A Look at the Approaches to Import Outlook 2013 Contacts to Office 365

Admin | December 10th, 2018 | Office 365, Outlook

Do you want to import Outlook 2013 contacts to Office 365? Are you tired of applying the manual technique for Outlook to Office 365 contact migration as it results in data loss? Well, you do not have to worry about this issue as we discuss different remedial approaches to fix this problem. First, take a look at a relevant user query.

“I am in urgent need to transfer some Outlook 2013 contacts to Office 365. I have tried different manual methods but none of the methods worked in my case. Now I feel completely clueless about this and do not know what to do. Some of my friends asked me to use third-party solutions, but I do not have much knowledge about those either. Please suggest me any efficient tool that can perform this data migration without data loss. Thanks in advance.”

The entire business world is moving into the Cloud, including many Outlook users. While doing this, transferring contacts from Outlook to Office 365 is a compulsory task. Sometimes, users need to move contacts of multiple Outlook accounts into an Office 365 account. These situations demand that users have the proper knowledge about the contact migration process. To help users in this regard, this blog will share different approaches to export Outlook contacts in Office 365. Now, we will go straight to the main discussion.

Ways to Import Outlook 2013 Contacts to Office 365

Users who wish to perform this contact data transfer have two options in front of them. One is to use the manual method and another one is to choose Office 365 Import software. Here, we will talk about how you can perform both the techniques.

Manual Technique to Import Outlook 2013 Contacts to Office 365

The manual process can be divided into two separate stages. First, users have to extract Outlook 2013 contacts in CSV format and then they have to import the files in Office 365.

A) Step-by-step Guide to Save Outlook 2013 Contacts in CSV

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system
  2. Click on File option located in the Menu bar
  3. Select Open & Export option on the next screen
  4. Click on Import/Export wizard to open
  5. Select Export to a file >> CSV file format or Comma Separated value options on sequential screens
  6. Select contacts and on the next page, choose the target folder. All Outlook contacts will be saved in CSV file.

B) Import Outlook 2013 Contacts to Office 365 Account

  1. Login to your Office 365 account
  2. Click on File >> Import/Export option
  3. Then choose Import from another program or file >> CSV file format options
  4. Browse to select the CSV file from the local system
  5. Choose the Office 365 folder where you wish to import your Outlook 2013 contacts
  6. All the contacts will get synced with O365 account.

However, The Manual Method Has Some Serious Drawbacks

Before you choose to use this manual approach for Outlook contacts syncing, make yourself aware of these disadvantages:

  • The process is long and boring besides requiring a constant attention.
  • This is not an appropriate method for bulk Outlook account data export.
  • Any mistake during the entire data import procedure will lead to data loss.

The Trusted Solution is Here: Office 365 Import Tool

The most reliable software used for the purpose of importing Outlook contacts in office 365 in Office 365 Import. If this application is used, users do not have to face all the drawbacks we talked about in the earlier section. Moreover, the interface of this application is user-friendly, so no one will face difficulty while operating this software. For trouble-free and secure contact transfer, this program is popular among the users worldwide.

Import Outlook 2013 Contacts to Office 365

Here are some of the benefits of using this software:

  • Support for all MS Outlook versions
  • Offer facility of incremental migration
  • Orphan PST file transfer is also feasible
  • Bulk PST file import feature available
  • Selective Outlook contact file transfer
  • Facility to pause, resume, and stop

Concluding Lines

Contact files are an essential component of any email client. In fact, it will not be possible to send emails to anyone without contacts. If you are willing to import Outlook 2013 contacts to Office 365, you should use a reliable approach so that you do not end up losing some important contact. Office 365 Import is the right tool for you that permit to transfer contact files of Outlook in O365. Since this tool does not have limitations like the manual method, it is highly recommended by the experts.