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How to Import Excel Contacts to AOL Mail Easily?

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Published On February 14th, 2023
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There are many people who want to import Excel contacts to AOL Mail. But some of them are looking for a better solution. So, in this article we will show you a solution for all those users who still want to export Excel sheets to AOL. Then, continue reading this blog Post to learn more.

In today’s world of technology, everything is connected to the Internet. Hence, it is easy to find a solution to any problem. That’s why we prefer the cloud to store our data, emails, documents, files and contacts. But when we need to export contacts from the cloud to a local machine, there are various reasons.

Microsoft Excel is one of them. It is the first choice for customers to manage data. If you’re doing things manually, Excel provides an easy way to organize your list of email addresses, the body of the email, and so on..

On the other hand,  AOL Mail is an email service provided by AOL Inc. This is a web-based service that provides access to online email services. It has its own features and benefits that set it apart from other email services. The most important feature of the AOL profile is that it offers unlimited storage space for your emails, photos, files and contacts.

Reason to Import Excel Contacts to AOL Mail

  • AOL Mail is free for everyone! Use it as your one-stop contact platform for everything including world-class spam and virus security.
  • An all-in-one experience for email, IM, browsing, content, and dial-up connections.
  • Detects viruses, errors and fix problems that can slow down your computer with a fast and free PC scan.
  • AOL messages, the day’s news, and the best videos load fast on your newest smartphones and tablets.

How to Transfer Excel Spreadsheet File to AOL?

Basically, this process is divided into two steps. Because AOL accounts only support contacts saved in CSV file format, not vCard. Therefore, initially the Excel file needs to be converted to CSV. Later, it will be imported to the AOL account. Now, do the same with the following instructions.

Expert Suggested Solution to Import Excel Spreadsheet to AOL Account

There is no manual to convert data directly from .xls files to CSV format. Therefore, you must use automation software. However, with so many apps available in the market, choosing the best one becomes more complicated. So, to solve this situation, here we recommend using Dynamic Excel Contacts Converter Tool to convert or import Excel to AOL compatible file format i.e. CSV.

In addition, this program offers a simple graphical user interface. With this program, an unlimited number of contacts can be imported into one account without difficulty. Also, this amazing program includes many other advanced features. This is a task that can be completed in a few simple steps. In addition, for the convenience of consumers, we also offer a free trial version. Evaluating this tool is easy and free version. Also, it allows you to convert data into CSV file format.

Step by Step Guide to Import Excel Contacts to AOL Mail

Below we will demonstrate the entire process using the software. So check it out.

Step 1: Convert Excel to AOL Compatible Format

  • After Downloading, run the solution and click the “Browse” tab

Add Excel File

  • The program will preview the upload of the selected Excel file on the software panel

Preview all Excel file

  • Pick the Export tab and choose CSV as the option

Select the CVS FILE

  • Choose where you want the results and click Export to start the conversion process

  • You can see the real-time working status on the software screen.

Step 2: Import CSV File to AOL Account

  • Log in to your AOL Mail Account 
  • Click on the “Contacts” option
  • Now, under the “Contacts” tab, select “Other” and click on the “Exportoption
  • Select CSV file to export
  • Choose “Export” options to start the process

What Makes the Software the Best?

  • Batch Conversion: The best professional software is capable of converting multiple Excel files to CSV format at the same time using batch conversion.
  • Preview Feature: With this application, you can study your Excel contact file data in detail before converting it to CSV  format.
  • Select Departure Location: Furthermore, the utility allows the user to select the desired destination route. This feature is very useful for easy access and management of the resulting output.
  • Support Multiple Savings: With this app, it is very easy to convert Excel to HTML, vCard, MSG, PDF and other formats
  • Standalone Application: This utility is a completely standalone application. You don’t need to install a compatible application to export xls contacts file to CSV format.
  • User Friendly Interface: This powerful utility has a very simple graphical user interface. Both technical/ non-technical users can simply operate this app.
  • Preserve All Properties: When converting a file, the application preserves all properties. You are sure to get accurate results with a few simple steps.

So There You Have It

There are many users looking for a solution for the same query ie. how to import excel contacts to AOL? Therefore, we suggest this editorial considering the user’s need to solve the problem. Here is a simple and cost-effective technique for importing contact lists from an Excel file to AOL. The above method of exporting contacts to Excel is safe as it does not require much technical knowledge to do it.



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