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From Apple Mail Export Mailbox to PST files without Outlook Installation

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Published On December 29th, 2023
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Data Conversion is a tedious task, especially in scenarios involving emails. Because there are a wide variety of email clients and each has its way of storing the underlying data. One such scenario involves the Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook email applications. The Mail app of Mac OS uses MBOX files to store its mailbox items while Outlook relies on the PST format for the same.

Moreover, the lack of any native means of conversion further complicates this scenario. That is why here we have the perfect solution of how Apple Mail export mailbox to PST.

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A complete stepwise approach that lets a user export mailbox items from Apple Mail and afterward import them in Outlook. In addition, instead of exporting manually, the database files can also be picked up from the default location on the Mac platform.

How Apple Mail Export Mailbox to PST?

Conversion to PST format is done to access the Apple Mail emails in MS Outlook. Also, both Outlook for Mac and Windows provide an inbuilt option to import the PST file which makes it a flexible export option. Now, for users to transfer Mac Inbox, Sent and other folders to PST in a hassle-free manner, the completion of following steps are necessary:

Step 1 and 3 are manual process with free native options provided in the respective email clients. The second step requires the use of a specialized utility for Apple Mail to Outlook conversion. All these steps are thoroughly described in the below section.

Step 1. Apple Mail Export Mailbox with Attachments

Users can generate MBOX files from Apple Mail folders using this methodology. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Launch Mac Mail application and select the mailbox folder that needs to be exported
  2. Go to Mailbox menu and choose Export Mailbox option
  3. Provide a location to save the files in MBOX format by clicking Choose button

Users will have the necessary mailbox files with emails and attachments at the chosen location. Moreover, instead of generating files, users can also directly copy the MBOX files from default location of Apple Mail database.

Default directory: ~/Library/Mail/V(n), where n corresponds to the Mail version user has(V2, V3, V4, V5, V6)

Step 2. Convert Mailbox Items to PST without Outlook Installation

From Apple Mail export mailbox to PST using a utility that specializes in such conversion. Lack of effective methods makes it really difficult for users to obtain preferred results. That is why users look for a specialized tool which can increase their productivity and at the same time provide accurate results. Mac MBOX Converter is one such utility trusted for its high-performance and efficiency.

With a feature-rich interface, it provides a variety of customizable options to the users during conversion. Now, below this automated tool provide quick working steps to make the entire task hassle-free. How it works? Let’s take a look below!

Instructions for Converting Mac Mail folders into PST files

Follow the given step by step procedure for converting Apple Mail mailbox folders to PST file format:

1. Run the software for Apple Mail export mailbox to PST

download2. Add individual mailbox files or folder using Add File/Folder button

file or folders3. Choose PST as the export type and apply advanced settings

pst4. Hit the Export button to start the conversion process


Benefits of Using Specialized Tool

The utility specializes in Mac email conversion and at the same time provides users with a multitude of features while doing so.

  • Option to add Apple Mail MBOX files individually or in bulk
  • Ability to combine multiple mailboxes into a single PST file
  • Filters for converting Mails that fall within a set date range
  • Saves the original integrity and structure of email data
  • Attachments, inline images, formatting – the tool maintains them all

Import PST file into Mac Outlook platform

  1. Run Outlook on Mac system
  2. In the menu, go for File > Import
  3. Here, choose Outlook for Windows archive file(.pst)
  4. Locate and select the earlier converted file. Click on Import
  5. After process completion, hit the Finish button

To import the files in Windows Outlook platform, users can take help of the native Import/Export option provided by Microsoft in Outlook.

Observational Verdict

The article comprises of methods that can help users know how can Apple Mail export mailbox to PST. Although there are no direct native solutions, the use of specialized software can help users achieve results in no time. A complete guide elaborates all the necessary step-by-step process to perform this conversion easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How do I export my entire mailbox to PST?

A : Using an professional tool you can easily export the entire mailboxes to PST without facing any hassle.

Q 2: Can I Export Multiple Mailbox into PST files?

A : Yes, this automated tool allow users to easily export mutliple mailboxes to PST without Outlook installation.

Q-3: How long does it take to export a mailbox to PST?

A : It just take a few minutes or a few a hours depending on the size of your mailbox’s folder or folders.



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