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How to Unlock a Protected PDF File Without Providing a Password

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: 2020-02-27T18:40:32+05:30 | 4 Minutes Reading
unlock a protected pdf file

At times, peoples are unable to open or update the PDF file due to its security purpose. This happens due to the file is locked with a password. But in case of a user, what should do to perform those actions? Unless and until you unlock the PDF file, you will not able to do any actions. Hence, Read this blog as we described an appropriate trick for how to unlock a protected PDF file.

User Query:

Hi, all of you!!! I have downloaded a PDF file from the web. To print the document, when I clicked on the Print option, the button was disabled. After searching from the net, I found that the file is having printing restrictions. This file is important to me for printing. So can anyone suggest me the best solution to unlock a password protected PDF file for printing? Please help!!!”

PDF is the most frequently used file format that preserves formatting. It is highly essential because of its security purpose. If a PDF file is secured with a password to restrict others for viewing the document, then this password is known as a user password. Users can’t open/view the document without providing the right password. If a PDF file is locked with a password that restricts others to do any modification, then this password is known as owner password. However, keeping a PDF file with a password for security is a good act to protect your confidential document. But in some cases, a user needs to remove security to make some updates as per need. For this, In the below section, we have focused on the best alternative to remove security.

Reasons for How to Unlock a Protected PDF File

Reason #1: If you need to update the existing PDF file and you are unable to edit the content of that document. Therefore, in such a case, to edit the document, you have to remove the permission password from the file.

Reason #2: In case, you forgot the permission password of a document and when you open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro to print , you are unable to print. Because Adobe asks for a permission password to make any changes to the content of a file. So anyone suggest me a relevant solution to remove printing restriction from PDF.

The Best Solution Unlock a Password Protected PDF Document

PDF Security Unlocker is an automated solution to remove security from the PDF file. This tool supports removing both types of restriction passwords such as owner level and user level password. This tool also unsecure PDF files by removing copying/editing/printing/etc restrictions efficiently. With the help of this utility, you can remove comment/sign/document assembly restrictions easily. This software can unlock password-protected PDF files without a password.


Steps to Remove Security from a PDF File

To eliminate restrictions from a PDF file, you have to download and install the software in your system.

Step 1: Click on the Unlock option

Step 2: Next, click on the Browse to select a PDF to remove security

Step 3: The tool generates a preview about the Permission Status of the currently loaded file

Step 4: Then, click on Browse to select a destination location to store the resultant PDF file

Step 5: Now, Click on the Unlock PDF button

Note: After that, a pop-up window will display to Enter the Password as to unlock a user password protected PDF file

Step 6: As soon as the file is Unlocked, a pop up box will prompt to click on OK to proceed further

Note: After the successful completion of the unlocking process, this tool draws the comparison of the file restriction before and after unlocking a PDF file.

Important Note:

There are several online solutions available to unlock a protected PDF file. Some are designed to remove known user level security but can’t delete the owner level password. Also, most of the tool asks for the enter permission restriction passwords to remove owner level security from a file. Therefore, the above-explained tool will be beneficial for the users to remove restrictions as compare to the online utility. The software described here is a desktop based application that eliminates both user-level and owner level passwords from a PDF file. The tool also maintains the security and integrity of your confidential document.


PDF is the most commonly used file format due to its security purpose. But this security creates some issues when a user wants to make some modifications to the content of a PDF file. Hence, This blog comes up with a perfect solution for how to unlock a protected PDF file without losing time. To know the full process of unlocking, you have to go through the above-explained step-by-step guideline.