI file format kindle allows the reader of the electronic document using .mobi extension adding their own pages to the particular document if they required. It is an all-rounder feature that is given by the MOBI file.

Options Available To Bookmark The Page

MOBI file renders an option to bookmark any page that a user wants to appear in the entire document. Page Bookmarking plays an important role that allows a user to add a particular page in its favourite list and easily navigate them in future reference.

How To Explore MOBI File Extension

MOBI file is created by Mobipocket, which is developed by Amazon. Therefore, here the solution to explore .mobi file in Kindle is discussed below. Let’s discuss some points such as:

  • Make sure downloading the zip file and then, unzip it
  • Now, right click on the unzip .mobi file and choose the ‘Extract all’ tab
  • Next, attach the path, where a user wants to extract the particular files
  • After saved .mobi files, then, Install Kindle application for users Desktop
  • After that, point out the .mobi file that a user wants to explore and select the option Open with
  • Tap on Kindle for PC to display the files on a system.

You can easily explore MOBI file with MOBI File Browser and save it into PDF and EPUB format by MOBI Exporter Utility.


The .mobi file is one of the significant file formats that is used for eBook publishing by Mobipocket. MOBI file extension can be easily accessed by most of the available free software. Moreover, Understanding the various aspects of .mobi file format, we have presented the entire information to let the users understand what is MOBI file extension and its specification details. Also, we have discussed its advanced features & how to explore MOBI File in Kindle.