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FreeViewer IMAP Backup Tool to Backup IMAP Email Locally

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Published On October 13th, 2023
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IMAP email services are available for every individual whether personal or professional for sending and receiving emails. Since users can use these services from anywhere and anytime, email clients like Yahoo, AOL, Exchange server, Gmail, Outlook.com, Kerio Connect, Hotmail, etc are becoming popular. Undoubtedly, IMAP emails can be easily accessed with a proper internet connection, what if someone wants to access them offline? In that case, having a backup would save the day. But, how to backup IMAP email? Fret not! Here, we’ll discuss an amazing IMAP backup Tool that helps multiple users save a copy of their important emails in just a few steps. 

This write-up will guide multiple users on how can they perform IMAP email backup to store their data as a backup for future use, or for sending and receiving emails locally to someone. Without further ado, let’s explore the complete step-by-step guide of the IMAP Email Backup Software.

Why is IMAP Backup Software Needed?

First and foremost there are no manual approaches exist that anyone can perform without being technically sound. Even if one tries to backup IMAP emails manually, one will end up wasting valuable time. And, in the worst scenario, end up losing sensitive emails.

Thus, to save time and important information, users should opt for reliable and automated IMAP backup software. It will not only speed up the process but also reduce the risk of losing important information.

Since our main aim is to provide a better and cost-effective solution to our readers, we are going to unravel the best IMAP email backup option. Presenting FreeViewer IMAP Email Backup Tool. This software is the No.1 medium to back up the data and all technical as well as non-technical users can use this utility easily.

You might be thinking:

Why FreeViewer IMAP Email Backup Tool?

Certainly, there are a lot of options available on the market for backing up IMAP emails. However, they’re not equipped with all the advanced features that software must have to make the experience smooth for the users. Most importantly, not all of them supports Mac device. That’s when the FreeViewer IMAP Backup Software stands out. It comes with ample features that make the IMAP email backup a piece of cake.

Let’s cover the multiple advanced features of the tool.

First of all, you can take the backup of emails in bulk and that is not limited to only one account. It allows you to save the emails of multiple accounts as well.

While talking about other features of this tool, we can say that the tool provides one unique feature i.e., the Date Filter option. This Date Range option will carry out emails of a particular date duration. Also, multiple file naming conventions, page layout, bates number, incremental option, and other feature options.

Moreover, this mentioned utility also supports multiple formats to backup the data such as backup IMAP emails to PST, IMAP emails to PDF, MBOX, EML, CSV, MHT, HTML, and others. The tool can work on all the latest as well as the previous versions of MAC OS.

Just Free Download the demo version of mentioned IMAP Backup Tool and start the process.

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System and Requirements of The IMAP Backup Software

This tool is specially developed for Mac OS 10.8 and above versions. Get the software specifications:

Software Accessible: On-premise

Offer Free Trial: Yes

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions, Mac OS X 11.0 (Big Sur) and above versions

Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of Free hard disk space


Processor: Mac Computer with Intel Processor, Mac Computer with Apple Silicon (Apple M1)

Any Requirements?

  • Java JDK 1.8.0 & JRE 8 should be installed in the operating system.
  • IMAP should be enabled.
  • If 2-step Authentication is enabled, then use App Password to login on to the product or disable the 2-step authentication.
  • Use the App password to log in
  • Turn on the Less Secure App.

IMAP Backup Tool Main Features

Know the best features of the tool to backup all your IMAP account emails in a secure format.

  • Bulk Email Backup

This backup tool has the ability to backup an unlimited number of emails from IMAP mailboxes within a single attempt. While backing up the emails, it will not impose any kind of size restrictions, and no loss of data.

  • Backup in Multiple Formats

Users can backup their IMAP emails in multiple formats such as PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, MBOX, CSV, HTML, and others using the IMAP backup software. There will not be any kind of effect on the data that occurs while being saved into other formats.

  • Backup Emails With Attachments 

In fact, this highly professional software also has the ability to backup a bulk quantity of emails along with email attachments. The tool includes attachments whether they are normal or embedded. 

  • Maintains Hierarchy of Files

The utility can easily manage the entire structure of the files and folders. Even the hierarchy of all the mailbox items will also be maintained.

  • Advanced Settings

Multiple Advanced features are already inherited in this software such as a date range filter option, user-defined location, deleting emails from the server after backup, page layout, etc. These features allow users to work according to their customization.

Note: The IMAP backup Wizard provides a Demo version to backup 100 IMAP emails from each folder at once. But for backing up unlimited emails, it is suggested to continue with the premium version.

Guide to Use the IMAP Backup Software for IMAP Mail Backup Mac

Get the step-by-step process of the FreeViewer IMAP Backup Tool to get all the IMAP account emails into multiple file formats. Let’s start:

  • Download and run the mentioned Backup Tool on your existing Mac OS system.

run imap backup tool

  • Then, enter the IMAP account login credential details and hit on the login button.

provide imap login details

  • Once done, the IMAP backup software will let you see the complete preview of all the mailbox items there on the screen.
  • Select the required mailbox items that you want to backup. Choose the Export option from the list of formats.

select file format

  • Then, from the panel, choose the destination path where you want to store your resultant files.

choose location to store backed up IMAP emails

  • After that, click on the Start Backup button to start the process of backup IMAP emails.

finally Backup IMAP Email

  • You can also choose the option of deleting emails from the IMAP server.
  • Just wait for a few minutes, and the backup process will be done successfully.
  • In the end, the software will generate a Saving Log Report that displays the total number of emails migrated, emails that failed to migrate, and other data.

Final Words

Hence, in this blog, we discussed how can a user bulk backup IMAP emails. The automated and highly professional approach mentioned above is one of the most effective solutions available on the Internet. Before continuing with this IMAP Backup Software, it is better to first understand the software specifications and the features of the utility. Then, start performing the mentioned steps to backup your data

User Reactions

“I used the FreeViewer IMAP Backup Software for the first time and I was unsure whether it’ll work or not. But, I can gladly say that I downloaded all my IMAP emails without any error or technical support. The tool was really self-sufficient and easy to use. I am happy with this tool. ~ Adam”
“The first thing I would like to say is that the performance of the tool was incredible even in the free version. The tool smoothly backed up my emails within a couple of minutes. ~ Alisha”
“I wanted to free up my storage space after the backup. The Delete After Download option in the IMAP backup tool really helped me to make extra room for my emails. I would definitely recommend this software. ~ Josh”
“It’s truly a wizard. I’m really impressed with the ease of use, performance, and UI of the tool. Being a non-technical person, I backed up all my emails effortlessly. And, the best part is that I was able to back up my 100 emails for free. Later, I upgraded to the full version. ~ Bony “



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