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How to Remove Draft Watermark From PDF Files? – Instant Solutions

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Published On April 11th, 2024
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This post discusses how to remove draft watermark from PDF using the best ways. Here we have explained manual and automated approaches that help users to remove draft stamp from PDF smoothly without any errors or issues.

A Draft watermark in PDF means that the PDF file is incomplete and more data will be included. In the same way, a draft PDF file has watermarks on it and under certain conditions user is required to erase them.

One of the reasons could be that a person who got this watermarked PDF file is unable to read or understand the text written in the file because the transparent logo that overlaps or gets mixed with the word distracts the reader and creates confusion. Hence, it needs to remove draft stamp from PDF, and with the help of this article user will be able to perform it with ease using the methods that have been mentioned below.

List of Topics Explained in this Article:

So, let’s understand how we can eliminate watermarks from our PDF documents.

How to Remove Draft Watermark From PDF? – Simultaneously

When it comes to erasing watermarks from multiple or large PDF files, challenges for users occur. However, using the most effective FreeViewer PDF Watermark Eraser Tool can facilitate the task as it does not impose any size restrictions, and multiple files can be inserted and processed.

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It can remove samples, drafts, and copyright watermarks even from restricted PDF files. Plus, the tool does remove logos without changing the quality of the data. So, look no further! Just download it and run it on any Windows OS for free and then follow the instructions which are described in a further section. 

Guided Steps to Remove Draft Stamp from PDF

  • Once the tool opens, select the “Add File or Add Folder” option to start inserting single or multiple files.

open the PDF

  • If the PDF is locked, type down the password to access those files.

provide the password

  • Use the Change button to choose and set the location to save the file and choose to either Save or Print. 

save the PDF

  • Click the “Preview” button to check if everything is working correctly.

hit on preview

  • Finally, hit the Remove option to delete watermark from PDF.

click on Remove

Use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro – How to Remove Draft Watermark from PDF

Adobe Acrobat DC is a known application to manage PDF files. However, its professional version provides all the functionalities, like splitting, merging, editing, & to remove draft stamp from PDF in our case. So, upon taking the monthly/yearly subscription user can perform the removing task.

  1. Open the Watermarked PDF file on Adobe Acrobat
  2. Press the Tools tab and select Edit PDF.
  3. Click on the Watermark option, click the Remove option, and save the document.

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How to Remove Draft Watermark From PDF (Multiple Files)

  1. To remove the Logo from PDF documents, Go to the menu 
  2. Press the Remove option and click on the Add Files option.
  3. Then look for the PDF files for editing and press OK.
  4. A window will pop up for renaming PDF files (if needed).

Note – Those who have or purchased the subscription can use this to remove draft stamp from PDF. Apart from this user will have to include another process if the file is restricted. They have to first unlock and then the user will be able to erase watermark from PDF files.  

You may find some other online application that provides a similar facility to fix the issue i.e. how to remove draft watermark from PDF. However, those applications do not support secured PDF files and may not generate the expected results. Hence, we suggest that if you want to batch remove watermark from PDF files, then using professional software is the best fit.

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Bottom Lines

Through this informative post, we have managed to explain a few methods for how to remove draft watermark from PDF. Many users wish to get a simple and short solution which we have discussed in the above article. To remove any type of watermark from secured PDF files an automated tool will be an ideal solution. Other than this, we have explained the method using Adobe Acrobat, so select a useful solution to remove draft stamp from PDF.

Common Queries

Q1. What are the different ways to erase watermark from PDF files?

Two preferred options are available for the removal procedure i.e.

  1. Automated solution 
  2. Adobe Acrobat Pro

With these, two solutions one can easily proceed with the deleting watermark task. 

Q2. How to remove draft watermark from PDF if it is secured?

Yes, the specified smart tool is capable of removing the watermark from the secured PDF files.

Q3. Does it work on the PDF files containing logos and graphs?

Yes, it works fine on any type of PDF file, whether it is text, or date & time.



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