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Instantly view all your mailbox data with the Exchange EDB viewer tool for free

  • Preview core components of both normal and damaged edb files
  • Directly view Priv1.edb, Pub1.edb and MailboxDatabase.edb data
  • No file size limitation and lets you view edb file of larger size (Tested upto 1TB)
  • Multiple modes (Hex, MIME, RTF, etc.) to view EDB files for Forensic purpose
  • Open and view EDB files independently without installing Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Compatible with all editions of Exchange Server and windows OS

What is an EDB File Extension: EDB (Exchange Database) file is the store house of Exchange Server where it stores entire components (Emails, Tasks, Calendars, Attachments etc.) of the communication held within the organization.

Exchange Server 2003 and its previous versions use separate files to save the EDB emails and attachments (EDB, STM). EDB file is of two types Priv1.edb (Stores the Private Communication), Pub1.edb (Stores the Public Communication) and STM (Streaming) file is used to store the attached data.

Over a period of time an EDB files may also get corrupted or inaccessible due to various issues like Dirty Shutdown, Jet Engine errors, etc. However, all EDB files are repairable and manageable with Free EDB file Extension Viewer Tool.

Key Features of FreeViewer EDB Viewer

Open EDB File

Open Offline Exchange EDB Files

With the exchange EDB file viewer you can now instantly access and clearly open multiple email items, contact details listings, and everything associated with the user mailbox without spending longer duration to wait.

View EDB File

View Priv1.edb, Pub1.edb & STM file

This tool is also capable of opening and viewing the data of private and as well as public folders of Exchange EDB. Also, users can view the attached data of STM file format. This tool also supports to view and open corrupted EDB files.

Scan & Open EDB File

Scan and View Corrupt edb file

No issues with either a single mailbox in your exchange EDB file is corrupted or the whole documents are corrupted, The EDB Viewer tool offers quick and advance mode of recovery of either small or highly corrupted exchange EDB records (private as well as public file storage folder database).

View EDB File Attachments

View EDB Emails with Attachment

Not only you will be able to view the emails but if those emails have any attachment associated with them then that can also be viewed with the help of edb file viewer. This tool also has potential to preview the severely corrupted mailbox emails with attachments.

View Deleted EDB Files

View Deleted Items of EDB File

With the free exchange edb file viewer, deleted EDB items can be traced in the same manner the exchange corrupted files are traced and previewed. EDB Viewer allows a user to view and restore deleted items from offline Exchange mailbox into multiple file format.

Advance EDB Search

Option to Search within EDB Mailbox

The Advance Search option of the Free EDB Viewer tool allow users to search the items of EDB file format. This feature is used when you have to find particular mail from the whole EDB file. EDB viewer also allows exporting searched resultant emails.

Email Analysis

In-depth emails analysis

Even associated emails with attachments can be analyzed very easily without affecting the overall exchange mailbox database file structure with its core features like Hex view, MIME, Header View etc. for Forensic purpose. The tool provides category wise preview of individual email key components like TO, FROM, SUBJECT, SENT, RECEIVED and SIZE without the need of an external mail client

Export Emails

Export Emails to PDF Format

By using the Advanced version of the tool users can save the Emails to PDF format. The software will create separate PDF file for each email that you want to convert. EDB Viewer Software provides multiple naming conventions such as Subject, Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, Date+From+Subject, Date+Subject+From, Date+Subject, Autoincrement, with MDS.

EDB Viewer Overview

What is .edb files?
EDB Viewer

EDB Files (Exchange Database) is a Proprietary file storage format used in exchange server for data storage in general and emails in particular. Microsoft Exchange Server is database driven and so at the time of installation creates a EDB File named MailboxDatabase(GUID).edb that gets stored in the default Exchange Server Mailbox Folder.

Some of the core edb Viewer features are:

  • The software is easy to use and highly user friendly. You need to only provide the location of the edb file in order to get started and the software does the rest for you.
  • You can virtually install the software on any number of the software.
  • Highly agile and fast and will load the large size edb files in minutes so that you can instantly view everything within it.
View Email Associated Attachments

If any mails have some kind of attachment with them you can easily view them using the tool which is capable to display almost every type of attachment for the user.

Some of the attachments that the software will open up for you are Images, Document, Excel sheets etc.

EDB Viewer Screenshots
EDB File Viewer
Step 1: Launch Software
explore messages
Step 2: Preview EDB File
Multiple Preview Panel
Step 3: Multiple Preview
Export Option
Step 4: Export Format
Software Specifications
EDB FIle Viewer

Size: 7.1 MB Version: 4.3



System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 15 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs
I have attachment within the emails will it get converted into pdf?

Yes the pro version will also convert the associated attachment of the email. You will also be able to download and save them separately if you wish so in your machine.

The mailbox is not connected with the Exchange Server then is it possible that the software will work on that database?

Absolutely yes, you will be able to view the .edb files irrespective of the exchange server connectivity.

What operating System is the software compatible with?

The software works great on all Windows Operating system such as XP, Vista or Windows 7. If you face any technical issues please contact our support staff.

What Clients Say

For me as an Exchange Server Administrator such tool becomes an indispensable part of our daily work and your tool came very handy on several occasions. Really glad that I have one such tool with me. Even the EDB viewer run on any Windows OS.

- Josh - Italy

A great asset for anyone working in the technology domain where we have to continuously manage different people, groups and take care of all their emails and mailboxes, it's one of the first-aid kit whenever something goes wrong with the server.

- Riyaan , UK

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