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How To Do Rackspace to Office 365 Migration? Direct Solution

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Published On June 20th, 2023
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Are you planning to do Rackspace to Office 365 migration? If yes, then you are at the right destination. Get our step-by-step guide to migrate Rackspace email to Office 365 for both Windows and Mac OS.

If we talk about Rackspace, then it is one of those known hosting services that require email accounts for their domains. People use Rackspace for managing their small and medium scale businesses. But, if we talk about comparison then we can say that Office 365 is one of the better email client and offers many extraordinary features. However, for this reason, user questions are increasing – “How to migrate email from Rackspace to Office 365?” or “How to do bulk Rackspace to O365 migration?”

Talking about Microsoft 365, it has many advanced legacy features. The main advantage of moving to Office 365 is that it provides a cloud platform that stores huge amounts of email data. And, it is possible for the users to access them easily from anywhere and anytime. In addition, it has the ability to maintain the data of the entire organization more properly.

Since migration is a difficult task, our professionals work on providing a solution that exactly meets the needs and requirements of the users. Above all, we will also discuss the complete step-by-step guide for all the users.

Rackspace to Office 365 Migration via Direct Solution

Here, we are going to discuss the complete solution to migrate mailboxes from Rackspace to Office 365 for users. A highly recommended utility, FreeViewer IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool is been developed by professional experts. The tool has been properly tested before its launch and is capable to perform the customization needs and requirements of the users.

Other than that, it is also capable to migrate the data from Rackspace to other email services. Moreover, the software has the ability to handle a large amount of data in itself without imposing any kind of size restrictions. The date range filter option is also available to carry out emails of a particular duration.

Furthermore, Mac users can simply select the files and folders according to the needs and requirements from the Rackspace mailbox. The tool will only transfer emails from selected folders to Office 365 user account.

To continue with the migration process, launch and install the mentioned tool on respective computer desktop.

Follow Steps to Migrate Rackspace Email to Office 365

Firstly, download, install and run the Windows based software on supported version. Then, activate it by performing a few steps.

  • From the left-hand side option, go to the bottom and click on Activate.

Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

  • Then, start performing the steps by selecting the IMAP as source and Office 365 as destination platform.

emails selection

  • After that, select Source as Other, enter the login credentials of your Source Rackspace account, validate it.

Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

  • Then, enter the login details of your destination Office 365 account, and validate it for a Rackspace to Office 365 migration.


  • Now, go to the Users menu and either Import users or Download template according to your choice.

import users

  • After that, click on Start Migration on the right side of the panel. It will start the migration instantly and once done, you will see the final migration message on the screen, tap OK.

start Rackspace to Office 365 Migration process on windows

Guide to Use Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Tool For Mac

Download the tool and follow the below-mentioned steps on Mac desktop-

  • Run the software, read all the instructions, and click on Continue.
  • Enter the Hostname as Other and enter Rackspace email address and password in the Source columns and Validate.

Rackspace to office 365 migration

  • Then, in the Destination IMAP Account, choose Office 365 and enter its email id and password for validation.

enter Rackspace login details

  • After this, by choosing the Add option, you can also add more user accounts for a batch migration.

validate and add

  • Click on Advanced Settings and choose the Date Range filter option by choosing Folder filter.
  • After that, click on Start Migration and start the process for bulk email migration.


  • Once done, it will provide a final message, tap OK and see the Report at the end of the migration process.

final message and report

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I transfer my Rackspace email to Office 365?

Five Steps for Rackspace to Office 365 migration:

  • 1– Download tool on Windows desktop.
  • 2– Select IMAP & Office 365 Platforms.
  • 3– Fill Rackspace user details to validate.
  • 4– Fill Office 365 user details to validate.
  • 5 -Click Start Migration to get results.

Q- How do I manually migrate my Rackspace mailbox to Office 365?

  • 1 – Prepare what files or folders want to migrate.
  • 2 -Unhide all objects, check all browser settings.
  • 3– Identify the source server.
  • 4– Buy a appropriate Office 365 plan.
  • 5– Add appropriate business domain.
  • 6– Initiate Rackspace to O365 migration by syncing.

Q- What tool migrates to Office 365 from Rackspace webmail account?

The Pcvita Rackspace to O365 migration tool can simply help you to transfer multiple emails in one go. However, this tool can be used by all the users irrespective of the operating system.

In Conclusion

Hence, it is 100% sure that after understanding the mentioned steps for both Windows and Mac OS systems, you can easily do the Rackspace to Office 365 Migration. The entire solution is thoroughly described and there will not even be a chance of loss of existing data. In fact, this wizard provides an error-free execution and provides a seamless experience for migration. So, to check this tool just try the free trial version and perform the migration.



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