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Solving The Issue Of Apple Mail Keeps Asking For Gmail Password

Raj | Modified: July 19th, 2022 | 4 Minutes Reading

Have you ever tried to use your Gmail account with Mac mail? As you may have noticed that Apple Mail keeps asking for Gmail password even after this you have entered it when adding the email account. Well, in this blog, we have come up with the easiest way to resolve this issue along for all possible reasons.

Responsible Factors Behind This Issue

There are many possible reasons due to which Mac mail constantly asking for Gmail password. Some of them are given below:

Reason 1: Apple Mail Keeps Asking For Gmail Password

You are probably updated your Google account password but forgot to update it on Mac Mail.

Sometimes, Apple Mail will display the old emails in Gmail, but when connection established to the server, it becomes fail. At that time, it will ask for password again and again. You will notice that it does not know the password has been changed. Just know that it can not get into the server.

Reason 2: Mail Mail Constantly Asking For Gmail Password

For security reasons, your email provider sometimes blocks third parties from getting into the servers.

This will happen due to some causes that you may not even know. It is just for added security. Sometimes, the email service provider may think of an “entity” requesting permission are getting into the servers that indicate it is not authentic even if you are using Apple Mail.

This has nothing to do with Mac Apple Mail itself but rather countless factors included while signing in. If a client will ask for the password constantly because of many security reasons, then, it will go away after several attempts.

Reason 3: Apple Mail Keeps Asking For Gmail Password

One of the most frustrating causes of this problem is Google Two-step verification. This issue occurs only when you are not aware of it.

Google had an extra layer of security, that require entering a one-time password that can be sent to your mobile phone after trying to sign in. If you turn on two-step verification, Mac Mail will not be able to sign-in and keeps asking for password verification.

It is so irritating because it will never show an actual problem. If you turn on this feature then, you have either turn off or get an application specific password that Gmail offers.

Manual Tricks to Get the Application Password

Go through the following steps to get the application password correctly:

Step 1: First, navigate to the App Password Page

Step 2: From the bottom, click on the Select app and choose the application you are using

Step 3: Now, click the Select device and then, select the device you are using

Step 4: In the next step, choose the Generate option

Step 5: Follow all the instructions carefully to enter the 16-digit Application password on your local device

Step 6: Next, choose Done option

Now, you can use this application password instead of entering the regular password during adding Gmail account to the Apple Mail.

If you used Gmail on a regular basis, you have to transfer emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird. So, you can opt a tool i.e., Mac Mail Converter to fix this issue.

Automated Solution to Fix Apple Mail Keeps Asking For Gmail Password

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Many times Mac users have faced an issue it Apple Mail keeps asking for a Gmail password. To resolve this problem, we have discussed a direct manual solution in an efficient manner. Besides this, we have explained all the possible reasons. Else, users can opt a reliable tool that we mentioned above to resolve this issue.