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How to Migrate From Gmail to Office 365? Complete Guide

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: September 20th, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

This technical guide is crafted for mac OS users who want to migrate from Gmail to Office 365. Keep up with the write-up to find everything you need to know about the entire migration process.

As a free email service, Gmail is ruling the email world by having billions of users on its side. Despite that, the cloud platform, Office 365, is preferred by most users worldwide. And, why not, it offers more advanced features to the users that help them meet organizational goals. 

More importantly, Office 365 is recognized as a professional platform than Gmail. That’s why they prefer Office 365 over Gmail for carrying out day-to-day business operations. And, many users have queries related to how to move email from Gmail to office 365. Let’s have a look at one of the user queries.

Hi, there! We used to be a small business and used Gmail for work operations. With the tremendous business growth, we are now running a medium-scale business. Our management decided to switch to a professional platform like Office 365 from Gmail so that our business reach would be even better. But, the thing is we don’t have any idea how to do it. It would be great if anyone could suggest to us any method to transfer our emails.

Just like the above user if you too have a similar query then look no further than this article. Let’s discuss the methods.

Method-1: Manually Transfer Gmail To Microsoft 365

If you have a less number of emails in your Gmail account then you can opt for this method. Here you need to follow 3 steps.

  1. Export your files using Google Takeout in MBOX format
  2. Convert MBOX files into PST
  3. Import the PST file using Import/Export Wizard

Use Google Takeout to Export Gmail mails

  • Go to the Google Takeout page.
  • Then, click on Deselect All(Since Google Takeout )
  • Scroll down and select Mail.
  • Next, click on Export Once to export the MBOX file.
  • Then, select the file type to be created.
  • After that, decide the file size limit of the export file.
  • Finally, click on Create Export.

After following the above steps, your files will be exported in MBOX format. Since this file format is not supported in Office 365, you have to convert it to a supported format i.e. PST to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

Convert MBOX File To PST 

Once you have the MBOX file, you can use the secured Mac MBOX Converter Tool to get the file in PST format. So that you can easily import the PST file to Office 365. Now, that you have the PST file, follow the next step to proceed further.

Import PST file to Office 365 Using Import/Export Tool

For this process, you must have an Outlook account configured beforehand. Then, follow the below steps to import PST file(s) to Office 365.

  • Open Outlook for mac and go to the File menu. Then, click on Import…
  • Next, choose Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst) and then press Continue.
  • After that, locate the data file on your computer and then click on Import to transfer Gmail to Office 365.
  • After that, for importing the complete file, choose the root file and then tick the Include subfolders checkbox. Next, select the radio button ‘Import items into the same folder’ and select your office 365 account id.
  • After the import process is complete, click on Import.

Once you successfully follow the above steps, you will be able to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

Limitations of The Manual Approach

As you can see that the entire process is overwhelming. And, if you have a huge number of emails (in thousands) to import or more than one Gmail account data you need to import, then it’s gonna take hours or even days to complete the process. 

Also, certain limitations are there in Google Takeout itself i.e. you can’t exceed 2-3 backups per day. And, some users have complained about backup failures even if it shows 100% backup complete. So, if the backup is not completed in the first place then the next steps can’t be accomplished.

Hence, to avoid such hassles, you can opt for the alternative method explained below.

Method-2: Easily and Effectively Migrate From Gmail To Office 365 Using Trusted Tool

This is a one-stop solution where you can migrate emails from your Gmail account to Office 365. Since it involves the tried and tested IMAP Migrator Tool, the entire process is automated. 

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If you want to transfer Gmail to Office 365 and have multiple accounts to migrate then also you can do it with the help of the tool. Above all, it doesn’t include complicated steps like the manual method.  

It’s very easy to work with the software. Let’s have a look at the simple steps.

Step-1: Download the tool on your system and launch it.

Migrate From Gmail to Office 365 Tool

Step-2: Enter your source account details and validate the same.


Step-3: Provide your destination account details and validate the same.

Step-4: After validating, click on Add in order to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.


Step-5: Apply Advanced Settings and click on Attach Source Account Tree(for maintaining the hierarchy).


Step-6: Finally, click on the Start Migration button.


Advanced Feature of the Tool

  • Simply entering the account credentials you can migrate from Gmail to Office 365.
  • With advanced settings like the Date filter, you can select the duration of data to be migrated.
  • Through the Delta migration option, you can skip previously migrated emails and transfer the newly arrived items.
  • You can perform the migration of multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • The tool supports the latest Mac versions.

In The End

Creating Gmail accounts is easy but transferring the files to a professional platform like Office 365 is not. So, if you have decided to migrate from Gmail to Office 365 for whatever reason, then it’s good to know a user-friendly method. Hence, this article has explained a convenient method for your reference.