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How to Merge Multiple Archive PST Files? – Step by Step Manual Guide

Almost all Outlook users have thousands of PST files that are very difficult to manage in a simple manner. Sometimes, users are exposed to data corruption, accidental deletion, improper data management, and performance issues with Outlook due to a large number of PST data files. To organize and manage multiple PST files, it is a good idea to merge them into a single file. In today’s write up, we will discuss one of the most successful and best ways to merge multiple archive PST files into one file. Read on and find the right solution.

If the Outlook mailbox is large, users can move old items to an archive, a separate Outlook data file (.pst), which you can open at any time from Outlook. Now, users have multiple archive files and need to combine PST archive files into a single one. It is easy to archive items, but how to merge PST files which are in an archive folder, this is the big question for users. In the following section, we are going to explain the whole process of how to combine multiple archive .pst files.

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Why Merging PST Files is Beneficial?

It is complicated to manage multiple PST files. However, merging multiple PST files into one is the best option to handle. Here are some benefits for merging PST:

Method to Merge Multiple Archive PST Files

In order to merge archive PST files, it is recommended to create a new PST file and then import all archive PST files into the newly created file. Perform the below w steps to complete this task.

Part 1: Create a Blank New PST File in Outlook

Part 2: Import All Archive Files Into Newly Created Blank PST File

This is the free manual process that can be performed to merge archive PST files to other PST files.

Are There any Limitations With Manual Method?

Yes, the manual process has some limitations. The whole process is very time-taking and tedious. You must repeat the import method to accomplish the process to combine PST archive files. With this method, there is a possibility that data may be lost or damaged.

Instant Method to Merge Multiple Archive PST Files

If you want to quick way to combine multiple archive .pst files must go with the Outlook PST Merge Tool. This is an advanced utility that provides the facility to merge 2 outlook archive files into one, as well as support to merge multiple archives without file size and data loss problems. You can download the tool for free to test its effectiveness. The best thing about this software is that it comes with a simple and friendly interface that is helpful even for non-professional users.

Download PST Merge Buy Now

The application provides multiple features and benefits. Some of the highlighted features are-

Steps to Combine PST Archive Files Securely & Effortlessly

Step 1. Download and start the software. Add PST files or folder to merge multiple archive PST files

Step 2. Select Merge option from the list

Step 3. Next, check the “Split PST”, “Remove Duplicates” and “Exclude Deleted Items” option as per your choice

Step 4. Now, browse the location where you want to save the output.

Step 5. Click the Merge PST Files button to begin the process.

This is the simplest way to merge archive PST files quickly without having to worry about the size and original data formatting.


Creating archive files is useful, but managing these files is a very complicated and hectic task. To simplify this, merge archive PST files is the best solution to manage all the files in one place. Here we have explained the manual and automated method to merge multiple archive PST files. So, you can choose any method that meets all your needs. Make sure you use a safe and simple solution that will not affect your data.