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Understand How to Repair Corrupt EDB File using Eseutil & Isinteg?

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Exchange Server is the most popularly used server among the users for the exchange information. It stores data in EDB file format. It can also be said as Exchange database file created by MS Exchange Server. However, there are some situations such as bad malicious and virus attack, installing the corrupt application on the system, corrupts Exchange EDB file also. Moreover, all data stored in the EDB file is always important for a user. So, in order to get access back to corrupt Exchange mailbox, it is important to recover EDB file. Therefore, in this post, methods to repair corrupt EDB file using Eseutil and Isinteg are discussed.

Different Approaches to Recover Corrupt Exchange EDB File

Recovering data from the corrupt EDB file is one of the most important requirements of the MS Exchange users. Therefore, in this segment of the post, various methods to repair corrupt EDB file are discussed. One can refer to any of them based on their convenience.

A Quick Expert Solution

Repair and recover data from corrupted Exchange EDB file easily without any data loss using an expert software called Exchange EDB Repair Tool. The application can fix Exchange Server EDB file errors and other issues and save those EDB file data in PST, PDF, MBOX, HTML, EML, MSG, etc. Also, the software provides a direct export option to Office 365 and Live Exchange Server. Download the free version of the software from the below button.


Approach #1: Use Eseutil to Repair Corrupt EDB File

Exchange Server provides an inbuilt application i.e. Eseutil, which helps users in recovering EDB file data. It is the most widely used and completely free manual approach to repair corrupt EDB file. It is a very useful utility by has some limitations also. There is always a risk of loss of data while using it to recover EDB file (Exchange database). Apart from this, the Eseutil the main drawback is it does not exactly repair the corrupted database, it actually rebuilds the database and removes the invalid data that are located while rebuilding process.

Approach #2: Use Isinteg to Repair Exchange Mailbox EDB File

Another inbuilt application of Exchange Server is Isinteg, which also helps users to perform a search for integrity weaknesses in an offline information store. The problems and errors that are detected by the Isintig, can be fixed easily. Moreover, to run Isinteg.exe, one needs to go to the command prompt.

Here are some actions that a user needs to perform before using the Eseutil and Isinteg tools:

  • Create Exchange Database Replica: Before repairing EDB file, it is important for a user to creates a replica of the corrupted database. If a user does not know the exact location of the database files or the exact files names, then one can ask for help from the Exchange Server Manager. After accessing the properties of database from the Exchange Server Manager, one can easily locate the files. Moreover, one is directly redirected to the database page where the list of all paths and file names are given.
  • Dismount the Exchange Server Database: It is really important to make sure that database file that needs to repaired is dismounted properly or not. To confirm, follow the steps given below:
  1. Open the Exchange Management Console (EMC) on the system
  2. Go to the Organization Configuration directly
  3. After that, click on Mailbox >> Database Management tab
  • Here, in this tab, check the file in n the Mounted column, which is properly dismounted or not. If not, simply right-click on the data and choose the Dismount Database command.
  • Confirm Disk Space: After performing all above actions it is important to confirm the disk space for repair task. It is necessary to have at least 20% empty space of the total database size.

Tip: Before repairing EDB file, it is always suggested to take backup of the EDB file.

One can use Isinteg utility to repair corrupt EDB file but it is not a foolproof solution. It removes the only minor level of corruption and also has a risk of loss of data. Therefore, in order to have a foolproof solution, it is suggested to go for an alternative solution.

Approach #3: Alternative Solution to Repair Corrupt EDB File

As the manual solution is not at all a perfect solution to recover Exchange EDB file, so one can use a professional solution i.e. Exchange Mailbox Recovery Tool. It is an all-in-one solution to repair corrupt EDB file of any type or size without any hassle. After removing corruption, it also provides a preview of all data stored in it. Moreover, the tool does not have file size limitation and tested over 1TB file size.

How to Repair Corrupt EDB File using Eseutil & Isinteg

Final Word

Corruption in Exchange database file is not at all an avoidable situations. Therefore, whenever there is corruption, it necessary to repair EDB file. After understanding the need of users, different approaches to recover Exchange Mailbox file are discussed. If a user wants to use manual procedure than one can repair corrupt EDB file using Eseutil & Isinteg. Moreover, in order to have an effortless solution, a professional solution is also suggested.