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How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iCloud Account?

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: March 24th, 2022 | 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you facing any trouble in order to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud? And are you totally unaware of the procedure? Need not worry, here in this informative article, we are going to discuss all the possible ways to do the task in an efficient manner.

Almost every user around the world tends to save their data on web services because they are accessible and data loss chances are almost zero. There are numerous options for users to store their data information online.
However, Android users can save their info. such as contacts on the web services provided by Google. On the other hand, iPhone users can use iCloud to store their critical data on the cloud.

Other than that, multiple users want to import their desktop-based email clients like Outlook’s data on the cloud services. While searching, I found many forums on the same issue “how to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud”.

As we all are aware, Outlook is a desktop-based email application that stores all its data info. On the local machine, the most important thing is that MS Outlook creates files in PST format. On the other hand, iCloud saves contacts in a vCard file.

Main Reasons to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to iCloud

In this section, we will tell you about the reasons to do the job. There are some of them discussed below:

  1. Apple iCloud is smoother as compared to the MS Outlook email application.
  2. The security and privacy for the contacts and other emails data provided by iCloud are way better than the Outlook application.

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Solutions to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iCloud

To resolve this issue there are two main methods that you can execute to accomplish the task:

  • Manual Approach
  • Proficient Advanced Approach

To understand both of them in detail, let us jump to the manual approach first.

Transfer Outlook Contacts to iCloud Manually

  1. First of all, start the MS Outlook application and click on File>>Open & Import
  2. Just after this, go to Import/Export
  3. Now, press Export to a file>> choose CSV format
  4. Choose contacts folder after that choose to browse to select the saving location for the file
  5. Following this, click OK >> Finish for saving the contacts in CSV format
  6. Run Windows +R command, type Contacts
  7. In Contacts Windows, Import CSV
  8. Select the CSV files and import them to this folder
  9. After the importation, click on the Export icon
  10. Choose vCard format

Point to Note: The files will be saved as vCard file format. Users should remember that this method will save each contact in a separate folder.

  1. Next, open iCloud>> tap on the Gear icon
  2. Tap on the Import vCard button and select all the files
  3. Within a few minutes, all the data info. will be imported to the iCloud account.

Well, this is the manual method to do the job. It is a free method but has lots of restrictions. In the next section, we are discussing them in detail.

Restrictions of the Manual Approach

The major of them are outlined below:

  1. As we have clearly seen above and now, it is evident that the process is a lengthy and complicated one
  2. If any mishandling occur at any step may lead to data loss
  3. Technical knowledge is a must for understanding the procedure

Effortless Solution to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iCloud

It is very obvious now from the above sections that the manual method comes with a number of limitations. Moreover, there is a risk of data loss or corruption during the process. So, users can go for an automated PST Export Tool to resolve the issue within a few clicks, and that too with security.

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The tool comes up with magnificent functionalities and is well designed to understand all the requirements of the users. Apart from that, any user can use this no matter if you are a Mac or Windows OS user. This software comes for both the Operating system.

Else, if you want to know about this tool, how it actually works. Then, you can just download from the below:

Transfer Contacts from Outlook to iCloud Using Advanced Software

To transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud use this proficient tool that will help in all respects. Follow the steps mentioned below :

    1. Before anything else, download and run the tool on your PC and upload all the PST files

upload pst files

    1. Next, see the multiple preview modes

multiple preview modes

    1. From the Export option, choose vCard format

choose vCard

    1. Lastly, click the Export button.

click on export button

When the process is successfully done, now you have to import the resultant file to iCloud. Here some steps are given below through which you can easily do the task.

Import vCard to iCloud

  • Firstly, access your iCloud account
  • Choose the contacts option from the iCloud account
  • Following this, select the Import vCard option from the settings
  • Subsequently, choose the resultant vCard file
  • Tap Open to sync Outlook contacts to iCloud

Additional Features of the Automated Software

  1. Convert Outlook Contacts: From the Export options in the software, if you choose VCF format, the software will automatically save contacts in vCard format.
  2. Print Multiple Outlook Mails: Using this advanced software one can easily save emails in PDF format along with its attachments of MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and all the below versions
  3. Advanced Scan Option: This is an amazing option in the software Advanced Scan. Using this option, you can fix all the corruption issues in the file.
  4. Preview PST items with all attributes: In the software, there are multiple preview modes available. You just have to click on the desired folder to see the whole data of the Outlook mailbox.

The Judgment

In this above write-up, we have discussed both the solutions to transfer Outlook contacts to iCloud. Because of the services users choose iCloud. Thus, most of the users want to transfer contacts from Outlook. We have provided a manual as well as a professional method. As we have clearly seen that the manual approach consists of a lot of steps as a result it is a time-consuming method. Therefore, we suggest you go for the automated solution to resolve the issue on time and in an accurate manner.