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Import Contacts From Excel to Android Phone Using Some Ingenious Ways

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: July 19th, 2022 | 6 Minutes Reading

In this digital era, smartphones are ruling our lives and almost users are using mobile devices that are running on Android Operating System. Well, smartphones are actually important to establish communication, however, without contact information of individuals, it is completely impossible to do so. Today, several professionals manage all their contact information such as name of the person, email address, home/business address, image etc., in Excel files. It is so because these files are convenient to store a large amount of data. Then, why users need to import contacts from Excel to Android Phones? 


In order to answer such questions, we have come up with this technical guide. So, if you are one among those users who save their contact information in Excel sheets and now need to import contacts from Excel file to Android phone then, you are on the right-solution page. Here, you will get complete detail along with all possible and simple solutions to execute this task in an efficient manner. So, let us get started now.


How to Move Contacts from Excel File to Android?

Transfer Excel contacts to Android is not an easy task because we cannot directly import Excel file into our Android devices. It is so because Android mobile phones support vCard aka.vcf file format to import and access contacts. Hence, first, we have to convert the Excel contacts to vCard file format to make it accessible and readable for the Android phone. Only after that, import operation can be performed.

Note: vCard is an electronic business card that incorporates all the details about contacts. It is compatible with almost all email client applications, web services, cloud services, devices, etc.

Import Contacts From Excel to Android Phone Manually

The complete manual process to transfer Excel contacts to Android smartphone, is divided into four major steps. It is recommended to execute the steps sequentially and carefully.

Step 1. Convert Excel File into CSV

  • Open the Excel workbook (XLS/ XLSX) on your computer to which you need to convert into CSV file format
  • Hit Office icon and choose Save As >> Other Formats
  • Browse a location to save new CSV file and enter a name for this (optional). Now, select Save as type: CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) option and click Save
  • A message will be displayed if the selected workbook comprises multiple Excel sheets. Hit OK button to save only the active sheet
  • One more wizard will be come out on your screen and click Yes to save the selected workbook in the same format

Step 2. Extract Contacts from CSV

After converting Excel workbook into CSV file format, you need to import the contacts from this CSV file. Below are the steps for same:

  • On your computer, hit Windows logo button and type contacts in Search Box. Click Contacts option under Programs list
  • The Contacts wizard will be opened on your screen. In order to import the contacts from CSV file, select Import tab
  • In ‘Import to Windows Contacts’ pop-up, select CSV (Comma Separated Values) from the menu list and hit Import button to continue further
  • Next, add the CSV file to import. Click on Browse to locate the file
  • Choose the CSV file from which from want to import the contacts to your computer. Click Open
  • The selected CSV will be listed in the edit box. Click on Next to continue
  • All the text along with contacts fields will be shown here. Now, map them appropriately. For instance, click on the Name of the Employee field
  • Select contact field from here. For instance, choose Name field if you have chosen Name of the Employee. Hit OK button
  • Map all fields in the same manner. Once the mapping of contacts fields and text is done, click Finish to begin the import process

Step 3. Export Contacts into vCard

After importing all the contacts from the CSV file to your Windows computer, you can simply export them into new vCard files. This is the last step to completing the process to import contacts from Excel to Android Phone. In this step, you have to convert Excel files to vCard format. Converting Excel to vCard is a lengthy process, we are here to provide you with the best technique to convert files into vCard format. Excel to vCard converter


  • Install & open the software. Click Add file to select Files. 

  • Select vCard Verison as per your need.

  •  Click the Change button to provide the location. 

  • Click Convert and complete the conversion process. 

Step 4. Import vCard to Android Phone

Now, you have a vCard to which you can simply  import contacts from Excel to Android phone with the help of following guidelines:

  • Connect your smartphone with your computer and configure it properly. Select all VCF contacts and hit right click on it. Highlight Send To option to move address book to your device and from the option list select your device name
  • Now, disconnect the USB Cable from computer and open contacts in your phone. Click Setting and select Manage Contacts
  • Choose Import / Export option
  • After this, select Import vCard Files (VCF) from.. and hit Import button
  • Navigate to the location to import contacts from Excel to Android
  • Select the VCF contacts files. Click Done
  • Browse a destination location, where you need to save the resultant VCF Files. Tap the Phone option
  • Now, simply access the imported contacts from your contact list

Time to Wrap Up

Most of the computer users utilize Excel workbooks to store their contacts information for a long time. Sometimes due to personal or professional reasons, users may require to transfer Excel contacts to Android smartphones. Hence, in this article we have focused on some simple techniques to import contacts from Excel to Android Phone. Now, users can opt any solution as per their necessities.