A Free Utility to Open And Read MOBI File On PC

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Features of MOBI File Reader

Free MOBI Reader

Overview of MOBI Viewer

  • Tool to open kindle MOBI files on PC and read it
  • Displays MOBI file header to analyze the ebook
  • Load entire content of MOBI file in its window
  • Enable users to read MOBI files on Windows
  • MOBI Viewer interface is simple and easy-to-use
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & below
  • Independent utility to view MOBI files on PC

Open MOBI File

Read MOBI File On PC

MOBI reader tool is a fast and absolutely free utility to access MOBI files on Windows 10 and earlier editions. A user can zoom in and zoom out the displayed page from software panel itself by clicking on the buttons provided with our software. A user can open MOBI file of any size in this free viewer without facing any complications.

View Header

Load Details of MOBI File

After browsing Kindle MOBI file in this MOBI viewer, software will display header description of source MOBI file. The tool will try its best to extract and load all information related to MOBI file header. The information comprises of Author Name, Updated Title, Publisher, Imprint, Subject, Published Date, Contributor, Rights, ASIN, and Source of the MOBI file.

Graphical User Interface

Easy-to-Operate Graphical User Interface

The developers of Mobipocket reader had designed the application in very simplified manner. There is no need of any additional training to use this product because it is planned and developed with very few amount of technicalities. Moreover, a file is loaded in MOBI viewer tool without harming its original structure and file format of source file.

Displays All Pages

Displays All Pages of MOBI File

Mobipocket viewer is capable of showing complete pages of MOBI file. You can view pages one-by-one without experiencing any kind of interruption while reading electronic book. In addition, you will also be able to see images, tables, or any other objects used in the content with help of MOBI reader. The software is easily compatible with all latest version of Windows operating system.

Steps to Read MOBI File On PC With MOBI File Viewer

Frequently Asked Question

Will I be able to open Kindle files on PC with help of MOBI viewer?

My MOBI file has gone corrupted due to improper file transmission and presently an urgent need for reading this file has occurred. Will your software support such file?

When I am trying to open MOBI file on PC, I face an error message i.e., Kindle MOBI files not showing. Will your tool resolve such errors related to MOBI file?

Will I be able to view MOBI file on Android with this free utility?
I am having MOBI file of 1.3 GB size. Will your freeware support ebook file of this size?
What Clients Say

"I was in search for a simple app which provide me facility to read MOBI files on PC and this software did the same. Easily open & read any type of eBook file format in Windows Operating Systems. I would proudly like to title this application as best MOBI reader for Windows. Headoff to the developers who initiated such product. Thank you for the perfectly developed eBook reader software."

- Erin Guerrero, Paris

"I was facing one or the other problems in transferring MOBI files to Kindle. Therefore, it was becoming difficult for me to view MOBI file on Kindle. I started searching for some other free app that enable me to read ebook without any hassle and then I came across this product. This was the application that I want. Seriously, its very easy to read ebooks for free with this MOBI viewer."

- Francis Armstrong, Germany

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