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Top 2 Methods to Open Outlook PST File on Mac Mail

Are you an Outlook user and wants to know the best yet reliable approach to open Outlook PST file on Mac Mail? If yes, then we are going to let you know a simplified solution to read the Outlook PST file on Apple Mail email application.

There can be times when the Outlook application crashes due to several reasons like malware attacks, improper system termination, cyber attacks and so on. Thus, it is wise to backup the data in some other trustworthy and feasible email program like Apple Mail. Well, executing the file conversion process is not that easy as both the email application i.e., Outlook and Mac Mail stores different file formats to save the data. Therefore, to make the migration process simple and less complicated, one can completely rely on this blog wherein we have disclosed result-oriented approaches to open and read Outlook emails on Apple Mail.

Reasons Behind to Open Outlook PST File on Mac Mail

There are several reasons in which users end up with the decision to move the PST emails to Apple Mail. Some of the common reasons are described below,

Looking for some manual solution? Explore the same in the below section!

How to Open Outlook PST on Apple Mail Using the Native Method?

In order to transfer the Outlook PST file to Apple Mail, simply follow the step-by-step procedure as mentioned below,

What are the Shortcomings Associated With the Manual Method?

Even though the native method is cost-free, it requires more efforts to perform the process and consumes a lot of time. Following are the limitations for the manual method to open Outlook PST file on Mac Mail.

  1. Requires Outlook configuration on the Mac machine
  2. Naive users fail to follow this approach due to its complex steps
  3. Improperly following the steps may lead to data loss issue
  4. User must be technically sound to perform the tricky and lengthy steps

Still hovering to find the smart solution to read Outlook PST file on Mac Mail? If so, then bury all the manual worries with the help of most trusted software- Mac PST Converter!

A One-Stop Solution to Open & View Outlook Emails in Apple Mail!

One can follow the aforesaid manual method to read PST emails on Mac Mail. However, it poses a couple of limitations as described above. Hence, the only reliable option is to avail some versatile software like Mac PST Converter. This standalone tool lets users to convert multiple PST files to Mac Mail supported MBOX format without Outlook installation to read Outlook PST file on Mac Mail. It can efficiently maintain the folder structure and moreover individual MBOX file is created per PST file. This software is power-packed with numerous advanced features like to export selective Outlook emails using date filter option. Besides this, it can support the latest Outlook 2019 version all the prior Outlook versions to convert into MBOX format.

Quick Working of the Tool to Open Outlook PST File on Mac Mail

Time to Conclude

When there is a need to open Outlook PST file on Mac Mail, one can instantly process this need as we have clearly described the effective solution in this blog. Users can try the manual method, however it comprises a set of limitations. Hence, it is the smart option to avail the automated tool, which is the ultimate solution to effortlessly open and read the Outlook data in Apple Mail.